How Effective is Silent Running in 3.3?

I enjoy cold builds a lot and have run dbs/x, fas, chief, courier, vulture builds extensively.
It makes a nice change of pace and tactics from shield heavy attrition fights.
It's an extremely compromised build though so takes some major adjustments in your approach to make it work.
Basically it's a level of self imposed vulnerability but so many players struggle to combat it effectively it's still so much fun when you get it right.
Look at the amount of whining about tlb and you'll soon see how unprepared the average guy is for non assisted targeting fights.

The objective of cold build strategy is to sustain lock break and deny targeting leads.
The colder your base build the longer you can maintain silent running.
Currently I'm in a fas that runs at about 10% which equates to apx 300m scan distance for A rated.

Or at least I would be if I could actually get home to play.
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Related, but slightly different, it also appears that SR or running cold (heatsinks, thermal vent) no longer breaks an NPC's target lock on our ships. Can anyone confirm?
The opposite. I've hung around stations with illegal cargo for quite a while post 3.3, just toggling SR and strafing around to avoid the nosy cop scans. Likewise heatsinks still break scans, although they then simply try to close range to < 500m.
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