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Hi folks,

For tomorrow night's show, we're taking a break from the usual Odyssey Speculation (Unless we get a bombshell dropped in tomorrow's live stream) and before we all put our feet on the ground, we'd like to ask you all ;-

What has been your best memory (or experience) playing Elite so far?

We'll go through any responses and pull out the best answers with the usual mispronouncing commander names, Ben related tiness and Shan ruthlessness added for good measure!



P.S. As usual any salty, sarcastic and nasty comments will be ignored (Unless they're really funny)
for me it has been tracking down real galaxy hypergiants from star catalogues, going there (with various problems of permit locks and jumponium boosts) and finding one unexplored.
second is probably helping the first player backed minor faction to an engineer system with directed expansions.
Too many to mentions over the course of five years, but to pick one off the top of my head, going back to the very start: the first time I got into a RES in Leesti with my brand new Eagle and a couple of bursts. Dogfighting between the rocks, the audio/visuals, the scenery, the way the ship handled, it was the almost perfect realization of child-me space adventure power fantasy.

Also, of course, the very first time I clicked on "Launch" and gave full throttle to those sweet, rumbling, whiny Sidewinder engines. Can't forget the first one.
The first docking (in Premium Beta for me but it was broadly the same as this from what I remember)


When 1984 me finally found out what was inside a coriolis!

Those were the days - wish I could get the same COVAS voice in game now.

Back then everything was new and took months to make progress.

Now everyone's Triple Elite and owns every ship in a week...
Best memories where the origonal Ram Tah mission.

Discovering, with others, new sites in new systems & trying out combinations on the obelisks to get all 101 scans.
The first docking (in Premium Beta for me but it was broadly the same as this from what I remember)


When 1984 me finally found out what was inside a coriolis!
That is actually a great one and is something I spoke about on the Flight Assist podcast as a defining (and surprising) first experience of the game when it first came out.

For my own tho ... sheesh, sooo hard to pick just one. I think I'll go with the First Great Planetary Expedition. Having already done a solo planetary circumnavigation I felt that an expedition in the grand tradition of things like Distant Worlds but focused on a bunch of commanders in SRVs exploring a single planet could work. So when nearly fifty people signed up to join me in circumnavigating Kumay in the Chi Herculis system I knew something special was going to happen. We spent about a month mapping the planet, choosing and naming waypoints, drawing a route through them all and then set off with a mass launch event and mountain climb on 27th March 3305. People invariably spread out over the course of the first few days but what was really special was hooking back up again in smaller groups throughout the course of the expedition and driving large sections of the journey together. Working out routes through narrow and torturous ravine complexes or racing at top speed across vast plains towards the next waypoint, it was a joy from start to finish and something I definitely want to recreate, bigger and better, once Odyssey has been out for a while.

I think a mention has to go to the reworked training sessions, 1st time round it was just sessions in space wasn't it? I recently went through it with the alt account, it was a proper minigame from start to finish and had vocal interaction with the pilots federation, and that shot when you 1st leave the, felt like a proper game you know?

also, I recently bought a fleet carrier
beforehand I adopted a lot of the gripes n moans on here about them, how bugged they were, how expensive, ridiculous refuel costs but since getting one (last Friday) I've full blown fallen in love with it, still in the honeymoon period no doubt but for now it's proper got me back in love
taking off and boosting the length of it, seeing in in the background, all the activity buzzing round it and it's all mine (even if the crew don't know who I am..)

I believe all the negativity around them just lowered my expectations of them, I had nothing left to buy so thought I'd give it a go
feels like it's given the game new life
For me flying my main account out to Colonia, chock full of materials, responding to the "Operation Montgomery-Scott" post by Phisto asking for help in boosting the Colonia engineers, then meeting the 'man' himself in-game (followed by my joining Loren's Reapers and pretty much becoming a Colonia resident).

It may not sound much, but being in at the start and getting to mix with a couple of 'known gankers' was quite a buzz.
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