Finaly activity on Steam DB. ;)

Phew! That was a squeaky bum few months.. It looked like the game was up for PlanCo.. At least we know something is happening some-where.. Quite what that will be is totally unknown, but something is better than nothing, right?
I saw it and got excited, but I don't want to be hurt 😂

It sure looks like some real activity instead of the changing numbers they've done the last few months. But it might as well be something smaller, like a sponsored coaster they've done before.

Since Bo explicitly said they're not announcing DLC in the stream next week, I guess we'll have to wait until November before we actually get something new. But we'll see, I'm hopeful.
Remember.. Anniversary is coming up.. So, we could be ranging from something as small as "anniversary balloons to sell" or generic bug fixes right up to "Here's weather and other fun things we CAN port over from PlanetZoo" and everything in between...
Would be disappointing for sure if there's not another release this year and would make sense to release one before PZ comes out, who knows though?
I noticed the dev_release and dev_final under branches updated 4 days ago. If you look at the history of past DLC releases doesn't that usually happen right before a new DLC release? But, a new DLC could be over 2 weeks away or more if it's even that. There are no indications that any new DLC is coming, and no special livestream that we know about to talk about it. Could they simply be pulling a surprise on us?
As Planet Zoo will be released early in November I expect that we will get a new DLC for Planet Coaster at the same time or shortly after. I guess (!!!) we might get scenery items and building parts from Planet Zoo in a free update plus some payed DLC. This is just a guess from my side but I think that would follow some logic. ;)

By the way: the time between the last two DLCs (Ghostbusters and the one before that) wasn't even as long as between DLCs before that. Waiting one more month "as usual" shouldn't be a problem therefore.
There's defnitely something happening. I think if there was no further update, someone would have told us. I just think, that they need to fix a lot and work hard on Planet Zoo to make it ready for release in 3 Weeks and they mix up dev-teams a bit - that's why it takes longer... I also remember that content creators often start producing more PlanCo Stuff before something new came, and some content creators are heading back to PlanCo with new Episodes of their Let's Plays. Maybe also an indication that they're preparing for new stuff :)
So many theories in here, my head is spinning!

As Paul already mentioned, this really doesn't confirm anything - better to just wait for a word from anyone of us before letting the speculation get the best of you! <3
Bo, you're absolutely right ... we wait for a word from anyone at Frontier. I think, maybe we should get a word from anyone sometime SOON.

EDIT: Read Paul's answer in another thread, which is exactly what I want to hear from Frontier. Just a few words, that there are some PlanCo activties in progress.
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spinning heads, eh? is that a hint?!?!? just kidding. ha ha I'm hoping for Planco 2 someday with some of the Planzoo improvements.
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