Elite Dangerous PS4 Feature Requests and PS4 FAQ

Thank you Kris! I have i think a weeks of game time, but started fresh again on the PS4. Currently i am still in the starting areas but i am being a bit OCD this time, fully exploring each new area System before i move on, Not sure how many people have actually done that. but my plan For now is take it slow and systematically explore every star system in the bubble. sounds daunting and quite boring to probably a lot of players. But i find making personal challenges and goals in games like this quite enjoyable. I have watched quite a few YouTube videos mostly regarding mining. i have tried and failed a lot at it, i don't think its truly my calling. As far as a wing up? does that mean finding a group? Heh its funny considering i love this game because of its isolation settings in exploring. which is ironic i isolate at home to isolate in a virtual setting...
A new keybind:

Press and hold button assigned to resetting power assignment to toggle lock on pips assignment.

I keep changing them by accident all the time.
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