Interview with ED:RPG Creators - Post your Questions Here

I ask these questions as an avid tabletop RPG player and GM.

Broad questions
1. Have you created any other tabletop games before creating EDRPG and if so what games?
2. Can we expect to see different sides of the Elite universe from on-foot such as social structures and tech that we couldn't see from the computer game and will that be canon?

RPG questions
3. What other tabletop RPGs do you draw inspiration from when creating EDRPG?
4. Does EDRPG cater to any special kind of playing style? As in, is it more fiction driven such as Dungeon World or more mechanical driven such as GURPS? I think both games are great games with their own strengths but what can we expect from EDRPG?

EDRPG mechanical questions
5. I am impressed from what I have seen from the ship, vehicle and infantry combat rules in the released "The Worst Intentions" as they seem both simple and in-depth which I like, but I am worried about non-combat rules. Will there be any simple and in-depth rule systems for non-combat activities such as hacking, bartering and building other than the old "make a difficulty 9 Hack roll to access everything"?
6. How will the game keep track of Systems, the stellar bodies in them, possible space stations as well as the factions in them?
Will you as a GM use the excellent external sites which supports the video game such as Inara?
Will module's be produced which reference such sites?
I'm thinking long term with these next questions. How will you cater for the multi-billionaire commanders down the line? Player's get attached to characters so will there be source books to support a Lando style character owning planetary bases ect?
Thanks Obsidian Ant, great interview. The team gave full answers to satisfy all levels of curiosity. Really looking forward to the product coming out now :)
Thanks Ant for asking my question, i misunderstood the sense of this interview but your Video was very intressting and gave me alot infos about this project.
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