Obsidian shenannigans (The Outer Worlds)

Sounds great then, if the characters and story are as interesting as in Fallout NV then I can live without fully open world. Still will wait for Steam release tho.
I discovered today that this is also available for XBox Game Pass for PC and that the introductory price for the first month is $1.

Release date is next Friday, btw. (Late Thursday for US players)

Here is a character creator too:
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Is post about how much I'm enjoying this game but that would take time away from playing it. ;)
Yeah, I'm having a blast, too. Although I'm just some 3 hours in, don't know much about anything, yeah. It's great. It's even more "fallout" than I expected, to be honest. They really didn't go to reinvent the wheel, but why would they, right?
The smaller scale of things doesn't really hurt the game, either. I guess I am going to start to miss the endless wandering and exploring, but this more tightly packed and mission-focused format isn't bad. It keeps you moving forward.
Plus I already made a couple of decisions I know I'm gonna regret later, so a replay is probably incoming right after I finish this first playthrough.
My question would be how are the mechanics? The best shooters for my money are the one's that encourage a lot of experimentation as opposed to simply giving a linear weapon upgrade path, for example. Game's like Prey (which I thought was wonderful) essentially come off like you're solving puzzles more than just engaging in combat.
As far as shooting goes, if you ever shot a weapon in Fallout 3 or NV, you know how guns work in TOW. :)
Though there is also a somewhat larger number of melee weapons, which are fun. You can also talk yourself into almost anywhere and out of almost anything. I am trying a "peaceful route" first. Don't know how long it lasts, of course, but so far, the usual wild mobs (group of enemies randomly around the map) aside, I haven't killed a soul. Well, except thed very first guy I met, of course. I mean, he gave me his gun. Voluntarily. That's like begging for it, right? :LOL:)
Anyway. I am heavily specced into lying and persuasion. It's fun.
I think it would be just as much fun playing the classic "kick the front door, kill everything, then question those who are still breathing" method, though like I said earlier, the gunplay itself is very fallout-esque, which means it's serviceable but nothing to really write home about. :)
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