Free Update Meta-Wishlist

We all know what animals the community asks for, the meta wishlists for those are well established. But features often mentioned in popular threads such as the speculation threads will disappear as the next wishlist idea pops up, frontier is not going to dig through 300 or so pages of the speculation threads to get an insight of what we are asking for. Well heres the place for all those valuable ideas! From the least important changes to the zoopedia to major additions of what you believe the game should include, be sure to mention it all for this wishlist.

Meta-wishlist Rules:
  1. NO ANIMALS, this is not the wishlist for whatever animal you really want in the game, changes or fixes to existing animals are allowed
  2. No features that require future animals to work such as proper aquarium like tanks, fully marine mechanics, aviaries etc
  3. No limit to number of suggestions by a single person
  4. Unpopular suggestions that disrupt gameplay or is a negative addition to the game will be discussed and possibly added to the controversial suggestions category
  5. Inappropriate or offensive suggestions will be ignored or reported if necessary

The wishlist comes in 2 versions: The first is the standard meta-wishlist format with the big old table detailing the rank, name of feature and number of votes. The second is a much more detailed version split up into categories detailing the exact feature/suggestion. Last update - 14th February

Simple Wishlist in the standard table format:

RankName of Suggestion/featureNumber of Votes
1Exhibit Overhaul
2Consistent signage for all animals
3More food and drink shop options
4Null elevated path
5Bornean Orangutan Rework
6Realistic Feeders
7African Lion Rework
8Map Customisation
9Variation of External Features
10Null staff path
11Nocturnal building set
12More broken trees
13Interspecies enrichment with animations
15Playgrounds and Splash Pads
16Interchangeable Exhibit Biome
17Incubation Center
19More Colormorphs
20Mesh and chainlink building set
21Flexicolor for base game building sets
22Better customisation of sandbox market
23Pangolin Climbing
24More Deep Diving to Animals
25Giant Anteater not be walkthrough
Timber Wolf Rework
Saltwater Crocodile Rework
Elevated Feeders
Egg Laying
Hammock enrichment for more animals
Decrease size of animal hitboxes
One way path
New Fonts
Flexicolor foliage
New transportation options
Add more than one habitat gate
New kinds of education stations
Sentry Post Enrichment
Emu should be walkthrough
New Underwater Behaviours for Hippos
New tables for restaurants
Education/Museum fossils
Thememakers Toolkit
Bactarian Camel Rework
Crocodiles to sit at bottom of water
See through path material
New custom screen sizes and shapes
50Maps for guests
City Map
Gharial rework
Brown Bears Rework
Higher chance of variants in sandbox
Reduce habitat space for hippopotamus
Salt Lick
Drinking fountain
New deer pinata enrichment
Plain Zebra Rework
Reticulated Giraffe Rework
Bengal and Siberian Tiger Reworks
Volcanic Rock flexicolor
Foliage brush
Enrichment toys used by more animals
Feeding Stations
Hay Bales
Flexicolor Mulch or Sand Mulch
Faux rock walls
Improved Climbing
New scratching tree enrichment
Guest and animal interactions
basic white silhouette sign for all animals
Allow more animals to use forage wall
75More walkthrough doors
Ambient animal effects
Flexicolor Reward Statues
Seasonal Coats
Animals carry young on their back
Let grass be eaten by herbivores
Aardvark/sloth bear to use natural termite mound
Warthog Rework
Jaguar Rework
General Animal Reworks
Rename African Lion
Rename African Buffalo
Rename Timber Wolf
Music player
Non Walkthrough Exhibit
Giant Anteater Rework
More bathing Behaviours
Koala Rework
Add missing sign for desert viper
Swimming Keepers
Ability to rename shop items
Extra Distribution Maps
Staff facility objects
Active trading
100New guest desires
Add desert biome to jaguar
Mirror statue set
Photo mode
Resize Existing Animals
Reduce habitat space for platypus
Giant panda should have highest appeal
Add burrow to more animals
Make water bodies frozen
Playful fighting
Animal Cluster Behaviour
Active visiting zoo's
Hippos use underwater feeder
Zoo Keeper Mode
Scenario Editor
Invasive Species tag
Slide Enrichment for Otters and penguins
Rooftop Solar panels
Cheetah Rework
Okapi Rework
Spotted Hyena Rework
Staff Vehicle
Petting and feeding interactions
Animal Attacks
125Toggle foliage hitbox to null
Select components of path
More realistic styled transport rides
Control the sun
Manual temp control in sandbox
Additonal chorus behaviours
Pebble Panels
Reduce habitat space for crocodiles
Diorama mode to franchise/challenge
Climbing for Monitors
Allow more than 2 Salt Croc per habitat
Dedicated entry/exit gates
Toggle for perfect genetics in sandbox
Remove kerb from elevated path
Make burrows flexicolor
Add grassland biome to chimps
Add NA tag to bairds tapir
Add africa tag to red deer
Add asia tag to spectatled flying fox
More default barrier types
New kinds of guests
Multi Species Exhibit
Free the Iguana
Animal release to wild map
150Barrier escape overhaul
Larger size for mud bath
Exhibit Box Door
Bird Nest Scenery Pieces
Small Feeder for Prairie Dogs
Slow down Gameplay
Custom zoo map board
New Plushies each update
Custom media on gift shop items
Remove asia tag from Cassowary
Face Painting Stand
Takin use goat mountain
African Buffalo Rework
Both Elephant Reworks
Indian Rhino Rework
Bongo Rework
Formosan Black Bear Rework
Snow Leopard Rework
Nile Monitor Rework
Red Panda Rework
Reindeer Rework
Gift Shop items for each animal group
Exhibit Species Management System
Option to hide animals for phobias
175Null Wall options for staff buildings
Improved transport loading speed
Improve optimisation
Custom signs lighting issue
Remove NA tag from capuchin monkey
Add NA tag to spectatled caiman
More Eucalyptus trees
unique foliage for certain continents
Add grassland biome to ring tailed lemur
Power lines and water pipes
Animal Rides
Small version of forage pool and box
Zoopedia map fix
More evergreen shubbery
Add missing small atm sign
Add missing small sign for shops
Fire Extingusher
Dung Piles
More custom signs
Allow screens to work outside WE
Fix terrace tool for temperate maps
Staff Path Construction Pieces
Base game snakes Rework
Tasmanian Devil Resound
New Scrubland biome and maps
200Log Wooden Attachment not listed correctly
Alternative Animations
Animal Shows
Improved heightmap options
Raccoon name change
Sleeping Patterns
Inner habitat gate
Animal generator for Sandbox
Great Ape Brachiation
Animal Rescues and Adoption
Allow Educators to Hold Sloths
Add Contraceptive button to Exhibit
Add individual Animal Personalities
Meat pole feeder for crocodiles
Formosan bear to use frozen fish block
Limit prices on animal type
Trade with steam friends
Unlock limit
Different name pool based on location
Beaver not be walkthrough
Off grid version of all wall sets
Change all uniforms by work zone
225Add grassland biome to fossa
Different sizes for forage box and pools
Translation Portugeuse-Brazil - change peccary name
Food Territoral Display
Feeding Shows for large animals
Guests dress for the biome
Obstruction error improvement
Variety of enrichment quality
Suckling animation for mammals
Food scatters
Cheetah asia tag
Fix Indonesian Bin Name
Koala sleep in eucalyptus feeder
Null exhibit walls
Gorilla Rework
Private Safari Tour
Mandrill Rework
Add Sloth Juveniles
Water Interactions
New larger hollow log enrichment
Zoopedia favourites
Option to sell babies in sandbox
Rename African Elephant
Add tropical biome to alligator
Add europe/africa tag to Monarch
250Interspecies enrichment for rhino/hippo
Change diet for both elephants
Change diet for chimps
Translation spanish - timer wolf name
Traversable tag for all foliage
Add toggle for scenery pieces in habitats
Inverted roof for all roof sets
New mesh variants
More decals
More implied sign pieces
Fence railings as scenery pieces
Select path in small sections
Breeding Center
Water Log Ride
Visits from career characters
Staff and animal interactions
Custom pics for zoo saves
Collapsible headers for facilities page
Choice of research toggles in sandbox
Alphabetical Sorting
Fix the small shop signs
Translation Japanese - Correct Polar Bear
Translation Japanese - Correct Babirusa
Translation Japanese - Correct Fruit Bat
Community challenge reward include dlc
275Add parasites to vet cures
Rename Cheetah
New/realistic animations to base animals
Monarch Butterfly change status
Flexicolor Mouse Pointer
Mouse effect in dropdown menu
Graphic Settings Description
Improved Monorail
Rename Siberian Tiger to Amur Tiger
Antlers fall off animals
Some animal near guests without stressing out
Sloths can go on ground
Add keeper version of tours
Guests with Dogs
Animal Demonstrations for small habitat animals
More realistic animal delivery
Moving flagpoles
Animals hunt in packs
Franchise weather options
Toggle to disable food/drink needs in sandbox
Pregnant animals to have a lump in stomach
Red panda subspecies change
Asian water monitor zoopedia map fix
Increased rate of unique behaviours
Larger terrain tools
300Square terrain tools
Railroad crossing
Fix animals with dislocated joints
More animals use dingo pool
Restaurant tables should work as picnic benches
Bird display
Walkthrough exhibit scenery pieces
Coastal biome map skirt
Asian small clawed otter scientific name change
Interspecies enrichment for Quokka/Wallaby
Mute Swan use Underwater Feeder
Add caterpillars to exhibits
Natural option for sloth exhibits
Walkthrough guest feeding
Juvenile Intolerance
Juvenile Reptile Rework
Ageing Rework
Mixed Walkthrough exhibits
Saltwater Crocodile Grassland Tag
More Gift Shop Floor Variations
Wood chips or bark panels
Pumpkin enrichment for herbivores
Custom media on staff uniforms
Ostrich Rework
Binturong Rework
325Sexual Dimorphism in Exhibit Animals
Add Bat Juveniles
Animals carry young in pouches
Physical Scarring
Red Kangaroo Rework
New Llama Pinata enrichment
Reduce habitat space for Koala
Dog Pole
Short Walkthrough habitat gate
Make Skunks use the large burrow
Correct Order of Animals in Zoopedia
Review Scientific Names
Increase limit for education screen camera views
Water Filter for exhibits
Gift Shop guest traverse bug fix
Climbable Plastic or Metal Scenery Pieces
Feeding log full of insects enrichment
Feeding log full of honey enrichment
Rock full of minerals enrichment
2 Metre arboreal feeding platform
Raw Chewing bone for carnivores
Ball with rattle inside enrichment
Tire swing for primates
Jungle gym for primates
Climbing bars for primates
350Snack Carts
Underwater tunnels
Easier Waterfall Building
Zoo Staff Carts
Dome Shaped Windows
Expansion of Aquatic biomes for animals
357Universal Feeder

Detailed Wishlist split up into categories:
  • Plantpedia - Like the zoopedia, introduce a brand new way to introduce foliage to your zoo! From specific biome plants, realistic ranges in continents and even if you wonder if an introduced plant is featured in your zoo region. [Votes - 10]
  • Hotels - Like in planet coaster, lets have a hotel building to allow our guests to rest in our zoo. [Votes - 8]
  • Egg Laying - Add some realism for our birds and reptiles. Birds and reptiles lay eggs in habitat nests and these will eventually hatch into baby animals. [Votes - 7]
  • Thememakers toolkit - Like in planet coaster, the toolkit is an invalauble addition to the workshop. 3D models can be imported into the game to make that niche scenery piece you always wanted. [Votes - 6]
  • Scenario Editor - Like in planet coaster, allow us to make our own custom scenarios. Add some excitement to those who prefer scenarios with the ability to download scenarios from the steam workshop. [Votes - 4]
  • Zookeeper Mode - Allow us to play as a zookeeper. We can control and play as a keeper and do the tasks of everything the keeper does ingame. [Votes - 4]
  • Animal Shows - Lets bring out some of our smaller and lively animals to a show area, these animals are shown by an educator to educate our guests. [Votes - 2]
  • Sleeping Patterns - Allow for a realistic activity pattern for all animals - this will include diurnal, nocturnal, crepuscular and cathemeral behaviours. [Votes - 2]
  • Animal rescues and adoption - A franchise orientated addition (but not limited to franchise) is to include the option for players to rescue animals. If rescued animals are treated well, the zoo may get an option to adopt these animals rather than returning them to the wild. [Votes - 2]
  • Scaling - Some scenery and nature items suffer from being too large or too small, add a slideable toggle to change the size of objects. [Votes - 2]
  • New realistic animation for base game animals - Include new and realistic animations like the newer dlc animals for all base game animals [Votes - 1]
  • Power lines and water pipes - Similar to the mechanics in the Cities Skylines game, Have a central system of power lines and water pipes with a dedicated power area. [Votes - 1]
  • Realistic Animal Delivery - Replace the magic animal boxes with a much more realistic delivery system. [Votes - 1]
  • Bird Display - Similar to the animal shows but entirely for birds. Birds follow a user defined route (similar to laying track for transport rides/planet coaster rides) and allow to entertain guests via a different kind of animal show. [Votes - 1]
  • Exhibits
    • Exhibit Overhaul - One of the most needed reworks regarding animals is a complete overhaul to the exhibit boxes (not the walkthrough exhibit). The most noted issue regarding exhibits is the size of the exhibit box. While suitable for the larger species like iguana and anaconda, a 4x4 metre box is way too big to spot any of the smaller species like insects, axolotl among others. To solve this we could get a modular system to allow small boxes, medium size boxes and large boxes for each animal needs. Another feature desired is the need for null exhibit walls, let us remove the wall entirely like the walkthrough exhibit can do. [Votes - 34]
    • Interchangeable exhibit biomes - With some animals having several biomes attached, the option to swap between biome designs inside the box would be another wonder for the exhibit box. [Votes - 10]
    • Non Walkthrough exhibit - Allow us to get rid of the path in the walkthrough exhibit via a toggle or add another walkthrough exhibit. [Votes - 4]
    • Free the Iguana - Add an option to allow the iguana to be used as a habitat animal. [Votes - 3]
    • Multi exhibit species - Similar to the butterflies in the walkthrough exhibit, allow the possibility of having multi species inside the exhibit box such as poison frogs. [Votes - 3]
    • Exhibit Box Door - Add a keeper door at the back of the exhibit box. [Votes - 3]
    • Exhibit Species Management system - Add an automated management system to exhibits to prevent the spam of exhibit notificiations. [Votes - 3]
    • Allow educators to hold sloths - Allow educators to hold sloths during talks. [Votes - 2]
    • Add sloth juveniles - Sloths age slow enough to not be an issue for the exhibit system. Lets add some juvenile sloths. [Votes - 2]
    • Add contraceptive button to exhibits - Like for habitats, add a contraceptive button in the exhibit management menu [Votes - 2]
    • Null Exhibit barriers - Allow exhibit boxes to use the null exhibit walls that the walkthrough exhibit is able to use. [Votes - 2]
    • Sloths can go on the ground - We currently have no animation for the sloths that allow them to go on the ground, having them constantly on enrichment frames or items is unrealistic [Votes - 1]
    • Mixed Walkthrough Exhibits - Allow more mixed selection of animals for the walkthrough exhibit. [Votes - 1]
    • Exhibit Animal feeding - Allow the keeper to place physical food items in the exhibit which exhibit animals can have a new animation for. [Votes - 1]
    • Add Caterpillars to exhibits - Enhance the ability of butterfly walkthrough exhibits by adding caterpillars to the exhibit box. [Votes - 1]
    • Natural option for sloth exhibits - Add more natural looking enrichment items for the sloth exhibit rather than the rather large artifical looking logs. [Votes - 1]
    • Sexual Dimophism for Exhibit Animals - Some animals that have sexual dimorphism in real life are not correctly portrayed. Examples of this include the danube crested newt. [Votes - 1]
    • Add Bat Juveniles - Add bat juveniles into the walkthrough exhibit. [Votes - 1]
    • Water filter for exhibits - Add a new water filter for the exhibits with water. [Votes - 1]
  • Habitats
    • Feeders
      • Realistic Feeders - Feeders especially for herbivores are quite unrealistic. The choice of feeders for herbivores should come in all shapes and sizes. [Votes - 13]
      • Elevated Feeders - Either as a new feeder or altering existing feeders, allow feeders to be refilled by keepers at the habitat gate. This will also arboreal animals to eat in elevated positions rather than eating off the ground [Votes - 8]
      • Small feeder for prairie dogs - Allow the prairie dog to use a smaller feeder than what is currently used. [Votes - 3]
      • Feeding Stations - Feeding a giraffe at a real zoo is a unique experience and would be so cool to so our guests enjoy it as much as we do. Options of ground level and elevated feeding stations are ideal. [Votes - 2]
      • Feeding Shows - Lets put on a display where these animals can have timed feedings. Guests can gather around while keepers will give a talk and feed the animals at the same time. [Votes - 2]
      • Food Scatters - There should be an option for keepers to place several food piles or scatters around a habitat, placing food only in one area is annoying at times [Votes - 2]
      • 2 metre arboreal feeding platform - A easy fix for realistic feeders is making an arboreal feeder simply half the size. [Votes - 1]
    • Behaviours
      • Additional deep diving to animals - Add deep diving to tapirs and monitors. [Votes - 10]
      • Pangolin Climbing - Allow the chinese pangolin to climb. [Votes - 9]
      • New underwater behaviours for hippos - Add new underwater and breaching behaviours such as the traditional posture in the water with the head poking out. [Votes - 6]
      • Allow Crocodiles to sit at the bottom of water - Allow crocodile to lie on the bottom of water bodies. [Votes - 6]
      • Improved Climbing - Improve the overall issue with animals clipping through objects so climbing is much more realistic. [Votes - 5]
      • Animals carry young on backs - Allow animals such as the sloth bear, anteater, koala and apes to carry their young on their back. [Votes - 5]
      • Petting and feeding interactions - Domestic animals are often found in interactive habitats, allow our guests to show them some love by allowing new interactions between guests and animals. [Votes - 4]
      • Bathing Behaviours - Expand the limited bathing behaviours to other animals such as elephants and tapirs. [Votes - 4]
      • Climbing for monitors - Climbing should be allowed for nile, asian water monitors and komodo dragons. [Votes - 4]
      • Playful fighting - Animals should also playfully fight as a natural behaviour, not every form of fighting should be aggressive. [Votes - 4]
      • Animal Cluster Behaviours - Improve the realistic behaviour of a single species sticking together [Votes - 4]
      • Additional Chorus Behaviours - Add more chorus behaviours to chimps, lemurs, otters, lions, wild dogs and other social animals. [Votes - 3]
      • Alternative Animations - Allow a second set of animations for animals, such as different sleeping positions. [Votes - 2]
      • Great Ape Brachiation - Add brachiation abilities to the remaining great apes. [Votes - 2]
      • Add individual personalities - Each and every animal is unique, sure they have a name but what about personality. [Votes - 2]
      • Food Territorial Display - Some animal are protective of their food. They may grab their food and retreat to a safe space to eat. [Votes - 2]
      • Suckling behaviours for Mammals - Add a suckling animation to Mammals so that young animals can interact with their mother. [Votes - 2]
      • Water Interactions - Add playful swimming, splashing other animals and other funny behaviours. [Votes - 1]
      • Some animals should not be stressed by guests - Some animals are more suitable to be around crowds such as domestic animals. [Votes - 1]
      • Animals hunt in packs - Whether its food enrichment or predation, animals that hunt in packs like wolves should do so ingame [Votes - 1]
      • Increased rate of unique behaviours - Unique behaviours to each animal should happen more often [Votes - 1]
      • Juvenile Intolerance - Animals like komodo dragons and other crocodilians should not require an adult in habitat needs, change this to allow juvenile only habitats. [Votes - 1]
      • Animals carry young in pouches - Allow animals that can carry animals in their pouches to carry their young around the habitat. [Votes - 1]
    • Variations
      • Variation of external features - Horns, antlers, tusks, manes and tails are unique to each animal. Allow a variation of each for each animal to be unique. [Votes - 11]
      • Seasonal Coat - Allow suitable animals to change coats naturally when season chnages. [Votes - 5]
      • Antlers fall off animals - Animals with antlers do shed their antlers annually so a unique feature would be to introduce the ability for antlers to fall off. [Votes -1]
      • Physical Scarring - We already have scars and similar markings on certain animals bought from the market, allow animals to get scars from fights or other behaviours on their own. [Votes - 1]
    • Enrichment
      • New Enrichment
        • Sentry Post - An enrichment for meerkats and prairie dogs could be a placeable rock on a high point of the habitat where the sentry animation for both animals will trigger. [Votes - 7]
        • Salt Lick - Rock or mound with salt enrichmen for ungulates to lick. [Votes - 6]
        • New Deer Pinata - [Votes - 6]
        • New Scratching trees for remaining biomes - [Votes - 5]
        • Plastic slide Enrichment - [Votes - 4]
        • Meat pole feeder for crocodiles - [Votes - 2]
        • Variety of enrichment quality - [Votes - 2]
        • Larger hollow log enrichment - [Votes - 1]
        • Pumpkin Enrichment for herbivores - [Votes - 1]
        • New Llama Pinata - [Votes - 1]
        • Feeding log with insects - [Votes - 1]
        • Feeding log with honey - [Votes - 1]
        • Rock full of minerals - [Votes - 1]
        • Raw Chewing bone - [Votes - 1]
        • Ball with rattle - [Votes - 1]
        • Tire swing for primates - [Votes - 1]
        • Jungle gym for primates - [Votes - 1]
        • Climbing bars for primates - [Votes - 1]
      • Existing Enrichment
        • Interspecies animations between interspecies enrichment - Allow animals who come under the interspecies tab to interact with each other. [Votes - 10]
        • Allow the hammock enrichment to be used by other animals - [Votes - 8]
        • More enrichment toys can be used by more animals - [Votes - 5]
        • Allow Aardvark and Sloth Bear to use natural termite mound - [Votes - 5]
        • Allow more animals to use the forage wall - [Votes - 5]
        • Different Sizes of forage pool and box - [Votes - 4]
        • Hippos use underwater feeder - [Votes - 4]
        • Larger Size for the Mud Bath - [Votes - 3]
        • Takin to use Goat Mountain - [Votes - 3]
        • Eucalyptus Feeder Sleeping - [Votes - 2]
        • Frozen fish block for the formosan black bear - [Votes - 2]
        • More animals use dingo pool - [Votes - 1]
        • Allow the Mute swan to use Underwater Feeder - [Votes - 1]
  • Animal Market
    • Improve customisation of sandbox animal market - Introduce more settings to fine tune searches in sandbox for exact animals we are searching for, these could include variations, genetic sliders, age, gender. [Votes - 9]
    • Toggle for higher chance of variants in sandbox - Allow a settings toggle for the market to give a higher chance for variants and coats because it is very difficult in sandbox to manage to secure an uncommon variant. [Votes - 6]
    • Toggle for perfect genetics in sandbox - Allow a settings toggle for all animals to have 100 percent perfect genetics. Sandbox should not be concerned with breeding the best animals to secure high genetic animals. [Votes - 3]
    • Option to hide certain animals - Allow a toggle for certain animals to avoid triggering phobias, spiders is the main one i can think of here. [Votes - 2]
    • Limit prices on animal type - Certain animals should not cost as much as they should especially in franchise, have limits on how much an animal can actually sell for to represent their actual worth. [Votes - 2]
    • Trade with Steam Friends - The closest thing to multiplayer could be limiting trade to steam friends only. Allow a setting that prevents anyone else from buying that animal you want your friends to have. [Votes - 2]
    • Unlock limit - Add a limit to zoos on what kind of animals they can buy. Earn the ratings or other zoo achievements to be able to earn a tiered level of animals so that new zoo just doesn't buy elephants from the get go. [Votes - 2]
    • Zoopedia Favourites - Allow us to favourite certain animals so we type/filter each name every time we need one of the most common animals we use. [Votes - 1]
    • Option to sell babies in sandbox - Ever wondered that why don't babies don't grow up faster, how about an option in sandbox to throw them in a box and say bye! [Votes - 1]
  • Other Features
    • Ambient animal effects - allow us to introduce some wildlife into our zoo with ambient animal effects. Koi fish, small birds, insects, squirrels, chipmunks are examples. [Votes - 5]
    • Add burrow to more animals - Nile monitor, asia water monitor, arctic fox, giant otter, asian small clawed otter, african penguin, skunk should be able to use burrows. [Votes - 4]
    • Animal Release to wild map - Add map to show us where exactly in the world our animals ended up after trading. [Votes - 3]
    • Animal Generator for Sandbox - Allow sandbox players to create their own animal with selected stats, skin variants etc. [Votes - 2]
    • Different name pool for animals based on location - Different regions call animals different names, allow a different name pool for each region to represent the cultural differences. [Votes - 2]
    • Make burrows flexicolor - Allow the burrows to be flexicolor. [Votes - 2]
    • Animal Demonstrations for small habitat animals - Add a new demonstration for our small habitat animals. Friendly habitat animals suitable for this allows a new way to introduce our guests to these animals [Votes - 1]
    • Pregnant Animals should have a lump - Pregnant animals should have a visible lump in their stomach area for clearly tell that animal is pregnant [Votes - 1]
  • Minor Changes
    • Walkthrough status
      • Giant Anteater should not be walkthrough - The giant anteater is a dangerous animal, these should not be walkthrough.[Votes - 8]
      • Emu should be walkthrough - Emus are not like cassowaries, they generally will not want to tear your guests to shreds if they dare to look them in the eye. [Votes - 7]
      • North American Beaver should not be walkthrough - Beavers can be aggressive when people get too close to beavers. [Votes - 2]
    • Habitat Requirements
      • Reduce habitat space for hippopotamus - Decrease requirements for the hippo like how the polar bear was fixed. [Votes - 6]
      • Reduce habitat space for platypus - Reduce the required space for the platypus, especially the land requirements. [Votes - 4]
      • Reduce habitat space for monitors and crocodilians - Reduce the required space for monitors and crocodilians. [Votes - 3]
      • Reduce habitat space for Koala - Reduce the required space for koalas to allow us to create realistic sized koala habitats. [Votes - 1]
    • Animal tags
      • Add desert biome to Jaguar - Jaguar can be seen in the north of mexico and even in southern usa, add a desert tag to represent this. [Votes - 5]
      • Add invasive species tag to zoopedia - Allow us to see if a certain animal is classed as an invasive animal in certain regions on the zoopedia map [Votes - 4]
      • Add grassland biome to Chimps and ring tailed lemur - These animals can be found in grassland habitats, add a grassland tag to represent this. [Votes - 3]
      • Add north america tag to bairds tapir - The bairds tapirs range extends to southern north america, add a north america tag to represent this. [Votes - 3]
      • Add africa tag to red deer - The zoopedia states the red deer live in north africa, add a africa tag to represent this [Votes - 3]
      • Remove asia tag from cassowary - The cassowary does not live in asia, remove the asia tag to fix this. [Votes - 3]
      • Add asia tag to cheetah - The cheetah ingame is likely a generic cheetah where the zoopedia shows range in asia, add a asia tag to represent this [Votes - 3]
      • Remove north america tag from capuchin monkey - The capuchin monkey belongs only to the south/central america tag not the north america one [Votes - 2]
      • Add north america tag to Spectacled Caiman - The caiman has been introduced to parts of southern north america, a north america tag should be added to represent this [Votes - 2]
      • Add asia tag to spectacled flying fox - The flying fox lives in a part of asia, add a asia tag to represent this [Votes - 2]
      • Add grassland tag to fossa - Fossa can live in grassland biomes, add a grassland tag to represent this [Votes - 2]
      • Add tropical biome to american alligator - The alligator can be found in swamps, marshes and similar areas, these are classed as a tropical region. [Votes - 1]
      • Add europe and africa tag to monarch butterfly - As stated by occasional migrants to europe and africa, the tags for both continents should be added to represent this [Votes - 1]
      • Saltwater Crocodile grassland tag - The saltwater crocodile can be possibly found in grasslands, add a grassland tag to represent this. [Votes - 1]
    • Animal Appeal
      • Giant Panda should have highest appeal - Giant pandas are without a doubt the single most popular zoo animal. This should be represented by the single highest species appeal. [Votes - 4]
    • Interspecies Enrichment
      • Interspecies enrichment between hippo and rhino - Add interspecies enrichment for the white rhino and the common hippo. [Votes - 1]
      • Interspecies enrichment between quokka and wallaby - Add interspecies enrichment to allow the quokka and red necked wallaby to be in the same habitat together. [Votes - 1]
    • Animal Group Sizes
      • Allow more than 2 saltwater crocodile per habitat - Surely a big habitat for crocodiles can house more than 2 salties? [Votes - 3]
    • Animal Diets
      • Change the 3 levels of diet for both elephants - Quoting the vote submission 'Currently it goes (from lowest to highest) hay, kibble, with fruit and vegetables at the top. It should be changed to pellets/kibble, browse and hay, as fruit and vegetables are not at all recommended for feeding to elephants because of risks of obesity - at most it is recommended to give leafy vegetables as a training reward' [Votes - 1]
      • Change the 3 levels of diet for chimps - Quoting the vote submission 'Currently, it does (from lowest to highest) monkey chow, fruit and vegetables, with processed meat and live ants at the top. It should be changed to monkey chow, browse with leafy vegetables at the top. I have no idea where the idea that processed meat was the best food for a chimpanzee came from, but it is ridiculous. Also, no fruit at the top of the list - fruits available to zoos are so high in sugar it gives nonhuman primates diabetes and causes obesity.' [Votes - 1]
    • Zoopedia Fixes
      • Zoopedia maps fix - Zoopedia maps for certain animals do not match the current range of the animals. These include indian elephant, king penguin, african lion, greater flamingo, bongo, european peacock butterfly, Bactrian camel [Votes - 2]
      • Asian Water Monitor range fix - The current range only represents the specific southeast asian water monitor rather than the general range. Update the zoopedia map to represent this. [Votes - 1]
    • IUCN Status
      • Monarch butterfly - The subspecies of the monarch butterfly should be changed or the iucn status of the monarch butterfly should be changed to least concern [Votes - 1]
    • Zoopedia Additons
      • Extra distribution maps - Allow a toggle for different maps in the zoopedia. These can include include range, introduced, and conservation efforts in certain regions to enhance the way we view animals in the zoopedia maps. [Votes - 4]
    • Scientific Name Updates
      • Asian Small Clawed Otter - Recent studies have updated the scientific name of the ASCO to Lutra cinereus instead of Aonyx cinereus. [Votes - 1]
Base Game Animals:
  • Bornean Orangutan [Votes - 13]
  • African Lion [Votes - 12]
  • Timber Wolf [Votes - 8]
  • Saltwater Crocodile [Votes - 8]
  • Bactrian Camel [Votes - 6]
  • Gharial [Votes - 6]
  • Plains Zebra [Votes - 6]
  • Reticulated Giraffe [Votes - 6]
  • Both Tigers [Votes - 6]
  • Both Brown Bears [Votes - 6]
  • Warthog [Votes - 5]
  • Cheetah [Votes - 4]
  • Okapi [Votes - 4]
  • Spotted Hyena [Votes - 4]
  • Exhibit Snakes [Votes - 3]
  • African Buffalo [Votes - 3]
  • Both Elephants [Votes - 3]
  • Indian Rhino [Votes - 3]
  • Bongo [Votes - 3]
  • Formosan Black Bear [Votes - 3]
  • Snow Leopard [Votes - 3]
  • Nile Monitor [Votes - 3]
  • Red Panda [Votes - 3]
  • Gorilla [Votes - 2]
  • Ostrich [Votes - 1]
DLC Animals:
  • Koala [Votes - 5]
  • Jaguar [Votes - 5]
  • Giant Anteater [Votes - 4]
  • Reindeer [Votes - 3]
  • Binturong [Votes - 1]
  • Red Kangaroo [Votes - 1]
Other Fixes
  • Decrease size of animal hitboxes - It is obvious many animals suffer from huge hitboxes especially ungulates, revise the size needed for these hitboxes to allow realistic sized shelter doors to be usuable for animals, it isn't fun building huge doors for small animals. [Votes - 8]
  • Resize American bison, male california sea lion, both giant tortoises to realistic sizes. [Votes - 4]
  • Rework Tasmanian devil sounds [Votes - 2]
  • Fix dislocated joints in Okapi and Indian Elephant [Votes - 1]
Category for clear visibility of requested animal variants/ color morphs. All animal suggested will be listed with exact morphs being detailed when provided by voters.
  • African wild dog - melanistic, less black patches, golden
  • Dingo - black and tan, cream, black, Sable, brindle, patchy
  • Indian Peafowl - piebald
  • Reticulated Giraffe - Spotless
  • Alligator
  • Okapi
  • Gemsbok
  • Sable antelope
  • Jaguar
  • Saltwater crocodile - muddy brown
  • Timber wolf - white
  • Cougar - leucistic, melanistic
  • Beaver - albino
  • Maned wolf - melanistic,
  • Tasmanian devil - markless, albino
  • Eastern brown snake
  • Common death adder
  • Green iguana
  • Przewalski horse
  • Red river hog
  • Reindeer - piebald
  • Plains zebra - melanistic
  • African elephant - Muddy orange/brown, darker gray
  • Warthog - Gray
  • Fennec Fox - leucistic
  • White Rhino - grey
  • Saiga - Winter Coat
  • Moose - Piebald
  • Giant Panda - Creamish colour on its white coat
  • Dhole - Winter coat with white belly
  • Black Rhino - Light grey, brown/beige
  • Meerkat - White
  • Rename West African Lion to African Lion - [Votes - 4]
  • Rename Timber Wolf to Grey Wolf - [Votes - 4]
  • Rename African Buffalo to Cape Buffalo - [Votes - 4]
  • Rename Raccoon to Northern racoon - [Votes - 2]
  • Rename Red Panda to Chinese Red Panda - [Votes - 2]
  • Rename african elephant to African bush elephant - [ Votes - 1]
  • Rename Cheetah to Southeast African Cheetah - [Votes - 1]
  • Rename Siberian Tiger to Amur Tiger - [Votes - 1]
  • Plants
    • More Broken trees, branches and saplings - Variety when it comes to small trees is lacking right now. Broken trees of small and large trees are needed, more branches for natural climbing frames for habitats and even more choice of saplings. Not every zoo has several hundred year of trees everywhere. [Votes - 11]
    • Flexicolor Foliage - Focused mainly on temperate biomes, the option of flexicolor to trees and other foliage objects that appear in different colors will allow us to make seasonal zoos. [Votes - 7]
    • Foliage Brush - One of the major issues when planting large areas to fill up empty spaces in our zoos or large habitats is the ability to create a natural looking nature area. A foliage brush that comes with settings on intensity, biome and plant type will allow everyone to make wonderful nature areas with little effort. [Votes - 5]
    • Toggle foliage hitbox to null - Allow us to bypass foliage hitboxes by adding a null option. This will allow plants like elephant grass, bamboo and even small bushes to be passable or at least walk by them closely. [Votes - 3]
    • More Eucalyptus trees - Oceania needs better tree representation! Lets start by adding more kinds of eucalyptus trees. [Votes - 2]
    • Traversable tag for all foliage - Allow us to filter out hard hitbox foliage for easier choice when selecting foliage for habitats. [Votes - 1]
  • Rocks
    • Volcanic Rock Flexicolor - Allow the volcanic rock to have flexicolor options, this is one of the best rock sets let down by the lack of flexicolor. [Votes - 5]
    • Faux Rock walls - Add new faux rocks that are like a wall. Making faux rock walls is piece heavy and would be great for a larger piece to do this in one go. [Votes - 5]
  • Gardens
    • Flexicolor Mulch or Sand Mulch - Allow the mulch pieces to be flexicolor to represent different kinds of soils. If not possible even a sand mulch will be much more suitable for arid climates or even desert areas within a zoo. [Votes - 5]
    • Pebble Panels - Like the mulch pieces, a pebble like material panel would be great at improving rocky areas or gardens [Votes - 3]
    • More Evergreen shrubbery - More variety in the choice of evergreen shrubbery for our gardens would vastly improve the design choices. [Votes - 2]
  • General foliage
    • Let grass be eaten by herbivores - Allow the terrain paint grass or placeable grass to gradually change size or disappear after the animal has eaten enough on the ground [Votes - 5]
    • More unique foliage to certain continents - Certain parts of the world really need better representation. Places like tropical africa, australia, tundra regions and various other parts of the world lack true representation to build habitats for. [Votes - 2]
    • Add a toggle onto scenery in habitats - Allow us to toggle a change on scenery piece so keepers can walk through them. This will allow us to make realistic animal doors. [Votes - 1]
  • Terrain Tools
    • Make Water Bodies Frozen - Add the ability to freeze our water for colder biomes or even just another selection in the water body settings [Votes - 4]
  • Signs and Statues
    • Consistent Signage and statues for all animals - [Votes - 19]
    • Flexicolor Reward Statues - [Votes - 7]
    • Basic white silhouette signs for every animal - The white silhouette signs are quite useful for generic zoo signs which don't go into too much detail, dlc animals and missing base game animals would heavily benefit with these signs. [Votes - 5]
    • Add missing sign for desert horned viper - [ Votes - 4]
    • Mirrored Statue Set - [Votes - 4]
    • Add missing small ATM sign - [Votes - 2]
    • Add missing signs for just a memento and loony bloons - [Votes - 1]
  • Building Sets
    • Nocturnal building set - [Votes - 11]
    • Flexicolor for base game sets - [Votes - 9]
    • Mesh and chainlink building set - [Votes - 9]
    • Off grid version of all wall sets - [Votes - 2]
    • Inverted roof for all roof sets - [Votes - 1]
  • Scenery Item Requests
    • New fonts - [Votes - 7]
    • Education/ Museum Fossils - [Votes - 6]
    • Hay Bales - [Votes - 5]
    • Staff Facility Objects - [Votes - 5]
    • Bird Nest Pieces - [Votes - 4]
    • Dumpsters - [Votes - 3]
    • Fire Extinguisher - [Votes - 2]
    • Dung Piles - [Votes - 2]
    • More custom signs - [Votes - 2]
    • Path Texture panels - [Votes - 2]
    • New mesh variants - [Votes - 1]
    • More decals - [Votes - 1]
    • More implied sign pieces - [Votes - 1]
    • Fence Railings as placeable scenery pieces - [Votes - 1]
    • Working Flagpoles - [Votes - 1]
    • Walkthrough exhibit objects - [Votes - 1]
    • Wood chip or bark panels - [Votes - 1]
    • Climbable Plastic or Metal pieces - [Votes - 1]
  • Paths
    • Null elevated path - While the null path is a fantastic feature for natural areas in zoos, it would be even better if a null elevated path could be added. This removes the rather bulky underside of the path allowing us to make custom bridges and overhead walkways without much concern. As funny as it would be, we could also have guests walking over water. [Votes - 14]
    • Null Staff Path - Another path improvement would be null staff paths, for those who would rather scenery pieces or just terrain paint to mark a staff path rather than having the textured planet zoo path. [Votes - 11]
    • One way path - Stop guests from blocking the way and direct them with a new one way path! Handy for walkthrough habitats, walkthrough exhibits and everywhere that guests feel the need to suddenly change directions. [Votes - 7]
    • See-through path material - A glass or mesh material path would also be another method for null elevated paths. Glass paths could allow guests to look under them to see animals or even scare guests from walking on such material if they are scared of heights. [Votes - 6]
    • Select components of a path independently - Allow each part of a path to be selected and change to a texture of our choosing. Like we may like one kerb from a path, a fence from another and the path surface from another as well. [Votes - 3]
    • Option to remove kerbs from elevated paths - One of the biggest issues for elevated paths is the kerbs. They ruin the look of the path when elevated with a broken connection at ground level points, the only way to fix this is to raise scenery pieces to hide this kerb. [Votes - 3]
    • Select path in small sections - When making complex path intersections or plazas, allow us to select path areas in smaller sections so we can repaint sections without the entire curve turn into the new path surface. [Votes - 1]
    • Add staff path construction pieces - We have already pieces that are static signs for guests but these do nothing. Add an object or update these pieces to allow staff to pass by but guests can not [Votes - 1]
    • Underwater Tunnels - The trick to make underwater tunnels is well known, but how about a proper way to make these tunnels? [Votes - 1]
  • Maps
    • Map Customisation - Total overhaul of map creation with lots of customisation options including a wider range of map skirts including a flat option for every biome. Not all tropical zoos need towering mountains as a background. Also we know its not possible to use all possible map paints in a single map but the way planet coaster allowed us to choose paints on zoo creation was better than the current system of locked paints behind biome maps. [Votes - 12]
    • City Map - Who doesn't love having a city in the middle of nowhere. How about a new map for all biomes that includes a city surrounding our zoo. [Votes - 6]
    • Scrubland biome and maps - Make a new scrubland biome to expand the biomes on the world map, also add new maps for this biome [Votes - 2]
    • Improved Heightmap Options - The basic choice of heightmap options is pretty poor. Add a much more realistic and useful selection of default heightmaps so that we can utilise this feature without the need of the complicated process of making our own [Votes - 2]
    • Larger terrain tools - If we want to landscape a very large area of the map, we need larger tools to work with [Votes - 1]
    • Square terrain tools - While round tools are useful for most applications, precise terrain landscaping requires a square tool [Votes 1]
    • Coastal biome skirt - Add a new true coastal skirt with no land visible outside the island, the oceania skirt did not address this suggestion [Votes - 1]
  • Food and drink shops
    • More food and drink shop options - Zoos in general feature a wide range of cuisines to cater to guests whether based on the location of the zoo or the area of the zoo for themed purposes. Sushi, asian, popcorn, pretzels, vegan options are examples of the kind of shops that could be included. [Votes - 17]
    • New Tables for restaurants - More variety when it comes to table design is important to make restaurants stand out. The picnic tables have a fantastic choice so restaurants could benefit as well. [Votes - 6]
    • Drinking fountain - Add a new standalone fountain that can attach to the side of a path. These are cheap to run and help our guests keep hydrated throughout our zoo. [Votes - 6]
    • Rename shop items - We can rename our shop names but what about the food items? Having custom names for each of our food items will enhance the atmosphere of the zoo especially if we are making realistic zoos without the need for fictional item names [Votes - 4]
    • Restaurant tables as picnic tables - It would be a great feature to see restaurant tables to be used as normal picnic benches, the round table is ideal for outdoor cafe seating areas [Votes - 1]
    • Snack Carts - Add small and portable versions of our shops that can be placed on paths NOT connected to them like how the picnic tables can be placed. [Votes - 1]
  • Gift Shops
    • Gift shop items for each animal group - Add more plushies, tshirts, mugs and other assorted items to allow us to represent a much wider variety of animals in our gift shops. [Votes - 3]
    • New plushies each update - Add at least one or 2 plushies for new animals featured in new dlc. [Votes - 3]
    • Custom media on gift shop items - Allow us to add custom zoo logos or designs onto gift shop items [Votes - 3]
    • Gift shop Floor variations - Different variations of gift shop floors should be added [Votes - 1]
  • Placeables
    • Binoculars - The view from here is terrible! Well how about you grab the finest pair of binoculars from our newest placeable stand, now your guests can see your rhinos all way at the back of your savanna habitat. [Votes - 10]
    • Elevators - Like the restaurant spawn, place two elevator buildings on the same vertical path to join up. This will allow guests to can access to different levels when there is no room for stairs or even give wheelchairs users (feature pending) a chance without risking injury. [Votes - 7]
    • Maps for guests - Add a placeable info stand full of maps for our guests. These maps improve pathfinding and the time it takes for guests to reach a location. [Votes - 6]
    • Photobooth - Capture the best moments of a guests visit with our very own photobooth. [Votes - 4]
    • Rooftop Solar Panels - Add a new variation of the solar panel building by introducing a rooftop only solar panel which does not require staff to interact with it, maybe a nearby panel at ground level can be used for maintainance. [Votes - 4]
    • Custom Park Map Board - Allow a map that auto generates the layout of our zoo - key habitats, services and paths. This allows us to include a cool looking zoo map without the need for external applications [Votes - 3]
    • Face Painting Stand - Add a stand/booth for face painting to add some variety to the look of our guests. [Votes - 3]
  • Zoo Entrances:
    • Dedicated Entry and Exit Gates - Allow us to place seperate entrance and exit gates to better manage guest traffic or allow us to make guests exit the zoo on the opposite side so no backtracking is needed for guests [Votes - 3]
  • Staff Buildings:
    • Incubation Center - The most game friendly method to introduce egg laying for birds, egg laying mammals and reptiles would be a building that functions very much like a vet building. Similar to the existing birth routine, the animals enter the cycle of birth, a vet is alerted to the habitat and the vet then carries the egg to the incubation center. The vet attends the building to hatch the egg in time then returns to the habitat with a new hatched animal. [Votes - 10]
    • Breeding Center - Add a new staff building which helps improve breeding rates of hard to breed animals. [Votes - 1]
  • Guest Buildings:
    • Classrooms - A set of educational buildings such as classrooms will boost education ratings of guests greatly. [Votes - 2]
  • Existing facility improvements
    • Null Wall options for staff buildings - It would be a great feature to have a toggle for a null wall for staff buildings. This will remove limitations of staff buildings when it comes to building and scenery designs. [Votes - 2]
  • Transportation
    • New transportation options - While the options for transport widely covers what a zoo uses, there are still many options remaining. Entrance trams can allow guests to move quicker from the spawn point to the zoo entrance, a tour bus allows guests to take a tour of the zoo and exit at a sign like the tour point, or a private shuttle/car as a more expensive but more personal and quicker way for guests to tour habitats and parts of the zoo. [Votes - 7]
    • Staff Vehicle - When staff have to walk around your zoo especially when building large habitats, these staff are often drained of energy just from walking long distances. Introducing a vehicle for staff to use will increase staff efficiency by reducing travel times and time spent recovering in a staff room. [Votes - 4]
    • More realistic styled rides - Some of our transport rides like the gondola look really unrealistic, introduce new variants of these rides to allow our zoos to have a little more realism. Small track rides are also a desire as the stations for the rides are massive. [Votes - 3]
    • Improvements to transportation loading speed - Improve the speed guests take to load and unload as it currently takes far too long allowing backups in our ride line. [Votes - 2]
    • Water log ride - Wait a minute this isn't planet coaster? A water log ride gets you closer to your aquatic animals in style. [Votes - 1]
    • Improved Monorail - Allow us to make monorail 'trains' similar the way planet coaster worked. Using just one monorail car is very inefficient for managing large crowds. [Votes - 1]
    • Private Safari Tour - Let some guests book a private safari tour. A safari jeep will take this group out into a large habitat for up close and personal viewing of animals and even the chance to feed them! You cant complain about the view when you are personally feeding the giraffes lunch. [Votes - 1]
    • Railroad crossing - Introduce a fully working Railroad crossing with lights and barriers to stop our guests blocking the pathway when a train or similar vehicle is crossing [Votes - 1]
  • Media devices
    • New kinds of education stations with customisation - Introduce new kinds of education stations which are a great way to interactivity to your zoos. [Votes - 7]
    • New custom screen sizes and shapes - While the selection of custom screens is good for general use especially when you need large screens, the need for much smaller and realistic sized screens is a must have. Curved screens, circles, tall screens like the education stand would enhance the ways custom media can be utilised in a zoo. [Votes - 6]
    • Allow education screens to work outside the walkthrough exhibit - Allow the education screens for the walkthrough exhibit to work outside the walkthrough exhibit [Votes - 2]
    • Increase limit for camera views - Increase the limit for education screen camera views as the limit is low for larger habitats. [Votes - 1]
  • Add more than one habitat gate - Allow for more than one habitat gate for single habitats. This can be useful for large habitats where it is not useful for staff to return to the exact same entrance, this could allow 2 staff areas to prevent staff from being overworked. [Votes - 7]
  • More walkthrough doors - While the wooden door is nice enough for forest and 'rustic' style habitats, a wider variety of doors will enhance our walkthrough habitats. [Votes - 5]
  • More barrier types - Add more default barrier types such as wooden planks, iron bars or natural rock [Votes - 3]
  • Barrier escape overhaul - Why does a lemur escaping have the same penalty as a lion escaping? I know lemurs can harass your african penguins a little too much, but come on a lion should impose a much greater threat so this should be represented. [Votes - 3]
  • Inner habitat gates - Let us manage populations within a single habitat by adding a functional animal gate to divide say gender ratios to prevent fighting or breeding. [Votes - 2]
  • Short walkthrough habitat gate - Like the short version of the keeper habitat gate, add a shorter version of the walkthrough habitat gate for guests. [Votes - 1]
  • Guests
    • Guest and animal interactions - Stop throwing junk food, feed the animals a healthy amount of lettuce, grain, or fish. Ties in nicely with the feeding station suggestion. [Votes - 5]
    • New Guest Desires - Allow guests or new kinds of guests have specific desires for a zoo. This should expand on the current desire to see system where certain guests will avoid certain animals, want to see all species of a certain animal or even tour the entire zoo if we get a zoo nerd. [Votes - 4]
    • New kinds of guests - Enhanced variation of guest types would enhance realism for our zoos. These could include disabled guests in wheelchairs, babies and young children in strollers, guests with dogs etc. [Votes - 4]
    • Guests dress for the weather - Allow our guests to arrive at the zoo with warm or cold clothes to prevent the need to place heaters and coolers literally everywhere in the zoo to keep our guests quiet [Votes - 2]
    • Visits from career celebs - In our zoos it will be a cool addition to see characters from the career scenarios visit our zoos. [Votes - 1]
    • Dog pole - A expansion on new kinds of guests for domestic dogs, a dog pole allows a dog to stay put for example the owner of the dog enters an area where dogs are not permitted such as a walkthrough habitat/exhibit. [Votes - 1]
  • Staff
    • Mascots - Entertain our guests with mascots exactly like how planet coaster did it. [Votes - 5]
    • Swimming Keepers - Let our keepers reach those island habitats while ignoring what else may lie in that water. [Votes - 4]
    • Change all uniforms by work zone at once - Allow a improvement to the staff uniforms feature to add a preset to a work zone and change all staff in one click. [Votes - 2]
    • Staff and animal interactions - The keepers and vets don't really interact with our animals like they should. Add interactions between them to make them a bit more friendly. [Votes - 1]
    • Add parasites to vet duties - Expand the work done by vet research to include the possibility of introducing parasites into animal infections on top of the existing infections [Votes - 1]
    • Keeper Tour - Allow our keepers to also give a more hands on version of the current tour. These tours allow guests to feed animals and go backstage [Votes - 1]
    • Custom Media on staff uniforms - Allow us to add custom zoo logos on our staff uniforms [Votes - 1]
  • Playgrounds and Splash pads - Playgrounds are an essential part of a zoo whether its just a basic swing set or an entire climbing course through the trees. In theory the playground can work similar to a restaurant where guests spawn in the playground to play while the parents take some time off on some nearby benches. Splash pads are also interactive and also help guests cool down in hot climates. [Votes - 10]
  • Carousels - A common sight in zoos is a carousel, lets add a fun ride for our guests. [Votes - 6]
  • Ziplines - Add a new ride in the form of a zipline with a higher and lower entry/exit points. [Votes - 2]
  • Active Trading - Allow direct trading to either a pool of randomly selected zoos or using friend groups like the steam friends list to trade specific animals that are requested currently by that zoo. [Votes - 4]
  • Visiting a players zoo - Allow us to actively visit a persons zoo without the need to download a workshop item. [Votes - 4]
  • Multiplayer - Introduce multiplayer so that another person can build along with us. [Votes - 3]
All suggestions are provided to me by other people as I do not speak your language, the accuracy of these fixes entirely lies with others so if there are any issues please leave a comment providing the correct translation.
  • Spanish
    • Timber wolf name - Timber wolf should be translated as "Lobo gris" instead of "Lobo del Mackenzie" [Votes - 1]
  • Japanese
    • Polar Bear name: シロクマ (a more layman term) → ホッキョクグマ (a more academic term) [Votes - 1]
    • North Sulawesi Babirusa name: 北スラウェシバビルサ → キタスラウェシバビルサ, since all animal names are in Katakana notations when mentioning scientifically [Votes - 1]
    • Egyptian Fruit Bat name: エジプシャンルーセットオオコウモリ → エジプトルーセットオオコウモリ. in a more common localisation in Japan [Votes - 1]
  • Portuguese Brazilian
    • Collared Peccary name - Peccary translation is a literal translation which is wrong. Change it from "pecari de colar" to the more popular name "queixada" [Votes -2]
  • Zoopedia Order
    • Correct zoopedia order - For several languages, the correct order of animals in the zoopedia is incorrect.. [Votes - 1]
  • Music Player - Add a new button on the ingame interface to allow us to listen to some tunes of our choosing, play, stop, next track and loop options of selected options could add some change to the way we play the game. [Votes - 4]
  • Photo Mode - A dedicated screenshot feature to allow great looking screenshots without external software. Adjust settings like fov, depth of field, lighting settings and even add filters to showcase our animals as best as we can. [Votes - 4]
  • Control the Sun - Add a new weather control to move the position of the sun to vastly improve the lighting of our zoos. [Votes - 3]
  • Manual temperate control in sandbox - Allow us to manually adjust temperate parameters in sandbox mode. [Votes - 3]
  • Diorama Mode for other gamemodes - Add the diorama mode to challenge and franchise modes. [Votes - 3]
  • Optimisation - There is always a need for Optimisation improvements to the game, those with lower end computers or larger zoos continue to have poor performance. [Votes - 3]
  • Slow Down Gameplay - Like the speed up function, allow us to do the opposite direction and slow down gameplay. [Votes - 3]
  • Custom signs lighting issue - There is an ongoing issue related to custom media where certain images will appear far brighter than they are in the usermedia folder [Votes - 2]
  • Improved Obstructed Error - Improve the annoying obstructed error by highlighting the exact error that causes this. At times it can be near impossible to figure out what exactly is causing this. [Votes - 2]
  • Custom pictures for zoo saves - Allow us to save a image or logo of our choosing for our zoo saves. The current random save location picture can make a great zoo file look pretty bad. [Votes - 1]
  • Collapsible headers for facilities page - Add collapsible headers for the facilities management page [Votes - 1]
  • Choice of research toggles in sandbox - Allow us to disable mechanical research or animal research independently rather than both of them [Votes - 1]
  • Community Challenge reward to include dlc animals - Would be great if dlc animals could be included as a reward for the community challenges, even a double option selection for those who own the dlc, and those who don't. [Votes - 1]
  • Flexicolor mouse pointer - Add a flexicolor option in the settings menu so that the mouse can stand out in snow and snow fall weather. [Votes - 1]
  • Mouse effect in dropdown menu - Add a mouse hover effect in the settings so that dropdown menus are easier to navigate. [Votes - 1]
  • Graphic Settings Descriptions - Add informative descriptions of each graphical setting so we know what it does exactly and how it does affect the gpu or cpu. [Votes - 1]
  • Franchise Weather options - Allow us to change weather in franchise mode, it shouldn't be locked behind sandbox mode. [Votes - 1]
  • Option to disable feeding/drinking in sandbox - Allow us to turn off these requirements for animals as they are still rather strict for sandbox mode. [Votes - 1]
  • Fix terrace tool for temperate maps - Fix the terrain of temperate maps so that we can use the terrace tool. [Votes - 2]
  • Shop Signs too big - Fix the cosmic cow and monsieur frites small shop signs being too big [Votes - 2]
  • Log Wooden Attachment not listed correctly - The log wooden attachment from the africa pack is not displayed in the sub categories correctly. [Votes - 2]
  • Indonesian Bin Name Fix - The indonesian bin is just called "indonesian", it does not come up in a search for bins. [Votes - 2]
  • Alphabetical Sorting - Fix how the game sorts out alphabetical lists [Votes - 1]
  • Souvenir Shop Guest/staff Traverse - Souvenir shops are still broken with traverse issues for guests and staff, they are still getting stuck in or around the shop. [Votes - 1]
Category for generally unpopular suggestions that either gather significant negative opinion or doesn't fit in the style of the game
  • Animal attack guests and staff - [Votes - 3]
  • Allow guests to ride animals - [Votes - 2]
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Great idea for a thread!
  • The ability to use all terrain paints in all biomes
  • A selective foliage brush
  • An overhaul to exhibits, making them modular. The smallest possible size would be 1/4 of the current size, and the largest would be theoretically infinite like habitats. Exhibit animals would also have space requirements, for example the Green Iguana would require an 8m x 8m exhibit, while the Axolotl would only require a 1m x 1m exhibit
  • The ability to favorite animals in the Zoopedia
  • The addition of the Thememaker's Toolkit from Planet Coaster, so players can put their own 3D models in the game without having to use mods. Realistically this would probably come near the end of the game's lifespan
This might be iffier to include since it could come as part of a DLC package as well, but on-grid wall and roof pieces made out of chain-link and square mesh are an absolute must. Same as any other building set. If they announced this in a free update I'd wet my pants.

Other than that - the obvious Malayan tapir issue. The animal needs to be finished.

Edit: Actually here's a bunch more.
  • Change the African buffalo to the specific Cape buffalo subspecies.
  • Change the West African lion to a generic lion (P. leo) or even go even more zoo-like and just call it an "African lion".
  • Allow us to set temperature parameters in Sandbox mode.
  • Change up the Sandbox Animal Market into something with full customisation options (colour variations, genetic sliders, age, gender, and so on).
  • Add new underwater and breaching behaviours to the hippos.
  • Give crocodiles the ability to just sink into water of any depth and just sit at the bottom.
  • Give the Bornean orangutan a new fur coat.
  • Add flexicolour to that cool little modern glass roof piece with the white roof and glass walls (forget what it's called).
  • Add flexicolour to the hydrangea bush and the guelder rose bush (both plants are famous for coming in a variety of colours).
  • We know that making all biome paints available at once is impossible, but the option to choose which version of each terrain to use at the start of the map would be great.
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  • I second the modular Exhibits
  • Model variations: Horns, Antlers, Tusks, Manes, Tails...of different sizes, shapes and "health"
  • Add winter coat model variation for suitable animals, let it be decided by map climate/biome rather than non existent season
  • Sandbox animal filter: Let us pick and choose specific coat and model variations, age, size, fertility, longevity..
Perfect to have an updated list. @Bearcat9948 had a great thread, but I believe they aren't around here as often as before.

Anyways, here are some suggestions:
  • Interchangeable exhibit biomes. Some animals have multiple biome tags, but are featured in only one biome. Having the option to choose what kinda habitat it'll live in would add some spice
  • Allow us to have multi-species exhibits. Many terrariums feature multiple species, especially the poison frogs
  • Add more colormorphs to the Indian peafowl
  • Consistent signage and statues for all animals including base game
  • Null elevated path or path of see through materiel ie mesh, glass.
  • Retroactive flexicolour base game sets - indian set, thatch roof set spring to mind but others are surely an option
  • Flexicolour sand and mulch pieces, similar to the mulch in the gardening menu.
  • Change new volcanic rock set to flexicolour or a second flexicolour clone of this set
  • Toggle for foilage to set hitbox to null
  • Make terrain paints available in all biomes, could be a research item to unlock in challenge and franchise.
  • Interspecies enrichment should be available for the hippopotamus and white Rhino, as they are able to be kept together with good husbandry and practise
  • Toggle to have have perfect genetic animals "on" available in the sandbox mode.
  • Toggle to have higher chance of animal variants and special coats "on" in sandbox
  • Block out light pieces are needed in game to build a realistic nocturnal house
  • This could be DLC content, but modular mesh and chain pieces are highly requested in the community
  • Add colormorphs to African Wild Dog and Dingo.
  • Individual personality for each animal.
  • Flexicolor foliage for each biome.
Edit to add: Model variations! Horns, antlers, manes and tails come to mind. Like it'd be awesome if some animals could be fluffier or the Dingo could have a curled tail once in a blue moon. Fluffy white dingo with curled tail would look amazing!

haha. close enough...
Seriously though, I think the model variations would be a nice way to add variety without taking up DLC slots.
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  • New shaggy fur texture, so that to allow a better look on some of the animals like lions and orangutans.
  • More educational stations, and this time you can customise the appearance.
  • Interspecies animations as a bonus to interspecies enrichment.
  • Resizing animals to a more accurate description.
  • Adding new animations to allow some animals to use enrichments that are ACTUALLY USED BY THEM IRL.
E.g. Allowing aardvarks, pangolins, and apes to finally use natural termite mounds
- More tree saplings, branches and/or dead trees of existing tree species.

And a whole lotta voting for the following:

  • Add new underwater and breaching behaviours to the hippos.
  • Give crocodiles the ability to just sink into water of any depth and just sit at the bottom.

Interchangeable exhibit biomes. Some animals have multiple biome tags, but are featured in only one biome. Having the option to choose what kinda habitat it'll live in would add some spice

Block out light pieces are needed in game to build a realistic nocturnal house
. Exhibit Scaling
. More Food/drink Stalls
. Uniform signs and statues for all animals
. ‘Malayan’ Tapir rework
. More Color Variants (e.g. spotless giraffe)
. Option to hide animals, for example you select what animal you want to hide and it hides it from your games. Could be useful for people with arachnophobia for example.
. petting and feeding interactions
. Ambient animals
Some ideas

1. New transportation
2. New shops including food, toys, drinks, souvenirs
3. Staff vehicle to increase staff working efficiency
4. New staff type: entertainers with different animal mascots to increase guests’ happiness
5. Different exhibits box sizes and shapes. Exhibits boxes can be combined to house more Insects
6. Plants brush
7. More colour morphs for different animals including alligator, dingo, wild dog, okapi, gemsbok, sable antelope, peafowl, jaguar, Saltwater crocodile, wolf
8. Null elevation path
9. New restaurant desks
10. New types of guest such as guest with wheelchair or baby car
11. Base game animals rework including Malayan tapir, lion, timber wolf, brown bears, orangutan, gharial, saltwater crocodile
12. Uniform signs and statues for all animals
13. Enrichment toys can be used by more animals
14. Guest isn’t allowed to enterGiant anteater’s habitat
15. Resize some animals such as bison, male California sea lions, two types of tortoises
16. More education stations
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First one might be a bit of a niche one, but would be an absolute game-changer for me:
  • Add flexicolour to the red brick building set/add a separate channel for the bricks and mortar on the painted brick set. The Indonesian bricks have fantastic flexicolour texture, but the available pieces are very limiting (no thin columns, no trim etc)
  • Add null options to regular exhibit boxes
  • Add chorus behavior to additional animals (chimps, lemurs, otters, lions, wild dogs etc)
  • I've not really seen bathing in action, but that seems like the sort of thing that should also be expanded beyond macaques and capybaras to elephants, tapirs etc
  • Add deep diving to tapirs and nile monitors
  • Alter hippo underwater behaviour to add variety - jumping, punting etc
  • Null elevated path
  • Uniform signs and statues for all animals
  • Add climbing to Chinese pangolin
  • EDIT - remembered another building piece I've been missing - hipped roof ends for all the double pitched roofs
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Spoken like someone that never befriended a spider and named them George, and then had a 71% reduction on mosquito bites on behalf of said friendship for several years, until George's tragic death by a summer heat.
My huntsman friend is named Spider Goerg 😅. He does a great job maintaining low insect numbers for me

I saw it mentioned in another thread and thought it could go here.
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