General / Off-Topic New movie based FD game in development... guess the franchise!

IMO - James Bond.

They have the tech already from an earlier cancelled project (Outsider) and it would make sense to convert and release it.
I was going to suggest James Bond as well. Bourne maybe?

Depends on genre I suppose.

Harry Potter? Indiana Jones? Something Pixar-based?

Rather than a game based on a movie franchise I'd rather see a movie based on the Elite franchise lol.
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WOW - fascinating!

Errr - Harry Potter?

P.S. cue complainers saying FD should be fixing bugs in ED, not spreading themselves thinner by working on a third game.
Not sure what it is but maybe just maybe it will be better than most games based on films....hang on trying so hard not to laugh...but hey good luck to FD and well done on getting what ever it is you got.
It'll be a Pitch Perfect game designed on the cobra engine under Sandro's supervision, with 3 modes.

Solo: You sing acapella by yourself
Private group: Sing acapella with your friends
Open: The real meat of Pitch Perfect! Sing Acapella with random people from across the globe.

Naturally, as Sandro's in charge, poor net framework and server setup will lead to bad bit rate sampling killing the ability of the microphones to work. Beat boxers will argue that their element of the game is overlooked, while kickstarter backers will tell anyone who joins later they dont get the game and arent playing it right.

Worse, due to poor group management tools an a bunch of griefers called the Singing Pup Crew will infiltrate peoples private games to ruin their experiences.

Flailing madly for a liferaft in a storm, frontier will add unwanted features unrelated to the original concept like guitar plug in compatibility (which will only work with two string guitars) whilst sales plummit and the community moans that the game is dying.


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Not directly related to ED.

Interesting though.

I'm calling My Little Pony franchise.
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