Link modules to ships / Adding unique Names to modules

Hi there.

I have an urgent request that may fit lot of players favour.

With growing types of ships and modules i slowly and sure loose the overview.

1.) I miss a function to add a free choosen name to all modules where stored somwhere or are in use in the ships.
Like the renaming of ships.

2.) A lock funktion to modules which are stored, so that a player cant accidently sell an expensive module, what is maybe engineered too.

A marking of modules which are stored with a link to an existing ship would be awesome.
In that way, for example we can quickly change the assets (modules) for different purpose.

I hope here are a lot of cmdrs they think same.
Because this posting / request results from a communication to different other cmdrs.

Ingame Nick: Conquerox

Kindly regards, Conquerox.
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