Release ED Recon: an EDMC plugin for traders and bounty hunters in Elite: dangerous

New feature for the Discord Bot: sparklines!

I'll add more but for now, the bot can show a history of clean/wanted scans and max bounties on a per month basis.
This should be helpful to interpret the karma value which is conservative ("better be safe than on the rebuy screen") by-design.

Here is how that looks like (image at the bottom):


  • This is my profile from September 2018 to August 2019 (as noted as the bottom)
  • Clean: represents how often I was scanned clean
  • Wanted: represents how often I was scanned wanted. That alone isn't enough to draw conclusions as it could be low bounties, so also check the Bounties section.
  • Bounties: shows the max known bounty for each month. In my case, I'm a lawful commander throughout so I only got scanned with minor fines. This graph is color coded too. Gray means minor bounties, then it goes to various shade of Orange, Red, and Violet for extremely high bounties.
  • Finally, the "max: 600 cr" shows that for the whole 12 months of history, my absolute maximal bounty was 600 cr.

Here are the instructions to get the bot in your server (Note: it won't give you access to all features right out of the gate, give me time to review. I do this to prevent abuse, etc.).
If you already have the bot, you may need to update its permissions as this feature requires "Attach files".
New graph for the discord bot
Shows the ships a commander is most sighted in, as well as roles and style assessments based on the type of ships.

New EDR version 0.9.9 "Argus Panoptes" is out!

It will auto-update on its own at shutdown (close the game and EDMC, wait for a while, relaunch).

New info from scans
  • With the latest update, fdev has added squadron id and power play info in the scan events.
  • EDR is now sending these bits of info too.
  • Note: power play info is only available in the scan events if the player is also pledged to a power.
More efficient network design
  • EDR has become quite popular. The initial design for obtaining Inara profiles started to show its limits, resulting in too much requests at peak hours.
  • Added exponential back-off logic to reduce the load at peak hours.
  • Added re-use of stale profiles if the server is busy or fail to respond
  • Central caching of Inara profiles via the EDR backend.

Better handling of Kill Warrant Scans
  • Fixed issues where scan events from a kill-warrant scan were not always sent, nor always sending an update to the EDR alert feeds.
  • More conservative acceptance criteria for scan events too, e.g. clean but with a bounty
  • KWS other pilots to provide extra intel to EDR and its users!

  • Ignore meaningless player journal events where the offender is also the perpetrator
  • Speculative bug fix for a rare issue with the !eval power command
Hi, I started translating, the names of the materials do not pick up from the translation file. How can I fix this?
Nice. The material names aren't in the strings file because I got lazy :)

Can you send a PR to the github repo?
I can not work with the git, and the translation has just started, I can send you just the file itself.
Actually, it seems that I do have material names in the code.
They are only used for the following assessments:
- The message shown when jumping into a system for the very rare, rare materials.
- The message shown when flying nearby a planet for the raw materials.

Where you expecting to see the translated strings somewhere else?
Just in case: you need to compile the PO file into a .mo file. Then, create a sub folder in the l10n folder, called ru. Under that one another folder called LC_MESSAGES if I recall correctly. Finally move the with the Russian translations in there.

I will test on my end as well.
Just in case: you need to compile the PO file into a .mo file. Then, create a sub folder in the l10n folder, called ru. Under that one another folder called LC_MESSAGES if I recall correctly. Finally move the with the Russian translations in there.

I will test on my end as well.
Yes, I did as you wrote above, but the materials remain untranslated
2019-11-04 230202.png
xface: I found the issue and got a fix for it.
See below, the material is correctly shown in Russian.


The issues was that the strings for the materials are initialized before the language is set, and so they default to English. I have a fix for the next version, which I will release soon.

Let me know if you have an updated .po file so that I can include it in the next release.
Thanks again for your contribution!
Let me know if you have an updated .po file so that I can include it in the next release.
Thanks again for your contribution!
Fine. But the translation is slow, because my English is not so good. I think you should not include it in the next version, until it is completely ready. How to finish, be sure to send it to you. Thank!
V1.0.0 "A miner update"

Added hotspots for Painite, Low Temperature Diamond and Bromellite
  • !search painite to find the closest hotspot for mining Painite
  • !search ltd to find the closest hotspot for mining Low Temperature Diamonds
  • !search bromellite to find the closest hotspot for mining Bromellite
Bug fixes
  • Strings for material inventory were not picking the localized text
  • Ignore NPC in crimes related events
  • Server-side temporary fix and proper client-side fix for events involving an Independent player (events were rejected as malformed)
  • Fixed edge case when searching material traders which resulted in a crash of EDR
Hello. I am translating EDR into Russian. When I open the help, everything is in English, but it should be in Russian. Can you help me?
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EDR V1.0.1 "On a tour"
Added depletable geological hotspots
  • 60+ hotspots added to the !search command for rare raw materials, e.g. fumaroles, geysers etc.
  • EDR keeps track of your last visit and only resurface previously visited (landed) hotspots if 2 weeks have passed.
  • Some hotspots may be broken (bug in Elite: tourist beacon is there but there is no geological feature present), please report these here so I can mark them as unavailable until Fdev issue a proper fix.

  • Station services search feature should return results that are closer to your location than before, e.g. !if to find a nearby station with Interstellar Factors Contact.
  • Proper handling of landing pad requirements in the station services search feature.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed issue with handling of fines payment
  • Fixed issue with non canonicalized power play info in reports
  • Fixed (hopefully) issues with uncommon characters / encoding in OS username (file path construction)

EDR should auto-update itself on shutdown (give it time to fetch and unzip the latest version before relaunching EDMC).
New EDR version 1.0.2 "Jabadub" is out!

It will auto-update on its own at shutdown (close the game and EDMC, wait for a while, relaunch).
If you are new to EDR, check https:://
Your support is also appreciated:

New: visual summary of legal records
Added "sparklines" graphs to commander profiles similar to what's been available in the EDR discord bot. This graph when used in combination with the other bits of information on the profile (e.g. clean/wanted scans, max and last bounties for the past 90 days, role, etc) should give you a good idea of what sort of commander you are looking at.

sparklines - lekeno.png

How to read the visual summary
  • each bar represent a month's worth of data
  • the current month is on the right edge (highlighted in cyan), it goes back in time from there toward the left edge
  • the first graph shows the number of clean scans in a given month
  • the second graph shows the number of wanted scans in a given month
  • the third graph shows the maximum bounty on record in a given month

How to read the clean and wanted graphs
  • these two graphs share the same vertical scale to facilitate relative comparisons between the number of clean vs. wanted scans
  • the higher the clean bar, the more this commander got scanned with a clean status
  • the lower the wanted bar, the more this commander got scanned with a wanted status
  • color palettes are also used to indicate the order of magnitude, e.g. pale green or red for less than 10 scans, light red up to 100, red up to 1000, blue or purple if above (rare)
How to read the bounties graph
  • this shows the maximal bounty a commander got scanned with in a given month, the higher the bar, the higher the bounty.
  • a grey + red color palette is also used to indicate the order of magnitude of the bounty: 0 credits, less than 1k, less than 10k, less than 100k, etc. (Above 10 billion is in purple)

You can configure the layout and style by following the instructions in the igm_config.v3.ini file located in the config folder.

Misc: bug fixes
  • Some reports weren't accepted due to a last (hopefully) powerplay canonicalization issue
I just launched EDR Central, a community discord server where like-minded folks can chat and get help about EDR, or find other lawful pilots and communities to organize in-game actions. It's also a convenient place to get access to the bot, real-time alerts about outlaw sightings and PvP activity, and comes with extra rewards for supporters of the project.
EDR V1.0.3
If you already have EDR, auto-update should kick-in when shutting down EDMC. Just give it a few minutes to fetch the latest release and do the upgrade.

Manual install: overwrite the files in the plugin folder with the content of the Latest Release (

  • Added link to discord community server ( in settings
  • Replaced "talk to LeKeno" in troubleshooting steps with a suggestion to join EDR's community server
  • Added troubleshooting tip for users with FPS issues

Bug fixes
  • Fixed incorrect painite hotspots
  • Avoid overlapping anarchy system warning with noteworthy info about system
  • Fixed over-the-top requirement for Powerplay alerts (display bug)
  • Avoid sending meaningless crime events when doing PvE activities with wingmates (e.g. Powerplay undermining)
  • Avoid requesting legal records on pilots that are not yet known by EDR, leading to a confusing "Comms Jammed" error for guest users
New version 1.0.4 "Marshaller" released!
Auto-update should kick on relaunch of EDMC. If this doesn't work, grab the EDR file from and overwrite your install

New features
Limpet reminder

I'm sure that you've been there: you switch to your mining rig, hit launch, leave the station for the closest mining spot only to realize that you forgot to refill on limpets... Well, EDR is here to help with a reminder to stock on limpets if you are docked in a mining rig and haven't filled-up your cargo racks with limpets!

Landing information
Upon getting a docking request granted, EDR will show a summary of the services available at a station, and a map with your landing pad highlighted*.

*: at the moment, only coriolis, ocellus and orbis stations are supported.
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