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FWIW, I found the issue why you cannot register with Epic, as there is a typo in the URL that gets generated:

No route found for "GET /epic/register//eyJ0IjoiZXBpY19pZCIsImFsZyI...

This leads to a route not found 404 error. If you remove one of the slashes in the red part, it works, but the JWT token is invalid.

Hi there. This URL should now be working correctly.

In regards to other Epic Games Store issues, we are aware and are working to provide a solution as soon as possible. Thank you everyone for your patience.
I'm glad I didn't spend money on it
This kind of things happens.

I read another post from yesterday people had the same problem yesterday but it was fixed. I wouldn't be surprised if the hotfix wasn't checked properly for regression with an update planned to be activated today for the Epic lauch.
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