News Introducing new Community Manager, Will!

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Will Flanagan

Product Manager
Hello Will, do you know de way?

Nope, can you show me de wey?

Frontier has hired a filthy weeaboo?


Ahh Monsieur Willie! Ca va?

Ça va mec, et toi ?

Which game(s) are you going to be working on?

I'll be working across all of them... so Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Jurassic World™ Evolution (like you needed me to tell you the names!)

Welcome aboard. Favorite ship in Elite?

Right now, it's the Asp Explorer primarily because of the jump range I have with my engineered FSD. Buuuut, I have credits to boot so I'm looking to upgrade very soon. Thoughts on an Anaconda?

I'd say a short one. Average rescue times are around 5-10 minutes last I checked..

Unless of course you are ~65,000Ly from sol and 11Ly from the entry star, in that case the longest Anime you can find as there's probably just over a hundred hours or so to kill :)

Seems like Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is a suitable choice then (especially when you're alone in space).

This llama has been all over the place today. Today it's my birthday too. Is this a birthday karma llama?

I'm your birthday gift. Lucky you. Happy (belated) birthday!

'Will' :D we get some new information about Q1 from your side?

I see what you did there...

I will deliver Q1 news but have none to share right this second! ;)
Welcome to the Thunderdome!

Now the real questions:

Coffee or tea?

What Powerplay leader?

How many utility points on the Krait? 0-4, 4-6? Subtle timed coughing to indicate the answer will suffice if Sandro is watching.
Welcome Will,

I like your choice of ship. Very pragmatic one, like it.

I think it always a good thing when the community manager is actually well .... playing the game !!! ^^

(You can use some french also ?! :p yeah good to know)

I can't wait more longer for the Q1 contents PLEASE !
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