Patch Notes Update Elite: Dangerous 1.03

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What about a fix for Enemy FSD charging while you are on their tail... and you become BBQ if they are on your tail and you need to run?
Good to know.

The NPC claiming the bounty when you've done most of the work was infuriating...

Need to still look at some of the missions - e.g. Imperial Rank mission, you are not told what it is, until you accept, then you have 10 mins to go get "Combat Stablisers" from some system 40 LY away and return back. This is simply unachievable... Anyway (slight) rant over! Enjoying it immensely...
Hi Ed,

Was wondering if/when the images of the Imperial Hunters will be appearing in the contacts page. At the moment it is just a blank square.

Many thanks,
You are going to be loved for some of these changes... Do you know how long people have been banging on about those orbital lines... :D Thanks.
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