Release ED Recon: an EDMC plugin for traders and bounty hunters in Elite: dangerous

What Arguendo said. Not sure why but sometimes the overlay refuses to respond. Killing it will have EDR start a new one for the next message.

Let me know if this works, and how often the overlay stops working.

I dont know if my antivirus or windows defender silently deletes the .exe but i found that problem. So i extracted the exe again to the folder and the overlay is working again.
This is weird , i will be watching if it happens again and i will report to you if the antivirus claims a false positive.
And thank you for the help.
EDR v0.9.4 "Omotenashi" (should auto-update)

Solo / Private modes
Most of EDR's features now work in Solo and Private modes. The sitrep and other intel reflect what is happening in Open which should hopefully help you realize that Open is largely peaceful with rare exceptions, e.g. CG, hotspots.
Note: Intel reporting features are currently limited to Open mode.

Inventory information
You will now see how rare and how much of a material you have when EDR shows material related information, e.g. USS assessment, Planet assessment, etc.

Automatic Fight reports
EDR will automatically report on-going PvP fights if there are known outlaws in your instance. These reports are sent to a few lawful discord servers.
Note: This feature requires an EDR account.

EDR will copy key information into the clipboard for your convenience. Here is an overview:

  • With features like `!search Cadmium`, `!htb`, `!if`, `!staging`, etc: the star system of interest will be copied to the clipboard, allowing you to paste it in the search box of Elite's galaxy map.
  • With fuel or repair requests, your location, ship status, fuel/hull status, will be copied to the clipboard, allowing you to quickly communicate critical information with the Fuel Rats or Repair Corgis.

Detection of links in chat
EDR will detect the presence of links in the game's chat, and allow you to navigate to that link from the EDR status line on EDMC's main window.

EDR's expandable panel in EDMC is now compliant with the transparency theme. It has also been streamlined to better match EDMC's appearance.


  • Bug fix for the search function where it could silently fail if it found nothing.
  • Bug fixes in material search features (failing, incorrect results)
  • Ignore incoming chat from System, Squadron, Squadron Leaders
  • Added Private Data Beacon to Encoded Emission assessment
  • Fix incorrect syntax in data for bodies of interest
  • Updated links to point to pages
I followed the instructions and it shows in EDMC as authenticated, but i get no overlay on screen. all i get is when i select the + on the lower right to expand is the text there. Based on the previous comments i checked my anti virus and that is not causing issues...

I'm not sure what to try next but this is not working for some reason.

After double checking the logs, it doesnt show any issues. the overlay just isnt displaying over the game.

loading plugin coriolis from "C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector\plugins\"
loading plugin eddb from "C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector\plugins\"
loading plugin eddn from "C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector\plugins\"
loading plugin edsm from "C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector\plugins\"
loading plugin edsy from "C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector\plugins\"
loading plugin inara from "C:\Program Files (x86)\EDMarketConnector\plugins\"
loading plugin DiscordPresence from "C:\Users\Noodles\AppData\Local\EDMarketConnector\plugins\DiscordPresence\"
loading plugin EDR_v0_9_4 from "C:\Users\Noodles\AppData\Local\EDMarketConnector\plugins\EDR.v0.9.4\"
[EDR]Version 0.9.4
[EDR]No user defined layout at config/user_igm_alt_config.v3.ini, using config/igm_alt_config.v3.ini instead.
[EDR]No user defined layout at config/user_igm_alt_config.v3.ini, using config/igm_alt_config.v3.ini instead.
[EDR]Updating system info (was missing or obsolete). None vs. Rohini
[EDR]Skipping cmdr update due to unconfirmed Open mode
[EDR]Help command
[EDR][Alt] Show help for with header: Help sections and details: - !help about: what is EDR, who is behind it, etc
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I followed the instructions and it shows in EDMC as authenticated, but i get no overlay on screen. all i get is when i select the + on the lower right to expand is the text there. Based on the previous comments i checked my anti virus and that is not causing issues...

I'm not sure what to try next but this is not working for some reason.

After double checking the logs, it doesnt show any issues. the overlay just isnt displaying over the game.
Have you gone into the settings and checked this box?

Do you hear a very audible "pong" when starting the game in Open? That is an indication that overlay is on. If you hear the "pong" and nothing shows up, look in the taskbar and check for "edmc overlay". Is that process running? If so, try killing that task. That resets it and it should come back up.
The overlay is included in EDR (assuming you got the file).

One thing to try:

  1. Launch Elite
  2. Launch EDMC
  3. find the plugins folder
  4. then go into the EDR folder
  5. next to EDMCOverlay sub folder
  6. then run the edmcoverlay.exe file
  7. Check task manager to confirm that edmcoverlay is running.
Hi LeKeno,

very nice project. I would like to try it but I just want to check a few things about information sharing. Can we choose in options what to share, what not to share. For example I don't want my loadout or engineered modules to be shared (its a trade secret ;) Maybe at times I dont want to share some fights. Can this be switched on/off? Thanks
Hey MJC,

At the moment, there isn't much options to customize what get shared.
The only one available so far is the ability to turn off crime reporting. I wish it was possible to sync that with Elite's own crimes reporting but the info isn't available in the player journal.
What it does: doesn't report interdiction/kills/fights when it's active (send !crimes off in chat). Note: It's not persistent.

Regarding your specific example, beyond health of key modules (e.g. FSD, power plant, dist, eng, shield, hull etc. no weapons), EDR does NOT share nor collect info about your loadout / engineered modules.
That said, this is the current snapshot of what EDR does. I'm working on features to help you find specific ships among your fleet, and find out which ships are not fully engineered.

I'll keep in mind that some folks like you would prefer to not send certain information.
More examples of what would be good to have control over (and why) would be great.
I'll look into providing more options to customize that.

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0.9.5 is out.
EDR should automatically update itself when shutting down EDMC.

New features:
- Users with an EDR account can now report Intel and send requests for repairs/fuel/security from Private Groups and Solo (if applicable ;)

- bug fix for profile lookups that failed after a change in the service used by EDR
- clarification of authentication status (guest vs. account)
- bug fix for Intel from system chat
This is the Karma system sorely lacking from the game and completes the missing C&P pieces. Brilliant! Thank you LeKeno.
v0.9.6 "Jagariko"

Faster, better

  • Sends system coordinates to help the backend with distance computations
  • use TLS Session for connecting to servers (faster and cheaper)


  • fix issue with Proto Heat Radiators not showing info about inventory / likelihood
  • misc issue with empty commands
EDR v0.9.7
If you already have EDR, it should auto-update.
If you don't have EDR or don't know what this is => EDRecon

New feature
!ship chat command to help you find where you've parked your ships.

  • Send '!ship fdl' to find where your Fer-de-Lance are parked (also works with full/localized names)
  • Send '!ship In Front of Things' to find where your ship named 'In Front of Things' is parked
  • Also shows how much time remains until a ship transfer is completed.

Other changes
  • Avoid ambiguous systems for material traders if possible (some systems meet the criteria of 2 types of trader but the actual trader appears to be randomly picked; Such a system will be indicated by a "confidence: LOW" note.)
  • Fix for tracking health of modules (used in combat reports)
  • Fix for Technetium which was reporting the incorrect max amount.
If you click on the checkbox at the right of the EDR status line, you will see an output window on EDMC. You should be able to pin the EDMC window in your VR environment.
Tried to install it using the setup reference on github..... wont work. The plugin is not recognized by EDMC and is not set as acitve.
  1. Download EDR's latest release DONE
  2. Start EDMC DONE
  3. Open the File menu, then click on Settings. DONE
  4. Go to the Plugins tab and press the Open button. This will reveal the plugins folder. DONE
  5. Create a sub-folder named "EDR" DONE
  6. Open the EDR .zip archive that you just downloaded and copy its content inside the EDR folder. DONE
  7. Re-start EDMC so that it notices EDR. DONE
Following this instructions, EDMC recognizes neither EDR nor EDMCOverlay. It does not show any ribbions after the restart.
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New version 0.9.8 "X to the Z" released
  • If you already have EDR, it will auto-update at shutdown (quit the game, close EDMC and leave it enough time to download and apply the update)
  • If you don't have EDR:
Pimp my craft
  • Added a feature to assess your ship's power priorities (beta). More to come, soon (tm)
  • Send !eval power in a chat channel to find out if you got your power priorities right for maximum survival in case of PvP.
More hotspots for Grade 4 raw materials
  • Added Crystalline clusters hotspots for grade 4 raw materials
  • Added an option in settings to redact one's info (cmdr name, ship) in broadcasted sitrep reports, e.g. interaction alerts
  • Auto: visible in reports sent to a channel that belong to a lawful community, redacted otherwise.
  • Never: keep the info as-is regardless of the destination
  • Always: redact the info regardless of the destination
Other changes
  • Added support for additional events, e.g. CrimeVictim and CommitCrime
  • Added support for reporting more details around bounty and fines
  • Fix: incorrect check of second economy in search function
  • Fix: failsafe for: fleet database, Inara
  • Fix: rare instance of contacts reported at the wrong location
  • Fix: encoding errors
  • Fix: EDR would fail to report anything after leaving a power (until the next launch)
  • Fix: added check to avoid ambiguous systems for mat traders if possible
Out of curiousity, I applied for credentials for your site a few days back, but hadn't heard anything. Is this still a thing? I'd like to be able to use the plugin to it's fullest potential.
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