Elite Dangerous PS4 Feature Requests and PS4 FAQ

Please please please can we have a feature in the game where you get to see where you've travelled, a sort of player history. Maybe it's in the form of a map, or a map overlay. An option where you can highlight every route you've taken. I know there's already a 'previous' route. Maybe even a chronological feature, where you get a time-lapse?!

This is a space exploration game, so it would make sense to have a visual indication of just how much you've explored. I can't see this being anything other than awesome, and would bring a huge sense of accomplishment.

(FYI I've tried ESDM but it didn't work and is separate from the game itself. This should be an in-game feature).
That's exactly what I'm after but I can't get it to work.
Ps - you've travelled my friend!
Mine wont update and hasn't been able to for over a year. Im guessing you're doing it on mobile? Thats why i think mine wont update because my screen closes and the sync seems to stop when it does this. Ive raised a ticket and they just said it looks like its working fine so and u have to let it sync, which it doesnt
Alliances with alliance chat.
We are currently restricted to just 500 people in a squadron. We are constantly culling members to make room for more.
If there was a way, in-game, to have an alliance with other squadrons, and then have an alliance chat tab, all would (almost) be solved.
Dear Frontier Developers,

I play Elite Dangerous on a PS4 Slim, but recently had the chance to test my game save on a PS4 Pro using performance mode settings, it felt like rediscovering Elite with an extremely pleasant visual experience that conveys smooth graphics anchored on superb and stable frame rates reminiscent of the PC Elite demo version.

Having said that, If it's within your power, could you please re-enable the full graphic options suite as present on the PC version so we can customize our visual experience on the PS4 Slim.

Being completely optional settings, for those who already enjoy the game as it is they can carry on without any issues, but you could also empower those of us who prefer stable frame rates above other GFX settings to have a much more pleasant experience on the PS4 Slim customizing every option so we can maximize our enjoyment of Elite Dangerous.

Could you please consider enabling the following GFX on the PS4 Slim version:

-Rendering resolution
-Texture quality
-Shadow quality
-Ambient occlusion
-Environment quality
-FX quality
-Reflections quality
-Material quality
-Galaxy map quality
-Font size & color

As a last resort, I guess a simple option like the Quality / Performance setting as it is enabled when using the PS4 Pro could also be considered:
-Quality (Current PS4 Slim GFX settings)
-Performance (Lowering GFX settings or rendering resolution to achieve a stable frame rate of 60 fps)

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

CMDR Byros.
I wouldnt expect them to do anything for ps4 pro specifically or it would already support vr
Yep if they were going to Down grade the Xbox one SAD cobra engine broken build that was moved to PS4 that we got and make the game look Crap to get higher frame rates aka 60 fps PSVR would not have been an issue at all..
As then the game would be easy to make to run at 60fps but look like crap, but it would also not allow VR in open mode as the number of ships on screen can break the frame rate easy below 60fps then still at stations and thats not allowed ue to vomit and other VR side effect licensing rules.....
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As I see it, there is no PSVR support, cause FDev were unable to squeeze 60 FPS out of Cobra on the original PS4 or PS4 Slim. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no PSVR game that is supported only by PS4 Pro — all VR-games should be supported by all 4-gen consoles at 60 FPS.
More a frustration while scanning or getting interdiction. Big red warning fills your screen,
Similarly to the wrong mode alert but you know its the mode you want.
I'm playing ED from a premier on ps4, I wanted to ask if and when crossplay between pc and xbox plus playstation will be implemented?

(I doubt in it, seeing Frontier lack of power or will to make ED an even better game; this game has so much potential in it; maybe the Devs need a strong competitor... )
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