Halloween Two Sentence Horror Competition

"I understand, it is incredibly important you believe me"
"turn around"
on behalf of HAL 9000 awards sold and to be given to charity of FD choice
well it is a space odyssey after all...…….
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I married a Thargoid woman so we were expecting a child. I asked her to show me where the baby was, so she proudly took me to Spire City and pointed to a Protruding Sac.
Why not create your own thread for general prose and poetry, instead of filling the thread for two sentence horror stories with long screeds?
Legend has it that if you say 'Powerplay' 'Powerplay' 'Powerplay' in a mirror, a certain commander will leap out and talk you to death.

Its why no ship has a mirror, lest the beast is made flesh.
I pondered the promises of fame, fortune, and freedom for hunting down those blasted Thargoids as I listened to the hiss of oxygen supply leaving my cracked canopy. Now I sit staring hypnotically into the dark void waiting for the endless black to take me.
It’s just space madness, she told herself, just too long searching for answers, there isn’t someone behind me asking questions with a pen stuck in my back, but she found herself answering the unseen questioner anyway with a negative and as she did the pressure on her back became agonising as what was there ripped through her and out of her chest.

Staring down at the bloody corpse the killer flicked the blood from his weapon and said to himself one of these writers is going to know where I can find Paul Crowther and I will have my revenge then with a gentle clopping noise Phil the Unicorn continued his madero us quest.
Now I know it’s closed(and I was not intending to run for a prize anyway - curved monitors are for others to enjoy), but…

I stood alone on a frozen moon, in the cold, distant reaches of a solar system, ready to cut into the power center.

Then I felt a sting in the back of my head, as though a presence were there, where previously there was none - and upon turning around, I faced the Banshee, bathing me in its green light.

(Because I thought it’s fun. And a light nod to my RP, as well as recent occupations post-update. How did the Banshee get there without getting noticed? You be the judge … I might also not be that good at two sentence stories.)
That odd clicking sound was getting louder as I completed my jump, something must have come loose when I left the spire site under fire. As I stood from my chair to investigate, the last thing I saw were those mandibles; the last the universe heard of me was my scream.

( I might also not be that good at two sentence stories.)
Good at screenshots tho, congrats on the win yesterday.
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