Have mining prices been adjusted just now?

I'm noticing that the Painite price has gone to 383K in all the station showed in third party apps. I have gone to an station which bought painite this mornging at 980K and now the price is at 383K. Only fleet carriers remain with standard prices (700K+). I thought that the update of mining was planned to early next week.

It is just me or all of you are noticing the same? o7
How many tons were you selling? and where? I didn't hit my goal of 100 tons (ran out of limpets first), but I just sold 71 tons for 958k a ton at Kremata-Gardner Horizons. You must have had too many tons and ran into the bulk rule. I mine in a medium ship so I don't run into that particular issue usually. I think the rule is no more than 25% of the stations demand for full price in one sale. So if the station demand is 1000 tons, and you show up and sell 250 tons, you should get full price. If you show up with 500 tons, you will not get full price.

I am going for a second run before the fun NERF, I really do not like mining so I try to only go laser mining once a week. I only have 2-4 hours a week to play. But the only way to have fun, whether it be exploring or trying out new ship builds is to spend money to keep upgrading my ships... Thanks for nothing FDev!

I really wish Hawkes and Exigeous had not done their youtube videos, I really doubt FDev will do anything but Nerf the $$$ and therefore the fun yet again. And since I only mine for 100mil or so per week (or roughly 1.0 - 1.5 hrs per week) now I will need to spend 3x-4x time mining to get the same $$$, thanks for nothing FDev! Trust us they say, we will Nerf first, and we'll buff later, yeah right. I doubt FDev will ever get around to buffing anything. And as long as all the content creators (Fdev pets) have their 10-20 billion in the bank, and their Fleet carriers to take over the CG's, FDev and the content creators could care less. I just started playing recently and I am really unhappy at this whole thing. FDev Elite apparently hate us new players.

Questions for you FDev:
-Just how many hours per week do you think you average player can play your game?
-How many hours per week do you want them focusing on grindy bullcrap to just be able to afford fun things to do?
-Do you want your average player to realize they have ZERO chance to ever afford a Fleet Carrier?
-The income limits you appear to be setting now and the price for everything (time to get $$$, ship prices, FC price and upkeep, etc) in your game is way out of whack, have you thought about that?

I might end up trying NMS, or god forbid SC, math is hard for FDev and they think we all spend 40hrs a week mining.
Just one Commanders opinion, MINE.
o7 to everyone but Fdev!
I'll see you out in the black
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