News Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return Release Date


Greetings Commanders,

We’re very pleased to announce that Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will be released on Tuesday 26 September.

On launch day you’ll be interacting with the most mysterious and deadly things you’ve encountered in the Elite Dangerous galaxy – the Thargoids.
Elite Dangerous 2.4 The Return will then continue to roll out with interactive narrative-based content emerging over the coming months.

We can’t wait to see how you fare against these potentially deadly adversaries on Tuesday 26 September.

You can see the cinematic short on our YouTube channel:

Good luck out there,

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A CG for smaller (less expensive at rebuy) ships would be good ..... Team Up Together ..... How Many Sidewinders Does to Take Down a Thargoid.
Also yes, thanks for people who did new stream intro and name cards, really improves stream overall. Sandro, it is nice to see you so fit, keep rocking.

And of course thank you for trailer, was surprised. I know you said don't expect lip syncing but it is nice to see what you can do with avatars under exclusive control ;)

And yeah, Thargoids will wipe floor with us.
This offers an interesting twist in the balance of ship sizes: the big 2 ships may not be seen as so desirable if they suffer the fate of rebuy at each Thargoid encounter.

Hence the need for the Type 10 :cool:

Edit - note the smaller ships were more nimble and were breaking away from the attack in that trailer ;)
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So, science missions with small NPC fleets confirmed? :D

or just pew pew... ok my cutter is so bored it needs a new challenge....
Is this patch going to be mainly combat content? I didn't try the beta so wondered if there are any other interesting things? Better textures on planets etc.
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