Elite Dangerous: Tourist Beacon Competition Winners Announced!

Nothing yet for me either, and will stay until it is installed. I'll explore the surroundings until then.
But when the beacons come, how will that work? Will there be a small update then? After all, there are 50 beacons that have to be installed.
No beacon, no arx for me so far.

Doesnt matter, found a nice system next door, lots of ringed landables. High g of course because thats where the fun starts.
Now there are even discounts in the cosmetics shop and I could really use the 5000 ARX. hm
Well, it's a new week now, FD are soon back at the office, so we should see if there will be news, or if this has been silently postponed. Now that you mention that free arx: maybe once the winter discounts will be over :D
Speaking of which, I've been seeing this on EDMC when I'm in my system that is supposed to have the beacon, but it isn't there... Anyone else seeing this in their own systems?
One of you should probably ping Sally or Zac to see if they know - it is overdue so they should be able to chase things down
Well, I did ping Sally before, so I'll pass on repeating it. But to be frank, I'd really rather if it were possible to do it to a wider CM team though, probably on a shared CM account - hint hint Frontier ;) There's only so much one or two employees can do, and I expect this missing beacons issue is low on the priority list anyway.

Anyway, I can also confirm what others have said: ARX received, still no beacon in the system.
Unfortunately, it was not included in the small update that came today. They showed us this night with the 5000 ARX that we have not been forgotten. That's why the beacon will come soon.
I've also got the Arx, no idea on the beacon though as I haven't checked the system. I'm not too bothered if there's been a delay but it would be nice to have some communication.

@sallymorganmoore - have you got any updates regarding the beacons?
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