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jumping across the way to the left side of the walkway. I started by finding a bunch of pre-build blueprints and placed them in an order I felt I liked. Still have to move walls, add parts and delete parts to get them all to fit nicely.


Moving around the corner...the first building described by my buddy is the:
Café De Magique
This small shop serves gourmet coffee and teas, fresh pastries, pies and cookies. The shop is decorated with old magicians’ posters, props, and an animatronic bunny in a top hat. There is limited indoor seating available along with an outdoor covered patio that seats 80.

So here is the start of the is building from the outside. It has a coffee and donut shop inside and a drink shop walk up window on the outside.

here is the back view where I'm adding onto what was used from the workshop for the main interior of this shop.
here is the current backstage look of this side of the street. The café is now enclosed and I added some backstage roadwork for employees and support vehicles to get to all the shops.

the front of the street with the building's angles and connections further along.
More of the back stage area behind these buildings as I fine tune the placement of them all.

BTW - these are all from the workshop and I modify them as needed to fit my layout.

Mapping out the placement of the planters to mirror the other side of the shops. Carefully had to place to cover the 'holes' in the pathing.
Some additional shots of the outside of the finished cafe area. the previous bathroom nook is on the far right behind the cafe.

The entrance

more interior

SO later on, I went back to my buddies description of the park and he had a animatronic rabbit in a hat inside this I added one.
Moving down the street, we have Lakeside Souvenirs (and yes JB - I see I have a spelling error).


And, to move this park along a bit faster...I have decided to cheep-out on the interiors for a while. So this store interior just has a game shop behind the walls...nothing fancy.
Moving further down the street...there are a couple filler buildings that serve no real purpose. One is a Staff building, but because I'm in sandbox mode it will never get used. If you notice the gaited area is the cast member exit to the cast parking that will be behind these buildings.

THX - glad you are enjoying this park.

Here is the write up from my buddy about the next couple of shops on this street.

Enchanted Lake Magicians’ Supplies - This is an old-fashioned magic shop with a small stage for demonstrations. In addition to magic tricks, books and supplies, there are practical jokes and costumes for sale.

Village Joke and Costume Shop - The joke shop has its own door, storefront and signage, but shares the same interior space as the magic shop.


And like he says in the write up. the two shops share the same interior, which I did here, but once again....I decided to not detail out the shops.
I would have more fun with this if there was more out there in the game or the workshop to pick from, but I'm getting tired of using the same props for all the store interiors.
More of this area

Moving down the street, next is the Lucky Lemon. From my friend...
"Lemonade, strawberry/lemonade and other slush drinks are sold at the same window as Magic Pizza. They each have separate signage, but share the same kitchen."
I actually made them as separate windows, but they are right next to each other and technically could share the same kitchen behind the scenes.
I made the custom sign which he had in his drawings.


here is backstage of this area. still need to detail it out, but you can see how the building look back here.
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