EDProfiler - A New Display Switcher/Robust Settings Profiler/Switcher/Detector!


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Hi guys, the direct download is through this link: http://bit.ly/EDprofiler
I thought I sorted this false flag (was the facebook button...). I can't see any block on my end so must be on certain IPs. I hope this can be sorted. Would appreciate any advice!
So I am having trouble installing EDProfiler on my windows 10 computer but I am not getting the chance to use any of the fixes shown on the EDprofiler web page. Will supply image with what I am seeing (via imgur links) No where is allowing me the unblock options as shown in your photos. Source: https://i.imgur.com/lVKWgFu.png
Source: https://i.imgur.com/Ictjc29.png
Found solution right after posting. https://superuser.com/questions/1252575/unable-to-install-clickonce-application-due-to-security-settings-windows-10
I'm curious if there's any way to adjust the folder path where EDProfiler will save its data rather than just dumping it in my documents folder. Is there a way for me to direct it to save into a subfolder? Thanks!
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