1. norlin

    Combat Limpet Controller

    Please add a Combat Limpet Controller modules! Can be different types: Laser Limpets - orbiting a target and automatically attacks with laser Kinetic Limpets - the same, but fires bullets. Should either restock from the main ship, or expire when ammo ended. Explosive Limpets - Each limpet...
  2. J

    Lander Launcher?

    I had this strange brain worm while at work thinking on exploration outfitting for a potential early-Odyssey exploration endeavor, and I thought about how difficult it is to land on high-G planets even in small ships. From that, I started thinking 'Would it be possible to implement a low-mass...
  3. Old Duck

    Why are limpet controllers odd?

    Literally - why is it that limpet controllers only come in odd sizes - 1, 3, 5, etc. I find it frustrating to have a size 1 repair limpet controller in my spare size 2 slot, especially since I use this repair limpet for myself, so I don't need more limpets, but I could really use more repair...
  4. Jibroni Gibironi

    A simple cost effective way around these timers

    :unsure: Would be to simply allow me to use my own cargo racks to ship it with me. It doesn't seem like I can, and if I can't, then I don't know why no one at Frontier even thought of it, unless they are just sadists who enjoys seeing people suffer through these 15-30 minute...
  5. F

    Module suggestion - Emergency barriers

    So I was in the fuel rats chat the other day and just threw an idea for a module out into it, which apparently a lot of them liked and told me I should share, so here it is: Emergency Shielding: At this point, I imagine it being an Optional Internal module, but I suppose that would be up to the...
  6. ebbrell

    Module and weapon degrades

    i know the integrity of module does happen very slowly. how about introducing module usage degradation the more a module is used it burns out a little. e.g mining lasers burn out after so many hours of working without a service. if you manage a fleet of plant equipment in many cases these...

    Ships and boots working together.

    First, lets hope that Oddysey doesn't follow the steps of the SRV, where we can now walk on planets...and that's about it. Of course, there will be missions related to walking or could also be done in the SRV. Likewise, there will most likely be missions the require walking, in which case this...
  8. schmicknick

    New Fleet Carrier Module: C&P

    (I realize I'm probably a bit early with a new module idea, but I thought this was a cool idea.) - Crime and Punishment Module for Combat Fleet Carriers - 1) Holds up to 60 SLFs (Taipan/Imperial Fighter/Condor) 2) Using an advanced Guardian FSD launcher and Teleprescence... it launches SLF...
  9. GN_Abbude

    More options for ships with fighter bays installed

    greetings. I would like to suggest a new option for the use of the fighter bay in the elite dangerous, the function of storing and firing heavy tactical weaponry as some attack aircraft do. I really like ships like the Krait MK2, Gunship and Crusader but the fighter bays don't really suit my...
  10. Green Delta 11

    Unable to Store, Transfer, Buy or Sell Modules

    Hello, This week I have experienced an issue in my Krait MKII. I bought this machine in Colonia and recently returned to the Bubble. I did some engineering at Farseer Inc. I am playing through Steam on a Windows 10 operating system. Using Voice Attack. The first indication of a problem...
  11. The Black Pearl

    September broke my game

    Similar to the stored modules bug everyone else was experiencing, I have a slightly different issue. The modules I have currently equipped have a red ∅ symbol where the engineered symbol should be. If i click in the module and click show info, it correctly shows the engineering that's been done...
  12. K

    Special Alliance "rank" and perks needed!

    Alliance gets less love than Feds and Imps. This makes me very, very sad. "Their" ships are available to anyone, and there are no ranks to gri..aspire for. As a social justice warrior, 1) I'm naturally inclined to support Alliance (them being the least of three evils) and 2) feel this is simply...
  13. Old Duck

    Newcomer / Intro Piercing, Focused Weapons, and Modules

    This is a noob question, so I'm posting it here. That and I will actually be starting over from scratch soon, with all the various limitations of a new account. Here's my question: Does piercing have anything to do with the ability to take out a module, or is it solely about overcoming hull...
  14. C

    Game headlines - ancient modules

    Does anybody knows how the game naturally leads to any specific mission, for example, the guardian modules and etc? I mean, currently it's just a matter of googling it and you will find a fast path for everything to not waste time doing this or that, but playing for many hours on PC and now on...
  15. Tariousx

    QOL Suggestions for Ship Purchases ETC

    I just have some ideas that would smooth some things with Ship purchases and Module Purchases. Note These suggestions also preserve the reward and effort in unlocking Elite Status -Ship and Module Catalog- If you are at a station where a ship is not available, you have the option to order one...
  16. Cmdr Lone-Starr

    Replacing Engineered Modules

    Hi :) So, I've not posted to a forum before...let alone this if I commit a faux-pas please let me know. Anyway! My question concerns what happens to an engineered (enhanced) module if you replace that module with another. Do you have to get the new module done as well? Or does the...
  17. L

    Hull small defensive capability

    Hi, I think from my point of view hull in ed is pretty much useless because of modules and that really sucks. It would be better if modules get damage resistance somehow based on amount of hull and hull hardness ship has and the more ship hull is damaged the less resistance modules have. From...
  18. I

    PVE Piracy Bug

    I decided to do some more pirate runs to continue getting money to flush out my ship upgrades. I found a juicy type-7 with a good haul, interdicted it, lowered its shields and then used rail guns to knock the drives down to 0%. Upon closing the gap the NPC Type 7 started boosting and...
  19. U

    Backup Power Supply Module?

    SO I am way out in the black on the DW2 expedition and I have no idea why I did not think to post this sooner. The AFMU can repair every other module besides itself and the Power plant. The logic being that the module has to be powered off for this to work. Makes sense, so my question is why is...
  20. Old Duck

    I've Been A BAD Boy

    The most expensive ship in my main CMDR's fleet, the BattleConda "Terrible Shadow" (EBL-07), now has a collective bounty of over 100,000,000 credits on it. I kinda went all "War Doctor" back when I was considering clearing my save and starting fresh, just to try out a life of crime for the fun...
  21. 4

    Reverse inductor/Additional Capacitor

    I am stealing these concepts from a really cool and in my view, unique 4X game called Star Ruler. A Reverse Inductor in the game was an energy weapon that sapped energy instead of dealing damage. When it struck shields or a ship it would sap it's energy and with some additional capacitors could...
  22. Gavin786

    Legacy Modules - Time to move on ?

    I notice that I have quite a few legacy modules that I just don't want to get rid of. The reason being: They are better in some respect or other than ANYTHING that is possible in the new engineering system. They are cooler, use less distributor, hit harder or whatever. I didn't even do the...
  23. Highwaywarrior

    *Sending* modules to stations and more...

    Hey guys. Happy New Year! I've been thinking of my "bucket list" for 2019 and though I say it myself, it is a modest list. Nevertheless, these changes could help a lot of Commanders in very significant ways. The first is the ability to send modules to stations. I don't mind the costs...
  24. Flying Scorpion

    How to make a station sell more stuff? Discussion

    How do you make a station sell a wider variety of stuff? We're located way out on the fringes of the bubble (outside of power play region) and the systems here have terrible stock on modules. How can we use the background simulator to help a station sell more stuff?
  25. E

    Link modules to ships / Adding unique Names to modules

    Hi there. I have an urgent request that may fit lot of players favour. With growing types of ships and modules i slowly and sure loose the overview. 1.) I miss a function to add a free choosen name to all modules where stored somwhere or are in use in the ships. Like the renaming of ships...
  26. ebbrell

    Filters or category selection for stored modules

    I don't have 120 stored items, I have about 89 ish. It's a nightmare looking for stuff, and annoying you have to scroll down to the bottom to see what is in transit. Can the in transit be moved to the top And can you add a filter or click on the type of item you are looking for. Many cmdrs...
  27. N

    Stack otional internal modules in larger slots

    This is simply an IRL gameplay improvement idea, as in real life you can stack multiple smaller things in a larger space. Think of boxes in a box truck or moving van. Now I am not saying you that should be able to fit two sizes 1 module in a size 2 bay. Not all things are the same size or...
  28. G

    Mail order system for modules and possible ships

    I dont understand why you cant order in modules or ships as you can transport owned units. They could even add a charge and wait time and even add restrictions on what can be orderd to a particular port depending on legal status, war status or factions allegiance it would be more realistic.
  29. U

    Stored Modules Sorting and Bookmarks

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type. Also, why is there a limit on bookmarks in the galaxy map?
  30. Timpraetor

    Suggestions for Changes to Ship Module Types and Placement

    Why isn't the Fuel Scoop a Utility Mount item? Or, why isn't it a default item like the Cargo Scoop? :S Why aren't the specialized scanner arrays Utility Mount items? They primarily interface with the outside of the ship. :S Or, modify the ships to offer specialized Auxiliary slots that are...
  31. U

    Stored Modules Sorting

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type.
  32. Scruffman

    Why is it so expensive to 'clean' hot modules?

    I was a bit of a naughty boy and managed to accrue one of them fancy global bounties that was introduced recently and was foolish enough to swap out some modules in my ship. Unbeknownst to me, the modules remain 'hot' even if you then clear your bounty. I'm unable to put the modules back on my...
  33. dmulligan

    Powerplay Buying modules

    I've been power play only for the modules. I'm a few modules in so far and I'm looking for advice about how many spare modules I should have in storage so I don't have to wait another 3+ weeks later on. I made sure to have one prismatic of every size plus a couple on ships and an extra spare...
  34. Sunleader

    Frigates and Destroyer with Class 4 and Class 5 Weapons as well as Tier 9 and Tier 10 Modules :)

    Its been a while. So lets bring this Topic up again. 1. What is this Suggestion about? Well in short this Suggestion is about adding some Ships that work Different from the Ships we got so far. Adding Ships that instead of being Fighter Movement Sets with Frontal Weapons and thus Limiting...
  35. D

    A re-envisoning of module grades

    First, a disclaimer: I know that at this point, my proposal will have rippling effects, especially due to engineering. I don't think this will be such a huge problem. Engineering itself could use some re-envisioning, but that's for another topic. Onward! This proposal aims to address the...
  36. B

    Higher grade cargo racks

    they could have more integrity, resist pirating, hold more cargo at the cost of weight, resist having cargo fly away once your cargo hatch starts malfunctioning.
  37. TheOriginalB

    Walkthrough: Guardian Module Blueprints

    Note: I've written a guide for Guardian Vessel (Fighter) Blueprints here; Guardian Weapon blueprints here. Greetings, Commander! Let's talk about the Guardian Module Blueprints (now called Guardian Module Blueprint Segments). Perhaps you're interested in the Guardian FSD booster for...
  38. C

    Sensors, Limpets and Gameplay (and how module racks can improve them)

    The sensors on a ship are, unfortunately, one of the least valuable modules on it. They contribute very little to the actual ship (especially when compared to other core internals like distributors and thrusters). This irrelevance leads to a situation where sensors are picked solely based on...
  39. U

    Stored Modules Sorting

    Please can we have stored Modules sorted by size at the least, or the ability to sort different ways at the most?
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