Elite Sports Stunt Videos: Earn a Paint Job and Win a Stream Feature!

Zac Cocken

Community Manager
@Zac Cocken - I play on both PS4 and now Xbox Series S but I would prefer to get the SRV paint job on Series S. How will that work? I sent the submission from the email I use to play my Xbox Series S version. Is that enough to ensure I will get it on Series S rather than PS4?

Heyo, that should be fine :) If you do end up getting the paint job on the wrong console, just let me know.
I sent my submission from an entirely different email to the one I'm registered with Frontier, hope the cmdr name in the mail will be enough to track me. Already lost a Stellar Screenshot paintjob cause I didn't mention my cmdr name in the thread reply, won't do the mistake twice! 😅
So stunt things like when I jumped an SRV from a moon to its parent planet?

This is a time lapse, the event took 37 hours real time

With a jump assist suit you can jump away from the surface on 0.00G planets, so theoretically the same but without srv. :p
Heyo - you're welcome to submit footage with light overlays like timers, but please don't include anything edited together with title screens etc - the cleaner the better.
New question: Will there be a compilation of stunts that do not make the final stream? Would be interesting to see what people thought of.
Hello Zac,

is it allowed to use original game-music or parts of the originalSoundTrack we got after Odyssey-Alpha ?

Greetings Nanjan
Yes! Any excuse for me to break out my space dune buggy! And that paint job looks sick. SRV tricks are my speciality (read as Ep II Obi Wan).
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