Elite Dangerous PS4 Feature Requests and PS4 FAQ

Unfortunately we don't even know if and when it'll be available on PS5, period... That may be as much Sony's doing as Frontier's. Perhaps we'll hear more once PS5 is officially announced later this year.
In an interview with Wired last month* Mark Cerny confirmed that PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games, largely because the new console is based on the same architecture. So, as long as FDev still support ED on PS4 it should also run on PS5 - unless FDev have done some really weird coding. Whether that means it'll show any performance improvement on PS5 with out any tweaking remains to be seen, but I would hope the quoted similarity of architecture will at least mean it's relatively easy for Frontier to create a dedicated PS5 version of ED.

Here's hoping anyway.

* Wired article, 16th April 2019
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Can bounties be made more lucrative by bringing the person to a detention center? Make it possible to use a hatch breaker to pull out a life pod with the bounty, store in an empty ship slot and deliver.
Could frontier please put the oxygen timer on the modules screen when you are on the life support page, especially when thinking about repairing it.
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