Enclosure Markers when zoomed out

Hi, I think a massively overlooked feature I have noticed so far is the ability to quickly identify enclosures when zoomed out.
This only gets worse when you have many enclosures in franchise mode.
I have mocked up an example of what I mean. Obviously you guys would do a much nicer job, with circular 3d icons.
It would be really nice if once you reached a certain threshold (% zoomed out) - maybe configurable, that icons showing the animal breeds in the enclosure and your enclosures name appeared.
this would help when zooming out to quickly address escapes and general planning when you are thinking about where to place your new habitat.
(I know you can click the alerts personally I like doing things manually where I can).
This feature could be extended to other aspects including alerts, so you see the alert in the side panel, zoom all the way out and you can see exactly where needs your attention.

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