Frontier Issues Tracker

Hello all!
As part of our efforts to upgrade our forums and feedback process, we are excited to share the details of our brand new Issues Tracker with you!

The Issues Tracker is a new website that will replace the current forum system of reporting bugs with one that puts the power in your hands. The new Issues Tracker will not only make it easier to report new bugs and issues to us but will also help make clear to us which issues matter most to you.

Awesome New Features
  • Search for existing reports using keywords
  • Contribute to other players' reported issues
  • Vote Up the confirmed Issues that matter most to highlight their importance
  • See what the Top Issues are
  • Follow all the progress from your own reports on a dedicated 'My Issues' page
How the Issue Tracker works
  • Login with your Frontier Account
  • You report an issue to us
    • The issue will be listed on our tracker in an 'Unconfirmed' status
    • Other players who are experiencing the same issue can contribute confirmation towards your issue
    • Once enough confirmations are received the Issue will be flagged as confirmed and people can begin voting on it
    • You can upload images to help support your case in your report
  • You have 4 votes to spend on issues that you feel are important.
    • Voting on an issue will raise its awareness and importance
    • Votes do not replenish until an Issue is resolved
    • You can remove your vote from an issue at any time
  • You can track the progress of all your issues on the 'My Issues' page and a search function allows you to find the Issues you are interested in quickly and easily
The Bug Report forums are set to be archived. Reports created from the 28th March up until the launch of the Issues Tracker will be added there by us, so we can ensure they are reviewed in the new system. All bugs from before the 25th March are being reviewed and added to internal tracking system when deemed they need to be.

At launch all reports you make will be shown under your Frontier ID rather than a display name but we may look to retroactively alter this to your forum display name in a future update.

We're excited to be launching this new site for you, to ensure that the Issues that matter most get the focus they deserve. We're aiming to launch the site at the beginning of April and will share all details with you once it's ready to go! Thank you all for your reports and support so far!
Some feed back on the bug tracker,

I'm surprise this isn't there but a profile page which stores the users PC configuring so that they don't have to fill in the same details for every bug report is I think this is essential for usability of the site. Couldn't see it on the site.

There also no instructions on how to get DIAGNOSTICS diagnostics, a popup screen that explains clearly how to get this data and when it should be supplied.

You should encourage people to actually write step by step instructions to reproduce the buy by supplying separate text boxes called,
step 1
step 2
step 3

Rather than just having one box where people will be tempted to write a wall of text that your QA staff have to interpret.

Link this better with the forum, so forum and bug tracker have the same profile. Add a link to the top of the forum that link you to the bug tracker.
I think you have a good system, but it needs to be well moderated!

An you should encourage good bug reports by allowing developers and QA testers to give out awards. May be a special bug tracker paint job.
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It is better to supply the information twice than not at all. If you are that concerned that there is a slight chance it has been overlooked then just re-submit it. I haven't re-submitted anything on the Python Wireframe, it's been wrong for a couple of years (it was never right). If it's not fixed in the next update I'll just request a refund for the paintjob because with this change FDev will have had every opportunity to fix long standing bugs and I will be able to safely assume they have de-prioritised it.

This new process really is a step forward.
To the Circumlocution Office? :)
The ****ens, you say. :)

We need a way to access our old bug reports.
I think we can trust Frontier will do what Paul has said they will do, or play it safe & resubmit. It comes down to trust.

I am choosing to trust what Paul has said they will do will be done. FYI I checked my Frontier account & I paid £3 (GBP) for my Python Wireframe skin on 1/1/2017.
I think we can trust Frontier will do what Paul has said they will do, or play it safe & resubmit. It comes down to trust.
Or laziness. I've resubmitted the same bugs over and over due to the old "archive everything when even a minor update is pushed" system. I'm tired of it. Elephant Butt Leather is now in the Elite Dangerous Wiki and Oxford Dictionary, so Frontier knows about. They'll fix it or they won't, regardless if I repost it yet again.

The only reason I would repost it now is if the new vote system somehow influences if / when a bug is fixed. I'm still waiting for final confirmation on this question.
At what point does anything get done? The enforcer cannons have been broken since May and continue to be broken. Ammo still can't be synth'd and flying back to a station every few minutes to reload a weapon it took a month to bloody unlock is a joke.
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