ED Astrometrics: Maps and Visualizations


Hm, looks like a few cronjobs on the Server need a little push?
The Interactive Map (and a few others) don't seem to update anymore since ~04 Oct.
I'll have to investigate. It looks like it's still updating the zoomed-in images, but zooming out to a point, it's not up to date anymore. So my guess is that the image-tiling script is having problems. Thanks for letting me know! These things usually hum along for years without intervention. Until it doesn't. :D
So it was more mundane than that. I added a CDN service to it roughly a week ago. Apparently it was a little over-aggressive in its caching. I've changed it to cache for no longer than 12 hours so that changes will be picked up the same day. We'll see how that goes. The whole CDN thing is a bit of an experiment.
Your sector list contains coordinates of all sectors, would it be possible to get those coordinates in the AA-A h sheet too to see if a sector is within the 'no interesting things here' zone?
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Hm, looks like it has broken down alltogether.
The Interactive Map is now a mix (depending on zoom level) of 10 Oct, 12 Oct and 14 Oct Data, although even the 14 Oct Data looks suspiciously like older data in max. zoom.
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