Mail order system for modules and possible ships

I dont understand why you cant order in modules or ships as you can transport owned units. They could even add a charge and wait time and even add restrictions on what can be orderd to a particular port depending on legal status, war status or factions allegiance it would be more realistic.
Will we get to attack couriers in Amazon livery?
That would be great thought maybe not the amazon livery lol. but with the new story eliments coming concerning protecting or pirating freighters it could also effect local orders giving players more reason to join in.
Couriered parts have a 95% chance that the delivery dude will just send you a message notifying you that they tried to deliver but you weren't answering. You can now pick up your delivery from the depot at hutton orbital
I'd quite like a delivery service.

I'd pay 25% extra for the module, and it'd take as long as transfer, +5 minutes.

But the item needs to be within 30ly of your current station.

The outfitting UI can show all modules, some will be labeled as "in stock", "available for delivery" and "no stock".

It'd be handy to see what modules are actually available.
Modules labelled as "available for delivery" will also show you their nearest available station to buy if you want to pick it up.
Hmm, yea. Even the option to send some equipment to another station, instead of having to fly there and then request it to be sent would go a long way.
I mean, at least for me it makes all the difference. I know that I want to go to place XY (like, newest CG) and want to do stuff there. My current procedure is:
- remove some essential components
- equip fuel scoop and ADS
- honk and scoot to the destination
- request the delivery of essential components
- log off to play the next day
Would I be able to send things there, I could just leisurely travel there. Rushing there would still have me wait, but I could fill the time gap with some more exploring and meandering around. It would be a nice improvement. :)
You would think mail order would be a simple thing by 2034 it is now, i know there are different factions and powers plus political situations and piracy to take onto account but there things could be particular of the game.
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