Halloween Two Sentence Horror Competition

Nearly a month out into the black and without a single outpost to be found within tens of thousands of light years in any direction, he reflected serenely on the journey thus far and the wealth of exobiological data stored in the systems of his Artemis suit as he tossed the remote camera drone towards the Scarab parked nearby, hoping it would manage to capture the first of many brilliant images detailing his voyage.

It was only then, in those brief moments as the heat of the nearby magma vent began to crescendo across his suit and then irradiate through it and into his skin, suffusing him with a comforting warmth that quickly turned anguished and then excruciating due to the lava that had begun to spew forth onto his body with horrific alacrity, that he finally realized he had made a most egregious, costly, and terminally novice mistake.
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After his third hit of Onionhead, the Commander was struck with the epiphany that disabling the Friendship Drive module on his ship was equivalent to unfriending it, and then proceeded to have a panic attack. Friendship Drive discharging.
As I cautiously approached what appeared to be a crashed Thargoid Sensor Probe on a dimly lit Planet orbitting a Gas Giant with Ammonia Based Life Forms, an eerie green fog started rolling in & distant squealing sounds could be heard, making me turn & hastily retreat back to my Ship.

As I ran in the direction where my Krait MkII was left, the sounds got louder as the fog got denser & denser "where's my Ship?...where's my Ship?...WHERE'S MY SHIP?....."
A s-c ally wag if ever I saw one

but incredibly moreish bounty all the same❤️ ;)
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Sierra sierra lima, you have been cleared for landing pad 07, welcome to mars high commander.

f̶̳̠̯̀͊̂̐r̷̞̟̟̻̬͋͗̎́̿̈̏a̷̛̖͆̌̒m̸̡͓̤͌̿̿̍ê̴͔̜͎̱̯̗̪ ̴̨̛̘̇̏͆̊͝s̸̛̲̖͙͎̚ͅh̷̪̓̃̃̓̐͝i̶͎̇f̸͉̫̝͈͚̀̐t̴͙̣͋̑́͠ ̷̰̩̩͈̦͓͉̈ä̷̢͖̖̹̲̈́̔n̷̪̰̫͋̋̌̾͝o̷͓̱̐̿̉̍̈́̂̚m̸̨̟̈́̒̇à̵̙̈́̔ļ̸̢̩͊̀̚͝y̵̤̍̄̉̎͊̈́͂ ̴̛̖̻̔͂̊d̷̲́̃̾̃͠e̸͖̾͊̕t̴̺͗͐͌̏̏͑e̵͕̭̠̤͖̼̍̄c̶̢̤͎̠̍̍̐̈́͝t̸̘̖̣̏̑͒͗̐͠e̸̪̟̙̎̒͌͝ḑ̴̬̣̊̅̔͛͘


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(Sorry not a native speaker! Also, no AI used here :) )

The large hill was bathed in complete and utter darkness, with only the faint yellowish glow at the top, that was becoming more and more pronounced as I approached the summit in my Scarab, fear and Thargoid horror stories filling my head, clouding my view (or was it the green-yellow fumes beginning to entangle me and my vehicle in a shroud of terror?).

I closed my eyes a split second before reaching the top and - as a single drop of the coldest sweat rolled down my spine - I took a short moment to calm myself, but I already knew it was too late when a terrifying Thargoid roar reached my ears and caused me to immediately open my eyes again only to look into the dark abyss of a Hydra's cockpit, where, being only a slight silhouette on the very edge of visibility I saw IT - the insect pilot, ready to consume my pitiful existence and the whole human civilisation along the way.
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I landed on a mysterious, foggy planet, fully immersed as I looked around with my VR headset.
As I disembarked, I was thrown into a horrific 2D world, surrounded by terrifying gray walls.... No atmosphere yet a scream could be heard off at a distance: "Noooo!!!!"
:ROFLMAO: a small amount of wee leaked.
As he made his way through the dark narrow canyon the bio hunter gloated inside as the audio synthesis of the unknown species grew louder but remained unrecognised, a new genus I am going to be famous and rich when I get this back to Vista, I wonder how no one found it before.

Then in the dark as the sound grew into a roar he realised why, and as he tried to switch the sampler for a weapon any weapon his last thoughts were of course no survivors.

The crew of missing Anaconda discovered a planet that looked like Earth. As they landed, they saw their own dead bodies waiting for them

-Short story heard from a faceless man in Hell Port in Seagull Nebula, some say he is the only survivor.
I awoke to the sound of roar outside my canopy. I had hoped to disembark, so as to discover the source of this malady, only to find all fading to blackness and an error message.
I can hear it calling in my helmet, it's screech penetrating the hull from the outer darkness.
The sound of my suit atmo hissing away in unison, creating the music to carry me to the black.
The acavenger rounded the corner of the HAB, Aphelion at a casual angle, shield deactivated, their shoulder lamp casting a cone of light in the darkness.

From atop the PWR building, the assassin took aim and fired, watching the plasma bolt tear across the complex and into the mark, seeing them crumple; the kids would not go hungry tonight.
Twas Halloween night and all through the ship, not a rat was a stirring or even a Kit. Out on the surface in the fog, oh so green, a Thargoid was stalking towards my lone ship……
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