General wants in Odyssey, basic FPS STUFF without the FLUFF.

Also we propably only get an exciting announcement teaser for an exiting announcement. Later that year (december).
Nah, we'll get a detailed description of how they implemented footprints, with discussion of the various custom tread patterns you can buy with ARX.

What it WON'T do is answer any questions about gameplay or 'tenuous' atmospheres or any of the other things that people actually want to know.
I think we should aim lower people, I want:

1. To be able to play the game I have now
2. If the update works and I can play that, bonus, but please dont let it stop me playing the game I currently have.
3. To be able to walk along the ground, not hover or moon walk or have rolling scenery.
4. To go upstairs without my foot passing through the stair.
5. To not glitch into a wall, floor, nothing (Guardian sites especially)
6. A light on the turret of the SRV, its crazy at night I look through the turret and no light if Im not looking forwards. Those ones the US police have on their cars should be fine
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