Ships Mamba Mamba is awesome!

Time, when I start turning (in Mamba) is, at least for me, the most deciding in distance to the target after I end flip ... i.e. if I start turning too late (target is almost behind me), then the distance is much bigger as when I'm careful and start turning 1/2 sec earlier. And usually it is tied with ... just a moment before I can fire my frags again :D ... however it works much better if I'm patient enough and do turn properly, which can easily assure that I'm out of my target firing arc and can safely fire again without the need to divert energy into shields :)
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Nope, my usual setup is huge MC, 2 large gimballed beams and 2 small pulse turrets.
So the two class 1 turrets just to collect a bounty even when the situation is a little crowed with security forces, I guess?

Even at 2 pips to eng you can run circles around large npcs no problem. [...]
Not the ones I encountered. The Mamba seems to turn slower than the Anaconda or the Corvette, in fact, even with 4 pips.
Class 1 turrets have scramble and emissive effects, just for effect rather than damage or tagging.

Sounds like you are overspeeding past the blue zone, also get familiar with boost bleeding to give max agility but not much over speed or travel distance.
I can orbit npc larges in the Mamba fairly easily just using regular thrusters etc. Mine are gr5 Drag dirties though.
Just got myself a Mamba. Enjoying it so far. Not quite sure I've got the turns working, and not sure my guns are the right configuration. But it's sexy as hell..!
This gave me an idea for a chameleon paint job. This would also give a good reason to keep your paint job up. As the wearing of of the paint could lead to problems keeping hidden.

I like that idea, though unfortunately night vision is a thing. When people don't use NV it works though.
HOw does night vision work? doesnt' it also depend on bounding light rays. Maybe it could reduce night vision to some extent.

Oh, I see the problem. I was assuming taking the background and placing it on the front like chameleon skin.
I also bought the Mamba - while the FDL is still may favorite design (next to the Corvette, for entirely different reasons), the Mamba looks ace and certainly among the best looking ships. It helps that it is more detailed than most others and a huge plus vs. The FDL that is sounds great too.
It's a powerful ship in the hands of a jousting pilot. 2 class 3 frags, 2 class one frags and a huge beam laser. This setup works really well with level 3 or better engineering. 👍
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