Lack of features

I recently got the game and yes it's amazing but I feel it lacks a lot compared to RCT3 shops designs are horrible, staff rooms are horrible I get you can customise them but if you want something quick it's not the case.

Rollercoasters are also crappy in terms of features I think in every RCT game this feature worked I think it's broken in Planet Coaster I make a forward launch coaster of some sort were front track isn't continuous cercuit. The back track of the station I make is another bit of track I want the coaster to do front track then backwards through the station and do the back track to then go forwards back into the station.

My results of setting it lapping 2x is it does front track then backwards to station and then relaunch forwards
The launch coaster mechanic is not broken. Launched shuttle coasters are not available in the game yet (besides the specific launch type in Torque and Viper one). I wish that we were able to build custom shuttle coasters but unfortunately, it is not possible. I have found, however, that the hydraulic launch coasters actually work as shuttle coasters but only the kind like Mr Freeze.
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