Improving the Crime and Punishment system

I believe that a lot of the attendant frustration with the new Crime and Punishment system arises because of the oversensitive nature of the system. This creates a situation where the system, while having some impact on PvP, has a large unintended and frustrating impact on innocent activities and minor infractions.

The following changes in my opinion would go a long way towards improving the immediate situation of the Crime and Punishment system:-
1. Allow the repayment of minor fines and bounties below a certain threshold on the spot.
2. Authority ships shouldn't respond to the players with violence unless their accumulated bounties cross the threshold prescribed for spot repayment.
3. Allow for the forgiving of PvP bounties by the victim to make the system more responsive to accidents.
4. Limit the applicability of notoriety to a restricted number of situations; notoriety shouldn't accrue for PvE actions.
5. Make the accrual of bounties less sensitive; there are far too many situations where players gain murder bounties for minor weapon discharges and gain the bounty when the NPC ships are subsequently destroyed by someone else.
6. Limit the system of repaying part of the victim's rebuy to PvP bounties; remove it completely for PvE (especially in light of the oversensitive nature and the inappropriate application of murder bounties).
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