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A lost world rediscovered!

On the islands of Isla Matanceros and Isla Nublar, guests are flocking to see the newest, state of the art zoological facilities on the archipelego of Las Cinco Muertes!


But these fine folks are sure to be in for a surprise, when they see that no lions, elephants, or tigers live on these islands!


No, unlike your average zoo, these islands are home to bonafide, 100% real dinosaurs!

These Iguanodon and Struthiomimus are among the first dinosaurs visitors of Isla Matanceros will see!

So is this Edmontosaurus!


And the island's eagle-eyed visitors will be sure to look out for the newest attraction at the Matanceros facility, this Proceratosaurus and her family, located next to the entrance of the park!


Yes sir, dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes can be found on Isla Matanceros and Isla Nublar, and with the newly designed Gyrosphere attractions at both facilities, guests can get closer to these magnificent creatures than ever before!


I bet these visitors never thought they would be able to get so close to this Triceratops, as she enjoys a cool drink from a nearby pond!


Or these gigantic Dreadnoughtus, a sauropod from South America!


But what's more, the islands are home to a few of the largest predators to have ever lived! Be warned, we were granted special permission to photograph these beasts with our very own Gyrosphere, and guests will only be able to see them via the specially designed large viewing galleries in each exhibit!

These Carcharodontosaurus seem to be enjoying themselves!


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But what else may these visitors find on the Islands? What would you have to say if I told you about the islands' five-starred retail and restaurants, located beside each of the major attractions at both Isla Nublar or Isla Matanceros?


Or the islands' transportation system, this state-of-the-art Monorail?


Or this five-starred hotel?


Of course you would say, "I've already bought my ticket to Isla Nublar and Isla Matanceros. But what else can I expect to see on my visit?" And I would tell you, on Isla Nublar you would see a wide variety of dinosaurs, even moreso than its sister facility. You could even see them from your own hotel room!

After all, where else can you see a herd of Pentaceratops, one of the two Armored Herbivore Hills exhibits, from a hotel room?


Or the second exhibit of Armored Herbivore Hills, housing a group of Nodosaurus and Polacanthus?



But these will not be the first dinosaurs to greet visitors on Isla Nublar! Guests will be amused and delighted at the pack of Pachycephalosaurus, Dracorex, and Stygimoloch in the Headbutters! exhibit, located next to the park entrance


Next to them is Ostrich Mimics!, home to a large group of Struthiomimus, Archeornithomimus, and Gallimimus!



Taking the path between Headbutters! and Ostrich Mimics! will lead the guests into Dilophosaurus Pond, home to a small group of the titular medium-sized predator Dilophosaurus (though they are currently just small juveniles for now).


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Continued from Part 2

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And if it's thrills guests seek, why, the trio of Ceratosaurus at Ceratosaurus Edge, just to the left of the island's main hub area where the path to Dilophosaurus Pond reconnects with the main path, will be the first of several that will surely satisfy them!

Northwest of the park's hub is Hadro Herd, home to the island's Maiasaura, Edmontosaurus, and the Australian hadrosaur Muttaburasaurus!

This Maiasaura is calling out to the rest of her family, while these Muttaburasaurus can often be seen wandering their large exhibit!



After taking in the sight of these strange and wonderful beasts, the guests can choose to continue northward, or head east to see what else the Isla Nublar facility can offer!

Taking the east path takes guests to the Hotel Circle and Armored Herbivore Hills, and beyond them, the home of the undisputed rulers of these jungles, Tyrant Mountain. And guests may find themselves in luck, on the rare occasion when the King and Queen can be seen hunting in the day like this!


For those too frightened by these giants, the Deinonychus Meadow exhibit, nestled between Armored Herbivore Hills and Tyrant Kingdom, may be more inviting.


But, perhaps the most wonderous and awe-inspiring of the island's attractions can be found, instead, in the immense Forest of Giants, where guests can board a Gyrosphere on a long trip to find the island's behemoths, a small herd of Mamenchisaurus and Diplodocus, as well as a few Struthiomimus and Sauropelta!




From Forest of Giants, guests can taken a northeastern path on the other side of the Hadro Herd exhibit, and along the way, pass by Croc River and River's Edge.

It's never a dull day here on Isla Nublar, where many of the dinosaurs can be heard and seen engaging in the occasional sparring match, such as these Suchomimus. We were informed by the keepers that such bouts are not uncommon, and a fairly healthy exercise for the dinosaurs!


This Baronyx, living just northeast of the Suchomimus', doesn't seem to be too bothered by the noise her cousins make.


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Nor does this Spinosaurus and her off-camera mate, whom round out the Croc River exhibits. Then again, not much would bother the largest land predator to have ever lived.


For the swan-like Olorotitan (background), and the large Sinoceratops of River's Edge, the distant roars are merely part of everyday life here on Isla Nublar, and pay them no mind either.


But they are blissfully unaware of the park's most dangerous and exciting creatures, found only a short ways west of River's Edge, and north of the island's hub and Hadro Herd exhibit.

The Indomitable Kingdom, home to the hybrid Indominus Rex, and the Velociraptor pack who raised her and her sister. The pair are rarely seen apart. while the pack prefers to remain in the trees most of the time.



But not to fear, fine folks! The round-the-clock, highly trained security forces and ranger teams on the island will always be there to quickly and efficiently deal with the animals needs' and guests' security!



Yes indeed. I myself feel safer just now, knowing the best of the best will always be on the case! But if hybrids are not for you, then further north of them are the park's newest additions, Spiked Lizard Edge, Acrocanthosaurus Clearing, and Herrerasaurus Grove.

In Spiked Lizard Edge, guests will come face to face with the oddest members of the Stegosaurid family, a group of Gigantospinosaurus and Huayangasaurus, from Jurassic China!


Look at the shoulder spikes on that thing! Surely they have nothing to fear from their neighboring Acrocanthosaurus and Herrerasaurus!


Though, perhaps fortunately, the pair of male and female Acrocanthosaurus are more content spending most of their day cooling off in the river, while the Herrerasaurus enjoys relaxing with her pack in the shade.


Yessir, these are truly remarkable times to have witnessed a new wonder of the modern world! I will certainly return to the Jurassic World parks in the near future, and I strongly encourage you fine folks at home to take those summer family vacations and do the same! So that you may become the envy of your friends and family back home!