1. SergMx

    General All large ships have a minimum of 6 utility slots.

    All large ships that have utility slots 4 add 2 more slots. This will make the merchant ships more protected.
  2. KathyMiller

    Ships Top 10 Combat Ships!

    Another day, another article. Today I’ve covered the top 10 combat ships in my opinion! I’ve tried to cover combat ships available across all budgets, and written a small paragraph on why a commander may prefer flying with that option. I was lucky enough to have an Anaconda as my first combat...
  3. CaptKarel

    Ships Multi Mission Ship

    O7 Cmdrs. I have the following ship requirement for BGS and general mission running. Medium pad ship for systems with only outposts. Cruise speed of at least 400 and boost of 550 or better. Good to above average agility. Minimum single jump of 30 Lys and un-refueled range of at least 100 Lys...
  4. FPCGlLeviathaN

    Shouldn't dedicated ships make more money on average in comparison to multitasking ships?

    Answer me this: How many of you don't have either a Python or an Anaconda? I've done some polls in some discord servers / groups / with some friends, and the answers were exactly as I expected, but more one on that in a bit. The reason I'm asking this is quite simple: Why would I spend more...
  5. SergMx

    General Advanced docking computer v2

    takeoff + landing + flight assistance
  6. A

    Ship specialization

    Hello again. So, thinking about the ships and their specialization. I decided to make a proposal to add some kind of mechanics for these ships. For example, take such ships as [Ship name] explorer - for example, such ships may have mechanics that allow them to sell scan data at a distance...
  7. C

    Is ship fuel in Elite Dangerous liquid or gas

    Is the hydrogen used by ships in ED stored in a liquid or gas state in the fuel tank?
  8. Gordon Freeman IV

    Can we please fix the federal dropship.

    I really enjoy the federal medium ships. My favorite one is the dropship. It just has 1 major issue, its jump range is abysmal. There is a simple solution to this problem. It has a hull mass of 580T. The ANACONDA has a hull mass of 400T, 180 less than a ship a bit more tyan half its size. (See...
  9. Sammida

    Ship Overhaul!

    Disclaimer: This is not at all what I expect to see in the game, just what I wish for in a hypothetical future update aftre Odyssey. So, don't take it seriously, plox. We spend >90% of our time playing Elite: Dangerous in our ships; why do they feel so bland? What might help: A few new ships...
  10. E

    Module Management Worse?

    Does anyone else think this new Odyssey module management system is worse than before? When swapping out ship modules, I used to be able to click on an empty slot and it would pull up a list of all modules that would fit there, but now it just shows stuff I already have equipped?? In order to...
  11. Zenoe

    Can we get an option to change how vector is displayed in ships?

    I have seen multiple threads on reddit, here, and steam (both older and more recent) talking about how some players would like to turn the "stardust" off (I know there's a mod for that), and other threads talking about ways to increase the visibility of it (mostly for FA Off) and even other ways...
  12. M

    Ships Ship launched Transport

    What if they add little ships you can launch from your ship like the SLF but for going down to the surface and landing there like a dropship (think of the phantom from SW:Rebels) that way you dont have to risk landing your big ship and you could bring other people with you (i mean the srv doesnt...
  13. Baklavah

    [Suggestion] Configurable loadout slots (desperately needed)

    Each ship should come with 3 loadout slots, allowing us to save a configuration. So long as the modules are where that ship is, we should be able to select that loadout and have everything be placed where the loadout saved them. Having to manually change things up in a ship is frustrating and...
  14. X

    Ships I won't be able to buy dlc ships?

    I was reading up on he krait mk 2 stats and was trying to look for one. When i couldn't find any at all of the stations i visited i looked up why these stations didn't have them. Apperently i need to own Horizons DLC which we cant buy. My question is will we have access to these ships now that...
  15. Z

    Ships Need help making a ship to protect a couple newbies.

    A couple of my friends are planning to try elite out when it goes free on epic, and I would like to introduce them to combat without getting them killed. I'm looking to make something that's able to take a bit of punishment and draw fire while still being halfway maneuverable. I have around 70...
  16. Thebadmf

    What's happened to Jameson Memorial?

    I've been away for a while so I may have missed something but, last I played Jameson Memorial sold all ships and nearly all the modules but, I've just popped over and can't find any Mamba, Chieftain or Krait variant. Just wondering if this is an intentional change or a bug - The wiki still says...
  17. C

    Idea for Admiral Ranks

    I have had BattleCruisers come to assist me as an Admiral on one of my Alternate Xbox Accounts from time to time while in conflict with Thargoids and within Conflict Zones. I've see multiple Federal BattleCruisers in one Combat assisting Admirals and other Commanders in Heavy Conflict Zones...
  18. C

    Ships Different Ship Designs

    So, the tag says it all. Having been in this game since its launch over here on PS4. I've noticed a particular lack of variety in ship designs of the game itself. Not to say there aren't many different ships. But rather that they all equate to the same ship with different stats. Even then...
  19. Daniel Klimchuk

    Specialised Ships should have Built-In Cargo Racks/Passenger Cabins

    In some cases, specialised ships are worse at performing their task than multipurpose ships - for example, what is the point in buying a cargo-specialised Type-9 when you can, if you have the rank and money, buy a multipurpose Imperial Cutter which can carry both more cargo and also be much more...
  20. Troopi

    Please allow some way of changing ship/location on the fly.

    Hello Devs and Commanders. This post may seem somewhat weird, but as an explorer that spends a lot of time far away from the bubble, I find myself out of the game because it simply takes too long to return to any of my other ships and do a different activity when bored of exploration. I would...
  21. Old Duck

    While everyone is fretting about fleet carriers, I'm ...

    ... selling off most of my large ships! Having finally unlocked ShinDez on PC, I've been doing VR tours of a variety of ships, including* the "big ones", and if these large ships felt too big in my 22" monitor, they definitely feel too big in VR. Too big for a lone pilot and an SLF jockey hiding...
  22. Cosmo

    What is your most anticipated ship?

    Which unreleased ship do you want the most? Such as: Asp MkII (a combat ship by Lakon Spaceways) Merlin (used by Bill Turner) Narwhal Liner (a variant of the Beluga Liner) Panther Clipper (larger than the Type 9) Fleet Carrier with support vessels I'm most excited about the Fleet Carrier due...
  23. PookaInSpaaace

    General Module haulers

    There is an invisible population in the galaxy. They shuttle ships and modules between stations. They do a poor job supplying Colonia with certain type of modules though. So there is a niche market. However, they are the only ones who can load modules or ships in their cargo hold. I must...
  24. K

    Special Alliance "rank" and perks needed!

    Alliance gets less love than Feds and Imps. This makes me very, very sad. "Their" ships are available to anyone, and there are no ranks to gri..aspire for. As a social justice warrior, 1) I'm naturally inclined to support Alliance (them being the least of three evils) and 2) feel this is simply...
  25. E

    would be awesome to have my legs surgically detached from the pilot seat

    I just saw a really cool video on Youtube where they showed off the (potential) interior of the inside of a Sidewinder. - Source: had me thinking that it would be absolutely awesome if the interiors of the ships were modeled and could be walked around in! I would...
  26. V

    To Frontier Developement

    Hello FDev, Could we please, please, have the option to modulate our fleet carriers so we could have a variety of fleet carriers. I would love to be able to make a fleet carrier that is like a carrier. With as many little fighters as possible, where when we drop in multiple bays start releasing...
  27. IPFreely

    Ship lighting

    I would like to suggest linking the interior lights of ships to the headlight switch - when you use the headlights it is sensible to have the interior lights able to be used at that time instead of constantly in the "on" position.
  28. yelboc

    Ships Look-alikes

    Transit Van Keel-back I wondered if anyone has noticed the striking similarity between these two masterpieces of functional transportation - maybe they are related? One's an ugly and unwieldy box with bad handling and an excessively large windscreen, and the other is an old diesel van ...
  29. Bier00t

    Ships Module sizes on SLFs

    Can someone confirm what core module sizes are used on SLFs?
  30. CMDR Takuforts

    Bridge Crew Feature for E.D.

    Fellow CMDRS and Devs (if your reading) I have a gameplay feature id like to put forward, wether or not it's been mentioned in the past i don't know. // Bridge-Cockpit crew // So my idea would be that at stations, you can hire NPC CMDRS to fly with you on your ship, the amount of NPCs you can...
  31. Wayward Goat

    Option to save ship build?

    Its very frustrating that I have to switch out modules all the time, for example, turning my Anaconda into a trading ship, then back to a combat ship, or exploration ship. I think the ability to save your builds and apply them again later (within the outfitting menu, of course) would be a very...
  32. VR CMDR Novindus

    Mining Ships

    With the considerable work put into mining mechanics, and the resurgent popularity of prospecting in the game, I thought it time to revisit the old suggestion of having ships designed for mining, just as we do for exploration, trading, combat, and multi-roles. I'd like to see at least one...

    Time for new ship?

    Sooo hi CMDRs! I just turn back and stoped at Rohini station. I think that after about 60 hours its time to change my ship. I have ASPx not enginierd and there are only two ships that im thinking about. Type 7 transporter and Krait Mk 2. Should i stay with Asp or can i buy new one? I'm on DW2...
  34. Yamiks

    [Video] Python vs Krait mk2 vs Krait Phantom

  35. D

    Manual start sequence and player capital ships

    For some this might not seem like much but if we get ships that are huge class or could be enabled on smaller ships we could do manual startups and shutdown. basically like what the Argo did when it took off to investigate the comet empire. Basically I would like manual startup as an option...
  36. O

    Allowing Capital Ships to actually Be Destroyed/Blow Up.

    We as Players, are no longer mislead to believe that you can kill a Power-Play Boss. We get it, you don't want to have to actually change Characters upon the movement of the Galaxy as we were told that you (as DEV's) would do in Elite Dangerous. Even though that was a major selling point when I...
  37. Orillian

    Ships New large ship type (LEAK!) the BOA

    Here is leaked pictures of the new large ship, an anaconda variant with more cargo, the Boa Front View: Side Views: In cockpit: On landing pad:
  38. wetwire

    Exploration Ship Builds

    In my effort to find which ship i wanted to explore the galaxy with after Horizion 3.3 i started building ships with beta. Well this little project turned into mountains of data that i decided to put into a simple website for others to view, which turns out is better to look at then...
  39. Kaocraft

    Compliments on the Phantom

    People are mostly amped up about the new Mamba ship, and rightfully so, but I do want to express my appreciation and recognition of the work that went into the Krait Phantom. This could easily have been an "also ran" cut/paste job, and it isn't. The Phantom has a distinct look and identity all...
  40. C

    Pretend I'm new, I basically am. How should I approach ship ownership?

    I have three ships; the iEagle, the iCourier, and the iClipper. I have about 2.4 mil left, the iEagle is "all A's" style except for a fast recharge shield, and I have a modified fast recharge shield, 2x MCs, and 1x Beam laser on the Courier. My preferred income has always been from some sort of...
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