1. K

    Special Alliance "rank" and perks needed!

    Alliance gets less love than Feds and Imps. This makes me very, very sad. "Their" ships are available to anyone, and there are no ranks to gri..aspire for. As a social justice warrior, 1) I'm naturally inclined to support Alliance (them being the least of three evils) and 2) feel this is simply...
  2. E

    would be awesome to have my legs surgically detached from the pilot seat

    I just saw a really cool video on Youtube where they showed off the (potential) interior of the inside of a Sidewinder. - Source: had me thinking that it would be absolutely awesome if the interiors of the ships were modeled and could be walked around in! I would...
  3. V

    To Frontier Developement

    Hello FDev, Could we please, please, have the option to modulate our fleet carriers so we could have a variety of fleet carriers. I would love to be able to make a fleet carrier that is like a carrier. With as many little fighters as possible, where when we drop in multiple bays start releasing...
  4. IPFreely

    Ship lighting

    I would like to suggest linking the interior lights of ships to the headlight switch - when you use the headlights it is sensible to have the interior lights able to be used at that time instead of constantly in the "on" position.
  5. yelboc

    Ships Look-alikes

    Transit Van Keel-back I wondered if anyone has noticed the striking similarity between these two masterpieces of functional transportation - maybe they are related? One's an ugly and unwieldy box with bad handling and an excessively large windscreen, and the other is an old diesel van ...
  6. Bier00t

    Ships Module sizes on SLFs

    Can someone confirm what core module sizes are used on SLFs?
  7. CMDR Takuforts

    Bridge Crew Feature for E.D.

    Fellow CMDRS and Devs (if your reading) I have a gameplay feature id like to put forward, wether or not it's been mentioned in the past i don't know. // Bridge-Cockpit crew // So my idea would be that at stations, you can hire NPC CMDRS to fly with you on your ship, the amount of NPCs you can...
  8. Wayward Goat

    Option to save ship build?

    Its very frustrating that I have to switch out modules all the time, for example, turning my Anaconda into a trading ship, then back to a combat ship, or exploration ship. I think the ability to save your builds and apply them again later (within the outfitting menu, of course) would be a very...
  9. CMDR Novindus

    Mining Ships

    With the considerable work put into mining mechanics, and the resurgent popularity of prospecting in the game, I thought it time to revisit the old suggestion of having ships designed for mining, just as we do for exploration, trading, combat, and multi-roles. I'd like to see at least one...

    Time for new ship?

    Sooo hi CMDRs! I just turn back and stoped at Rohini station. I think that after about 60 hours its time to change my ship. I have ASPx not enginierd and there are only two ships that im thinking about. Type 7 transporter and Krait Mk 2. Should i stay with Asp or can i buy new one? I'm on DW2...
  11. Yamiks

    [Video] Python vs Krait mk2 vs Krait Phantom

  12. D

    Manual start sequence and player capital ships

    For some this might not seem like much but if we get ships that are huge class or could be enabled on smaller ships we could do manual startups and shutdown. basically like what the Argo did when it took off to investigate the comet empire. Basically I would like manual startup as an option...
  13. O

    Allowing Capital Ships to actually Be Destroyed/Blow Up.

    We as Players, are no longer mislead to believe that you can kill a Power-Play Boss. We get it, you don't want to have to actually change Characters upon the movement of the Galaxy as we were told that you (as DEV's) would do in Elite Dangerous. Even though that was a major selling point when I...
  14. Orillian

    Ships New large ship type (LEAK!) the BOA

    Here is leaked pictures of the new large ship, an anaconda variant with more cargo, the Boa Front View: Side Views: In cockpit: On landing pad:
  15. wetwire

    Exploration Ship Builds

    In my effort to find which ship i wanted to explore the galaxy with after Horizion 3.3 i started building ships with beta. Well this little project turned into mountains of data that i decided to put into a simple website for others to view, which turns out is better to look at then...
  16. Kaocraft

    Compliments on the Phantom

    People are mostly amped up about the new Mamba ship, and rightfully so, but I do want to express my appreciation and recognition of the work that went into the Krait Phantom. This could easily have been an "also ran" cut/paste job, and it isn't. The Phantom has a distinct look and identity all...
  17. C

    Pretend I'm new, I basically am. How should I approach ship ownership?

    I have three ships; the iEagle, the iCourier, and the iClipper. I have about 2.4 mil left, the iEagle is "all A's" style except for a fast recharge shield, and I have a modified fast recharge shield, 2x MCs, and 1x Beam laser on the Courier. My preferred income has always been from some sort of...
  18. R

    HUGE Class Ships

    How about this: we get Huge Class ships. What are they? Basically larger than large class but still significantly smaller than capital ships. If the Cutter for example is 200m long, huge can maybe be 300-350m long. Of course, this will make them too big for mail slots and landing pads. Maybe...
  19. G

    Mail order system for modules and possible ships

    I dont understand why you cant order in modules or ships as you can transport owned units. They could even add a charge and wait time and even add restrictions on what can be orderd to a particular port depending on legal status, war status or factions allegiance it would be more realistic.
  20. Timpraetor

    Ships A discussion segment for ship designs?

    I've now reached the point in-game where I have a stable of various ships and one this I've noticed is the compartment capacity inequalities. For instance, a Beluga and an Orca BOTH require a large pad, but the Orca is hamstrung in available Optional compartments. As I look through many of my...
  21. T

    AX mega ships

    I'm sleep deprived and at work, so feel free to take what I say and change it. But, we all know the thargoids are moving into human territory pretty fast. They are less than 100 light years from sol. And unless the federal capital ships undergo a MAJOR refit, theres not much the federal navy is...
  22. P

    XG Project

    Idk about y’all, but I smell guardian hybrid ships. Don’t know the link to the galnet news website but I just read it in the galnet.
  23. D

    Wave motion gun

    For the star blazers fanatic in me if we get capital ships for players I’d want a variation on the Farragut only obtainable by the pilots federation and thus Mocs can’t have them lore wise you could say the pilots federation had a landmark deal with the federal navy to be recognized as an...
  24. P

    Design a ship contest!

    Come on Fdev, let’s one up the ad contest and have a ship contest. Let the community design the ship, and y’all can do whatever in the world ya want for internals and blah blah blah. I would post a really cool picture of a ship I’d like to see... but I’d fail at drawing a stick figure. ;) so...
  25. T

    Small ship in the Q4 update prehaps?

    Hi me again. *Waves idiotically* Just a post in the hope that we'll get another small ship in the Q4 update. (not a SLF but an actual jump capable superiority fighter) Hopefully with an interesting hardpoint layout different to the carbon copy Viper loadouts. Personally I'd like to see one...
  26. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] Some new ship configuration ideas

    As we are still missing some classic Elite ship models, I thought I'd suggest their potential base configurations: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gecko [Small | Fast Multipurpose | Hull tank | Zorgon...
  27. Sunleader

    Frigates and Destroyer with Class 4 and Class 5 Weapons as well as Tier 9 and Tier 10 Modules :)

    Its been a while. So lets bring this Topic up again. 1. What is this Suggestion about? Well in short this Suggestion is about adding some Ships that work Different from the Ships we got so far. Adding Ships that instead of being Fighter Movement Sets with Frontal Weapons and thus Limiting...
  28. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  29. Sylveria

    Frontier, it's time you balanced ALL ships and internals- Size/Mass.

    Title says it all. Enough of the "handwavium reasons", if a ship is of appropriate size/mass, you should be able to slot the appropriate amount of internals- or equip modules that fit into those internal slots. There are ridiculous disparities between a lot of the ships because "reasons", and...
  30. Daish

    Challenger is not a challenge it's just no good.?

    Frontier placing a poll earlier on twitter krait or Challenger which do you prefer, last time I looked it was 82 - 17 in favour of Krait. So what will happen to the challenger, scrapped or design change or nothing, with the amount of reviews on it, it does not look to bright for the challenge...
  31. T

    Ships Alliance Challenger, The more rounded, refined choice.

    So we now have the Alliance Challenger to play with.. Chieftan Pros: Very much faster than its new sister Faster Pitch rates Has a better Hardpoint vs Distributor ratio Challenger Pros: Much more resilliant Very much smoother to fly, with less twitch More (potential) DPS These were the...
  32. H

    Ships wher can i buy the new ships? krait mk 2 and challenger?

    can some one tell me where the new ships are? thank you
  33. Xaintly

    More ship-specific modules

    The only ship-specific modules are Luxury Cabins, and they are pretty situational. I hardly ever see missions requiring them, and even then the missions don't pay out much more. How about more restricted module slots, especially for core internals? Enhanced-performance long-range FSDs for...
  34. Serenity03

    Ships Ding! 100 Ships Built! Check Them out!

    I completed the build on my 100th and 101st ships yesterday. It wont be my last. Further expansion of my fleet is eminent! "Resistance is futile!" "It's getting a little crowded in my space". Sorry I like movies with ships in them. Check out my fleet! Let me know what you think...
  35. Grey Seattleite

    Fix the Federal Corvette

    The Federal Corvette needs a fix, and now is the time to do it. This sounds strange. The ship is big. The ship is shiney. The ship is incredibly popular to grind for. What could possibly be wrong? The game evolved, and the Corvette didn't. Bear with me, or skip to the TLDR at the bottom. The...
  36. Daish

    Advent of original Ships, or will it be re-hashes!

    Since the release of Elite dangerous 2014 we are all familiar with the ships that came in game. Sidewinder - Cobra mk3 - Viper mk3 - ASp ex- and so on, and though more than likely mentioned in older posts I feel concerns where ship design types are going?. However I'm sure I speak for many...
  37. T

    Community For Ships?

    I had an idea! I was thinking FDev could give us Community goals to give the ship companies resources to help them build new ships. I find playing new and old ships to be very fun. I know the Krait is coming out soon I think but I would actually be more motivated to help Falcon,Core. Lakon, and...
  38. BarberousMeow

    Shipment of Ships from stations

    Currently you ship ships from A to B. You have to be in B and you choose to ship your shipfrom A to B. I want to be in A and ship it to B. Or be in C and ship it from A to B.... for example im in colonia and ship my ship from sol to lave if i wanted to, or im in SOL and i ship my ship from sol...
  39. PowerfulSlicer


    How about buying and selling your ships in an aution like forza, being able to buy a fully moded/engineered ship to suit requirments would be helpful, for me anyway.
  40. PowerfulSlicer

    Suggestion: ship auction

    Being able to buy and sell ships using an online auction a bit like forza 7 with all the kits, colours, mods, engineering etc. Just an idea...
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