How to listen to radio stations from the rift?

The question is as simple as that. I've finally got tired of the music (or lack of) so I wanted to listen to Radio Sidewinder and found out that while I was able to hear it in the "oculus room", it was shut off once I started Elite.

Can anyone help me with the solution?
Presumably you don't want to just listen to it via your minimised web-browser?

If you don't and must have the web browser in game:
  1. Activate Oculus Dash by clicking the oculus button on the Touch controllers.
  2. Click on virtual desktop on the long panel in front of you.
  3. 'Pull out' the Browser's window with RadioSidewinder and place it somewhere in game where it won't obscure your view (I tend to have it above and in the middle of the coms and info panels.) Click on the 'pin' button.
  4. Get back in game with the oculus button on the Touch controller


I do the same for YouTube
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