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This is perhaps more a kickstarter-specific question rather than one about the RPG.
I've made my pledge and am very much looking forward to the game, but I was wondering: how do Spidermind know where to send the pledge-contents when completed ?
I ask because:
a) I'm a bit thick
b) I can't seem to find any reference to my geographical address anywhere in my Kickstarter profile (& the site-FAQs haven't helped so far)
iii) Thargoids
Thanks CMDRs,
Good luck to Mr. Hulme and the Spidermind team, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful thing.
P.S. the only other time I've ever used Kickstarter was to fund a little game called "Elite Dangerous" (you may have heard of it) - and my pledge then required no need for a geographical address, it was all electronic.
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Do you anticipate non-human adversaries in the game or will players spend most of their time shooting enemy pilots and guards?
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Will there be plastic models of the in game hardware, ie space stations, ships, etc.
Will there be limited edition pewter versions?
edit1: (had to delete trolling here.. ow - there will be RNG in the RPG ofc ; )

I was into pen and paper role-playing 10 years ago. Sadly this is coming to late for me. But I hope it will be great and many people will enjoy the fun of old-school pen and paper RPG!



* Will there be new Elite lore in the main rule set and will this be syncronized with the official Elite canon of the video-game or will the RPG Elite universe be serparate from the video games one?
* Will the RPG have a unique background plot and will there be releases of adventure and background books for this plot, if any?
* Will there be extensive and detailed combat rules or will it be more story-telling style?
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I'm a backer and I'm really looking forward to getting my teeth into the game and the character creation for that matter.
Question 1
The first stretch goal is art boosted, not something I'm massively bothered about, especially as there is no base level to compare it too. Shouldn't the GM screen be first? Something that is tangible and of real benefit to DM's. Hopefully the screen will be passed anyway.
Question 2
Unless there is a massive rush some of the stretch goals will not be reached. Are there plans to produce these for sale anyway? I'm particularly keen on the ship counters but some of the resource books would come in handy too.
Will I be able to purchase from the FD retail page? If not where can I purchase future content?
It's a D10 system with 'bonus'

I.E. you have a "Foo" stat value of 45, your bonus would be 4. Roll a D10 add 4 and that becomes your value...

Sounds good. Cant abide clunky systems with levels. I'm i. Take some money EDRPG :D



- Will there be 25mm lead figures of characters and relatively scaled ship modles?

-How will 3d combatbe handled? Minds eye or ships on sticks?
Would you consider starting a forum with gaming tools to support remote playing?
Would be great to play with other Elite gamers around the world.


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will there be teabaggers in there?

and will the SRV have correct stats (no fixed multis please, call it something else)
Do words spontaneously appear as you are reading?

Will a internet connection be required?
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