Forum Upgrade

I'm one of those people who instinctively dislikes layout changes no matter how good they are, but I'm sure it will grow on me. Good work :)
Am I meant to notice anything different? It all looks the same to me... [where is it]

EDIT: Never mind. I see you've changed a lot of categories. :)
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A short info about the intended topics in each forum would be nice.
I see a lot of moved threads and I guess telling the users where they should post a new thread would help reduce the work for the moderators.

Hmmm, edit not working on my tablet. Will need to watch for autocorrect more closely.

Edit: ah - it's just desktop view on tablet where edit is broken. Even better, it's just if you "request desktop site" from browser, works ok switching to "full site" from mobile view - I heart technology.

And the encoding for emoticons is broken ��
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Moving 20 page active topics to obscure new sections of the forum is beyond rude. Who came up with these sections anyway? There is nowhere near enough discussion on most of those specific topics to warrant sub forums. This is a huge mistake, compartmentalising so many inter related discussion areas.
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