FSS broken...

Anyone else have an issue when they zoom into a signal in FSS that the system map and UI ‘turns flat’?

Imagine if you’re looking at your screen head on then it turns 90 degrees to the left so you’re just looking at the side of the screen. It’s like that.

Only happens in certain systems.
Thats the ticket i raised, i would say its borderline unplayable if you are an explorer like myself.

Every update FD breaks somthing that was not a problem before, its a running joke in the community
I use a PC, but if the XBOX version has an FX Quality setting in the graphics options, maybe try disabling that.

I've just played for over an hour and scanned well over 20 systems, with no issues after disabling FX Quality, having experienced the problem yesterday. I might just have got lucky, but maybe it's worth a try.

Edit: This does not fix the problem. It would appear that i had just got lucky with the systems i was scanning.
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So glad I'm not the only one having this issue. Can we PLEASE go back to the old system!????? I know why it's called what are you doing now...
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Yes I have stopped playing ED for now as the FSS 'slips sideways' when you try to use the zoom.
It's getting to be a real pain inthe neck, such a great game marred by daft bugs!
Also, dose anyone find the positioning of the info within the scanner really really STUPID !, as when bodies are scanned you lose the information you are trying to read.
This has become very frustrating. But I am glad that I'm not the only this is happening to. Is there some type of fix in the near future?? I am truly in the middle of no where and Don't like the thought of losing all the system data that I have collected.
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