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Ooooh! Jam tomorrow! … Again! :)

However, the fleet carriers specifically were prioritized and unfortunately won't be making it into the Chapter Four update. they may well come in the future and that doesn't mean that they will be paid for content
I note the use of the word 'may' there... ;)
Ireally hope that carriers doesn't become the new "paid content" Frontier don't go full CIG you never go full CIG. and another thing the Q4 update was the large one because of the carriers and new graphics; so this means that is not going to be a big update anymore?? there is a lot of apologetic and nostalgia use in this announcement which is never a good thing.... im ready to be desapointed. [knocked out]
Honestly? It's a little early at this time to say where fleet carriers will fit in terms of schedules. The team are very keen to bring them in which is why it was on the plan initially. But at this moment other areas of work were prioritized in order to make the for a better update and content for the community as a whole. We'll obviously share all the details as soon as we have more news but the next things we'll be talking about will be the content in Beyond - Chapter Four.
Chapter 4 wont be content complete for 4 more months.

So you don't know if Fleet Carriers are still free or not, but you do know that you can't comment on them for at least another 4 months?

NOT a rhetorical question, looking for honestly clarity here.

Cause that would infer that Fleet Carriers and Squadrons are at LEAST 8 months off at this point.
Thanks for the update, appreciated. Losing anything is disappointing but exploration & mining updates look like making this a great Chapter 4 regardless & sometimes priorities dictate that a feature needs to be delayed.

CMDR Justinian Octavius
Curious you have more and less said the next large expansion is some time after Beyond but will there be incremental updates/content added after beyond but before the next large expansion?
The unnamed era sounds interesting. If squadron carriers (speculation rising) cannot be introduced in chapter 4, I suspect its down to how the game works (P2P) and how such connectivity is too "fragile" across the player base for it to be a viable. Therefore (rumour control at full volume here) we may be looking at a complete new approach to multi-player provision and a move away from P2P and into the realms of "other games" methods of delivery.

No ! No monthly subscription

On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the chance of me resurrecting my love life and 10 being a guaranteed "meh, maybe some time in the 22nd century", what are the chances PowerPlay will be getting some love?
Dude, you should start a post like this with a disclaimer that no, you are not leaving the company. This totally sounds like the introduction to one of those lengthy community manager goodbye posts. :D
That said, my personal hope and speculation is space legs. The one thing that No Man's Sky showed me, is that going on foot, close-up and personal, just has a visceral feeling that you don't get from driving a buggy.
Thanks Zac, REALLY appreciate the communication. You'll forgive me if what I initially take from that is ..

"This means that some elements of content such as Ice Planets (which many of you will have seen some fantastic progress updates from LaveCon earlier this year) and Fleet Carriers for squadrons will not be coming as part of the Beyond – Chapter Four update."

.. and no premium "paid" content coming this year either. Gutted. Sorry but there it is.
Well, it is what it is. Better delay and deliver whole new shiny package.
I'm OK with the changes to the schedule, big plans, lot to do, can't make it on time, etc.
But that brings to a question:

If the "large" team of 100 can't deliver, why not hire more people? FD can handle it, judging by the financial status of the company so why isn't a team of 200 people working on the game? My biggest complain is the slow speed of development.

BTW, I'm not an expert on the matter.
I am a littl disappointed that fleet carriers won’t be in chapter 4, but if that means they’ll be more in depth than they were planned I’m okay with waiting a little longe for them. Any details on what the visual upgrade means? I don’t follow what is meant by ice planets, I’ve landed on a number of ice planets before, unless they mean the larger ice bodies that typically accompany Brown Dwarf Stars etc. Exploration is my main occupation in Elite so I’m happy that they’re working on more for that (although I’ll grind that last 40% of pioneer to get to Elite just in case the exploration expansion comes with a Nerf :p). Do we have any idea what chapter 4 is besides the visual upgrade and Codex?

Zac Antonaci

Head of Communications
This sounds like "we're taking out content from Beyond ch.4 and putting it in a future, paid update".

Man, this is disappointing.
Just to clarify that's absolutely not what's being said, or being done.

The future content that has started in production is a whole new era/chapter/milestone in Elite. Much like Horizons was and like Beyond was/is. Please rest assured that this post is not suggesting that we are taking content and moving it to paid for content later. Hope that helps.
Thanks Wolvie, I hope you enjoy the next leg of the journey. :)
I hope your teams prepared to handle the amount of flak you and the rest of Fdev are probably going to get with the announcement of no Fleet Carriers in Q4. :p

Im okay with Carriers not being Q4 if it means theyll be better when they are added though.
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