Extention of theme choices in TMT

Right now we have the choice to place our TMT items in a limited list of themes. I would like to see an expansion of different themes to place our items in!

Now we can select;

- Fairytale
- Pirate
- Western
- Sci-Fi
- Festive
- Planet Coaster

I think it would be better to have a greater (more defined) list like this;

- Spooky
- Horror
- Pirate
- Ancient (Aztec, Inca, Maya, Dinosaurs)
- Medieval (Viking)
- Classical (Roman, Greek, Egyptian)
- Eastern (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian)
- Fantasy (Steampunk, Mythical creatures)
- Fairytale
- Wildlife (Animals)
- Festive
- Vintage
- Modern
- Planet Coaster

Is this a good idea? Or are there other sugestions?[up]
Okay I understand why they did not want you to choose DLC themes for custom objects. They didn't want their paid content somehow compromised or confused with user generated stuff. BUT this alternative of limiting what theme it is considered is just bad. It will lead to most items not being usefully categorized.
I agree there should be an expansion of options here, OR even the ability to add a custom theme, OR the ability to add custom tags AT THE VERY LEAST, which would at give a helpful way of grouping similar objects.
Dear Frontier Team,

please give us the proposed themes. That would be great!

Where else should we put spooky items or new walls for the Adventure setting?

Or a long missing roman set...

I hope also for a little box to make benches and trashcans usable and a small light source for fantastic new lamp models :)
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