Items that guests can buy

Love the Gulpee hat, LOVE the Coaster King balloon even more! +1 to both [big grin]

+1 to the idea about glow in the dark gifts as well, would make nighttime look awesome!


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I couldn't find this in the sub folders and a million apologies if I have missed it.

A while ago I brought one of them dinosaur masks and think turning this into something guests can buy would be amazing, plus we already have our fantastic game mascot!
I love this idea! Each theme could have it's own hat like cow boy hats for western and witches hats for fairytale? Themed drinks/food would be amazing as well all of the generic ones of course.
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I wanna see guests with Gulpee masks and Gulpee drinks, with Gulpee t-shirts... taking a selfie with Gulpee! [haha]
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