1. Pixelated Sparkster

    Could the map button for first person view be remapped to "L1" instead of "△"? (PS5)

    It is a tiny QOL tweak request, but I think it would be nice if the map button is remapped to L1 instead of △ when using first person view. The Ranger and Medical Vehicles have L1 open up the map, whereas the First Person View uses △. Since first person view does not have L1 assigned to...
  2. M

    Request: Add Dioramas to Franchise-Mode

    With the Oceania-Update we got a new map but the options to customize the island are very limited. I always wanted to create a tropical island in the middle of a turquoise ocean, surrounded by coral reefs and rocks... but the fake-water of the Island map doesn't have that effect. People have...
  3. CDD_Juriy

    Newcomer / Intro Galactic map and carriers

    Hi all! This may have been discussed before. Horizons had a very handy option: show carriers on the Gala-map. Unfortunately for me, that went away with the transition to the new interface. Who knows why FDev removed this useful option? Can we ask FDev to return this option to Live?
  4. microwar

    Fleet carrier management.

    Can you fix it so the cargo scoop don't close when accessing the Fleet Carrier panel, and also make the Carrier jump map don't auto close when a target is selected? Sometimes when i try to scroll to the next target, it will select a target and close the map so then i have to reopen it and select...
  5. S

    How to fix the map after Update 14?

    subject attached
  6. G

    JP II Redwood Sorna Map

    I would just really appreciate a Redwood Map that incorporates locations from JP II the Lost World. Extending the Site-B map we have now into and Redwood area that is the size of the Site-B map we have now (pretty much doubling the original Site-B map) with a little bottle neck between them...
  7. D

    Make an option to enable old map in odyssey

    The new galaxy and system map is very inconvenient for explorers, I played odyssey for over a month but couldn't get used to it. Please give us the option to enable an old map from horizons
  8. Simple Man

    Galaxy Map

    Is it just me or you can you not filter the Galaxy Map by both say a Federation system AND in a particular State? Seems you can only filter by one or the other. If I pick both, I get ALL systems with the last thing I picked. Pick Federation system, get only Federation systems, but then further...
  9. F

    When two maps collide, fanboys and enjoyers (mass effect)

    I'm sure after this many years, the particular topic has been ran into the ground but I haven't been able to find any actual evidence of our actual (ED) Milky Way and the Mass Effect version being combined to get a reference for how they may mix. My friends and I have also been talking about...
  10. V

    Feeders, Maps and little details...

    Hello! First of all: I apologize for my english. Its horrible, I know, but hopefully you'll understand what Im trying to write. ^^ Aaand hopefully it get noticed too. As I burried myself in the game and I do really enjoy it more than original JWE - the challenges of the Chaos Theory...
  11. G

    Custom rout plotting and saved routs

    I'm not so brash as to think I'm the first one to think of this but it may be good to hash it out, some folks from FDEV might lend some insight as well. In a time and age where we can have a computer plot a rout for us through around 400 billion stars and in the blink of an eye be off scooping...
  12. A

    A Visual Guide to the Creation of Heightmaps

    Hello folks! In my other thread, I already shared a bunch of heightmaps I created. If you want to create custom heightmaps yourself but aren't quite sure how that works, you have come to the right place. I had way too much time on my hands and prepared a small tutorial. I hope someone will find...
  13. A

    Sharing My Heightmaps

    Hi everyone! First of all, please excuse any grammatical or orthographic mistakes I make – I'm not a native speaker, unfortunately. Furthermore, I'm a long-time lurker and first-time poster on these forums, so I sincerely hope I'm doing everything right. With that out of the way, I'd like to...
  14. yoav_r

    In-game generated zoo map like ZT2

    In zoo tycoon the game could generate a zoo map based on paths, facilities and barriers, and I think it would be an awesome feature for PZ.
  15. yoav_r

    Map of the entire roster by (approximate) animal distribution

    I compiled a map of animals by distribution. each animal is placed in roughly the center of it's distribution. Thought this could help people plan their zoos and examine the roster. Main maps: Habitat animals map: Duplicate maps: The following maps have duplicate icons for animals with a...
  16. Allcoast

    I don’t understand the new arrival distances in system maps

    In Pre Odyssey, I could pull up a system map and check the arrival distance to a location from the entrance into the system. If I was in the system, it would be relative to my position. In Odyssey, I have no clue how they are calculating. For instance, when I pulled up one of the orbitals in the...
  17. Baklavah

    General Allow custom map markers for planetary locations

    It's not like the guardian ruins are difficult to navigate. But sometimes, you should be allowed to place a little map marker just to remember where a thing (like a pylon) is. Just a nice little QoL adjustment.
  18. T

    Stuck accessing System Map

    Greetings Commanders, I quite regularly stumble upon a bug where I am locked out of control when I try to access System Map. The only fix is to return to menu and then back into game but I guess it's not the intended solution. I tried searching for the issue in Issue Tracker but search by...
  19. V

    New Desert Oceania map?

    Hey guys, Quick question: I would like to open a new franchise zoo in the new Desert Oceania map. I found the Tanami Roadside Zoo map (the new timed scenario map), but its not the same map right? When I created a new zoo using the Tropical Biome in South America it worked. What am I doing...
  20. R

    New heat map types

    It would help a lot to get some new type of heat maps. My favourite would be a habitat map, which shows the hiding places, where animals can became less stressed. The game calculates these spots for sure, it would be a huge help, if we could see it too. It would be also great to be able to...
  21. L

    Franchise Map Variation

    Franchise mode is by far my favorite mode to play in, but the lack of map variation is KILLING me. I would love to be able to start new Franchise zoos with different topography, randomly generated or pulled from career zoos (without buildings, obviously). When everything starts flat all the time...
  22. Badmiker

    Draw back the curtains?

    I would like to suggest that the ‘high wake’ jumping animation is revised. The galaxy of Elite is just quite incredible; to be able to go and explore a 1:1, astrophysically accurate simulation of the Milky Way is amazing. The number of screenshots and shared stories created by Cmdrs shows just...
  23. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [Galaxy Map] Show more stars with less filters

    Hello, quick request. When you limit the galaxy map to just show 1 type of rare system using any filter, would it be possible for the actual map to display more stars from further away? When I'm looking for say, neutron stars, or civil unrest systems, I have just 1 filter active, so the map is...
  24. N

    Franchise / Challenge / Sandbox - Pre-formed maps

    Hi there, Apologies if I'm being stupid and have missed an obvious answer anywhere, but I'm struggling to actually find the correct words to even Google this. I love the gamemodes available in this game, and I especially love the Campaign - I'm halfway through the very last scenario. What...
  25. E

    [Suggestion] Additional terrain layouts when creating a new franchise zoo

    Hey folks, by opening a new zoo you always start with a huge, empty and flat map. All in all this is quiet nice, since you dont have to fight with terrain editing at the very start. Otherwise, especially for temperate and cold bioms, it would be nice to be able to choose different layouts. I...
  26. rudantu

    Camera-Follow (Not simply camera-centre, or camera-cinematic modes)

    In the classic Zoo games you could set your camera to track/follow animals, keepers on the run etc. This meant your HUD stayed up, and you could exit the tracking/following by bumping the mouse or keys. It was great with a keyboard shortcut. Currently in Planet zoo you can click the locate...
  27. A

    Enclosure Markers when zoomed out

    Hi, I think a massively overlooked feature I have noticed so far is the ability to quickly identify enclosures when zoomed out. This only gets worse when you have many enclosures in franchise mode. I have mocked up an example of what I mean. Obviously you guys would do a much nicer job, with...
  28. M

    Gallaxy Map

    I'm trying to find Galaxy Map screenshot with clearly visible grid, that i need for some travel planning. Tho i searched half of internet and can't find any >.> If anyone have anything like this, or something similar like Galaxy Map ss with grid added in gimp that recreate in-game grid i would...
  29. P

    Zoo minimap

    As zoos get larger it would be nice to have a minimap of sorts to guide around the zoo, that would probably only show habitats/buildings/exhibits. This could also be used as a guest map image as well...
  30. Swjosdotschka

    How will you plan out your zoo map?

    Hey all! So, riding the hype train here I aready think about what kind of Zoos I'd like to make. I like the realism-factor that guest don't like to see staff building and that there are stuff parks and such. But, honestly, my skills in planning a good map where everything fits and is logical...
  31. Harkin Ryder

    Dark/unexplored regions GalMap marker

    Hello, Can we have the visited regions/systems be highlighted using the galaxy Power Play "controlled", bubble-like markers? I think this would give deep-space explorers better visibility, and could help us increase that small percentage of (0.036%) visited systems, faster. This would be...
  32. T

    Allow use of pre 3.3 Advanced Discovery Scanner

    Dear community. I do realise that such topic has already been done to death. But please, hear me out. I've ben reading forums for a while and found quite a group of those like me, missing the old method of carrying out exploration. To put things simple : jump, honk, glance at the system map...
  33. Crimson Echo

    Orrery mode QOL tweak: Station Selection and Callouts

    The orrery map mode is awesome. Being able to view the orbital element information graphically makes it feel more real. However, as the map is currently the usability is somewhat limited. Station and ground port selection is very annoying. Either having to select stations blind from the left...
  34. Crimson Echo

    Galaxy Map QOL Tweak: Allow Station Select from Galaxy Map w/o setting commod. filter

    The ability to select a route directly to a given starport/station/outpost from the galaxy map directly if we have the exploration data, and know the name of the desired destination would be a nice QOL improvement. Currently one needs to use a commodity filter to be able to select a route to a...
  35. JuhaEske

    Better visibility of Mapped planets and Terraformables status

    Could there be much clearer indication which planet has been mapped and which one not? Now this info/status is in System map under second tab. Choose each planet one by one and look same time left then again right, again and again... [where is it] Navigation panel could directly show...
  36. M

    Route plotting - show us the failed route!

    Currently when Route Plotting fails, it just said "Route plotting failed" and doesn't show what it managed to calculate. Can you please change it so that it does? At least that would let us follow the route as far as it goes and then give us the option to recalculate and replot via an...
  37. M

    Can we get better Galaxy Map search functionality please?

    Right now the search in Galaxy Map is extremely basic and awful. We have a ton of information there that we simply can't use to refine our exploration. We know all the stellar components of a system without exploring, we have the sector names and mass codes too (A-H). And we also know how far...
  38. E

    System Map should have its own bindings section

    With 3.3 I set up joystick axis controls for FSS/DSS so I wouldn't keep having to switch between KBM and stick soo often while exploring. It actually worked so well that I revisited the thought of using my stick for navigation as well and... it didn't turn out any where near as good. Since both...
  39. Old Duck

    Galaxy-Wide Cartographic Data for Explored Systems

    One of the changes to exploration in "Beyond" is the ability to see anything already discovered by another CMDR in our system map, while hiding those planets not yet discovered. I love this! However, this network of shared cartographic data needs to be "unlocked" for each and every system by...
  40. PowerfulSlicer

    Mission target?

    Am i missing something? (Probably) but i seem to remember that when selecting a mission from the left tab and opening the galaxy map it took me to my destination and i just selectd it, now it seems i have to manually search for the system and select it that way? Any ideas?
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