Hutton's Dusty Bento Balls Convoy - 8th June

We now have a few wings from different player groups signed up to join in with the convoy. Click on the links above now to register yours and tell us about what they will be doing. It is looking like it will be a typical Hutton event with lots of silliness and shenanigans. There will be pirates chasing us and prizes as well. Now is the time to sign up.
We are delivering to a station in Geawen. There will be lots more info released over the coming weeks. Glad you can make it
Its time to sign up to the convoy and get those wings organised.

To give us an idea of how many will be coming please fil in the convoy registration form below

If you are going in a wing can you also let us know by filling in the wing registration form as well here.

Dusty Bento Balls Convoy Wing Sign Up Form
This form is for you to sign your wing up for the Convoy , each member of the wing must be signed up for the convoy using the Hutton Dusty Bento Balls Convoy Sign up form
Sign-ups going well...

So - how does this work?

Well - all commanders arrive at the start point (yes, that's under the relative safety of the station guns at Bento), all loaded up with Bento Balls! Load up will be on the evenings of the few days beforehand. You'll need wingmates to load you up to the gills with these things.

Wing leaders will be given the route in advance (as long as you're not dastardly pirates) - to give you time to plan your scoops etc.

THEN - the Hutton teamspeak channel will be ready for you all. The main broadcast channel will be streamed live along with the main convoy leaders - wingleaders can be in there, and there are rooms for their team-mates who can listen in to what's what in that channel.

At the countdown, we all jump! On arrival, we check for incoming pirates, defend against them if necessary, scoop and then count down the 3 mins until the next jump. We'll call out the destination and then count down the jump, then we head to the next destination.

There will be combat wings ready to defend against pirates, who will be trained in the ancient art of "keeping the enemy busy by running interference with interdictors" and "engaging ships that attack".

Then, after the full set of jumps, we offload at the far end - you'll need to log both your pickup AND your dropoff to qualify to be in the running for any prizes.
Any wings that successfully drop off the balls will be in the running
We'll also run a "sportsmanship" prize for the most truckerly pilot who behaves in a way most excellent
We're also running a prize for any honourable pirates inbound - those who are able to rob without causing destruction, those who steal the bento balls (we'll need proof of the theft AND the selling at a chosen black market). Points will be deducted for any destroyed cargo ship.

3 mins sounds like a LONG time, but in reality, it passes very quickly.

So - you'll need to have a ship capable of a jump of between 15 and 16ly, some cargo space, a fuel scoop (or you can risk it and get someone to refuel you) and of course all the armaments you need to defend your cargo!
But in essence - load up and run the gauntlet. Don't bring anything you can't afford to lose. If you're a combat pilot, we need people to defend any trucks and stave off any incoming pirates!
The Hull seals would love the opportunity to provide repairs as needed. Several are also Fuel Rats as well so could give extra support at the refuel stop.

How can we participate in this manner?
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