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Beta Game Patch - ( Saturday, 25 May 2019 )

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

This patch mostly focuses on two things: some new flight model experimental refinements and the first iteration of the textured bomber. As usual it also includes a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.

  • Turbo boost minimum energy requirements increased from 5% to 25%: a slight nerf to players abusing micro boosts with their energy depleted. It is still possible to chain micro boosts, but only with enough energy
  • Shield damage model is now probabilistic instead of splitting damage between shield and armor points. In the previous versions, upon getting hit by a physical projectile, a part of the damage was absorbed by the shield and the remainer was passing through and damaging the armor points.
    In the new model, the shield acts as a probability to determine whether all the damage gets absorbed by the shields, or if the projectile passes through the shield and hits the hull. This will be improtant in terms of visual effects later on when shields will no longer match the hull’s shape
  • Added the ability to spawn at neutral stations. Neutral stations are invulnerable. Added one neutral station around Rethe Prime (the gas giant). Players in different teams that want to train / dogfight can do it here. The AI will not generate a battle around this area
  • The bomber’s missile launchers are now slightly sloped upwards
Flight Model
  • Fix for rotation assist mode off which wasn’t providing 100% of thrust capabilities
  • Target speed / throttle can no longer exceed speed cap
  • Increased forward/backward linear thrust on most ships. Interceptor went from 3.6g to 4.0g. The main difference is on capital ships, that can now fly a lot faster. For example the carrier went from 1.2g to 2.0g.
  • Added a launcher dialog option (default: on) to enforce the soft speed cap with flight assist mode. It is no longer possible to exceed the speed cap via manual thrusting, unless turbo boosting (in which case the speed cap can be exceeded as long as energy remains)
  • Added a side boost anti-drifting system. It increases side propulsion temporarily in order to let the ship change its course faster. The boost is stronger as speed increases and approaches the speed cap. This change should make the dofights more dynamic and make capital ships
    far more maneuverable. It also helps with dodging or manually orbiting targets.
Fixes and Improvements
  • Asteroid ring fixes / tweaks: rings can now be tilted compared to the sun angle, so it won’t shadow-flicker with itself
  • Fixed an issue which caused dust particles to not appear in certain ring locations (the asteroids were correctly appearing but the dusty particles were missing)
  • Fixed a client crash when switching control schemes in spawn mode
  • Trade routes no longer show up when the source or destination have been destroyed
  • Main propulsion sound is no longer played on other ships when they’re powered off
  • Weapons will no longer lock when safety lock is toggle off but the target stays within lock range
HUD / Input
  • Improved highlighting of shield / armor / energy bars when their values are depleting. The bars should be flashing and become brighter to warn the user that their values are decreasing
  • Added an internal “no-cockpit” camera mode to small ships. You can toggle it by pressing F1 (will switch from cockpit to internal view and vice-versa)
  • Trade routes are no longer showing when HUD is disabled
  • Fix for saving an incorrect input profile version when editing the input profile. This bug was introduced in the last patch and could have caused some key conflicts and/or some keys being set back to their default values. The input profile config files should now upgrade correctly
  • Added griefing message when destroying minor infrastructure
  • Added a locking icon (circles with a dot in the middle) to represent the launch direction of missile / torpedoes. It’ll switch to red when the weapon is locked
Graphics / Optimizations
  • Added the textured bomber
  • Recording screenshots (F11) is now written to disk asynchronously and will no longer freeze the game for a few seconds
  • It is now possible to record screenshots at a higher resolution than the screen’s (see the Screenshot section in ClientConfig.xml). Note: HUD might not render correctly if using a different resolution than the screen’s
  • Made space background darker and increased stars brightness. The amount of visible stars in sunlight should’ve increased tenfolds. The idea here is to get away from mostly-black backgrounds, while keeping a realistic look
  • Reduced intensity of small ship’s floodlights
  • Tweaked min/max distance to sun of Battlescape generator. The sun in particular should no longer be too close to the Battlescape
  • Battlescapes are now titled compared to sun angle
  • Added minimum client requirement check to game server: there was a check on the network version, but not on the client itself. This means some players could’ve logged on a server with an upgraded version and get no warning. The game could go on but feel desynced, or using different gameplay parameters…
  • Enabled minidumps (crash reports) on the client. If you get a crash, the game should now generate a .dmp file along the log files. Make sure you send both the .dmp and the usual log file if you get a crash, thank you.


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Weekly Update #139: Bomber, UI, Next patch

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

Steam store page

Hey everybody. It’s been a while since the last weekly update, as we’ve been pretty busy on a certain number of topics. First thing first, we are slowly preparing for our Steam launch in Early access. We’ve set up a store page, which you can see here:

You’ll notice a bunch of new screenshots on it, however the trailer video is still the Kickstarter’s. We’re not ready to produce a gameplay trailer just yet as we need to finish texturing all the ships and replace some of the placeholders before we can do that. We’ve planned to work on the first visual polish phase next month and work on the trailer will start around July. In parallel, we’ll keep iterating on the gameplay and content.

Needless to say, now that we have a store page, even if it’s rough around the edges… it’s time to gather WISHLISTS;) As you may know ( or not ) Steam’s visibility algorithms on release are mostly based on the amount of wishlists, therefore it is of utter importance to our success to get as many wishlists as possible.

We have ~4 months until the Early access is launched, so from now on, we’d like to ask everybody who references us on websites, content creators, youtube / twitch streamers etc… to add a link to the Steam store page along with a small typical “Wishlist Infinity: Battlescape on Steam” message if you can. If you already have a direct link to our website, you can keep both of course. On a side note, since we now have a Steam store page we decided to stop our IndieGoGo on-going campaign so it shouldn’t be referenced anymore either. Thank you for your support !

Hey everybody, time for another update. Before I jump in to development news, I’m happy to announce that we’ll be collaborating with Markus Zierhofer to produce Infinity: Battlescape’s soundtrack. Markus is incredibly talented and the quality of his work so far gives us full confidence that he’ll be able to nail down the musical style for Battlescape. You can listen to some of his work on his website:

Markus has already completed the main menu theme, and I can safely say that the entire team is in love with it. In the coming month or two he’ll be producing a couple of ambient soundtracks, anticipation / thrill and finally battle tracks. We’re in the middle of figuring out how to seamlessly blend all these tracks together based on the game’s context dynamically.

We haven’t determined yet if we’ll patch the tracks into the game one by one as they’re produced or if we’ll wait a major patch in July / August to make them all available at once. More news on that in the coming weeks.

In other development news, Kristian has finished texturing the bomber. The bomber textures that were available in the backer’s beta patch were still a work in progress, so now Kristian has been able to finalize them - especially everything related to rusty edges, roughness and small scale details. Here’s a screenshot of the updated bomber:

On the UI side, most widgets have been completed and are now functional. The UI code is getting integrated into the game and we’re now ready to build the new star map or ship selection / upgrade screens. The goal is to have a first version available in the next patch, next week. It’ll look pretty ugly at first, as we’re spending no time on “making it look good” - functional is the keyword here. The first version will be very simple and will definitely be lacking, but in the next few months we’ll continue to iterate on it until it’s ready for Early access.

Speaking of the next patch, we’ll probably be reverting the flight model experimental anti-drifting system introduced in the last patch. We didn’t feel comfortable releasing the game without at least testing it once. It’s possible that we’ll keep it in a reduced form as an equipment, for capital ships only. Another change that we’re thinking of introducing is aligning warp-out velocity to a target ( within bounds ) when a player disengages the warp drive. This should make it easier to catch up with a fleeing ship, which at the moment can be a frustrating experience.

That’s it for now, more news next week for the new patch, and (hopefully) the first pics of the star map !



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I-Novae Community Event

Saturday, June 15th 2019

Event Time…

19:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

World time Buddy for this Event :

You’ll need access to the Beta to participate in this Community Event. See all the FAQ for the Beta Here

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Beta Game Patch - ( Saturday, 15 June 2019 )

Originally posted by I-NovaeFlavien CTO/President & Cofounder - source link

This patch focuses on two things: first of all, reverting the flight model anti-drifting change introduced experimentally last patch. Secondly, the new menu interface system. The menu system might have introduced a lot of new issues and bugs, please report them as usual on the forums or on Discord, thank you. Please note that the menu system isn’t working with gamepads / joysticks just yet, so if you’re using of of those you might encounted a lot of issues and might have to revert back to keyboard & mouse until proper joystick support is added in a future patch.

Menu system
  • A main menu was added to exit the game to windows or open the help screen. Later on it’ll allow to change graphical/audio/gameplay options or rebind controls. This menu can be opened via escape.
  • Added placeholder for star map. It is currently empty
  • Added ship selection menu. It replaces most of the functionality that was previously available in the escape menu. It allows you to cycle through ships, see their credits cost, and has buttons to select the ship type for the next respawn. Once the menu system is more advanced, this menu will be split in two. The ship selection/upgrades will be available when you’re spawning only. In-game, this menu will get replaced by a similar screen, showing the status of the ships systems, weapons, and allow on-the-fly weapons management/reconfiguration
  • Added team stats menu. At the moment it only shows the list of player names on both teams. Global team stats as well as more player data (ranks, death/kills etc… ) will be added later on
  • Finally, the mission menu is currently empty
  • All these menus can be selected through a tab system, which can be opened with the tab key (default, previously assigned to leaderboard)
  • The new menu system uses a brand new, vectorial rendering system which should allow for a higher quality, especially for text and icons (which are now vectorial too). It supports multisampled anti-aliasing (x1, x2, x4 and x8 based on the graphics quality setting)
Flight Model
  • Rotational speed limitation based on speed has been removed for all ships (except in warp)
  • The anti-drifting system was removed for small ships (interceptor, bomber and corvette). It remains active on capital ships as an equipment
  • Small ships were given back their original side propulsion. Capital ships still retain some of their improved cap speed thanks to the anti-drifting system, allowing them to change course more easily
Bug fixes and improvements
  • Fixed a deadlock (freeze) related to the mouse cursor
  • splash screen rendering (when the game is loading) has been decoupled from the main/loading thread

Download the patch from the Infinity: Battlescape website:


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