Odyssey UI issues

Here I'm going to collect UI bugs & issues, not touching the overall UI redesign.

  1. Galaxy & System Map object selection is misplaced
  2. System map: when holding LMB on an object the map starting to move to focus on this object and thus the cursor can move to another object and LMB hold will be triggered for that new object
  3. Galaxy Map Bookmarks: no way to set route to a Body/Settlement bookmark directly from the Galaxy Map as it was possible in Horizons
  4. When docked to a FC with disabled Restock service, the UI will stuck when moving the UI selection to that disabled service's tile
  5. When using the Shipyard interface, it's possible to rotate the camera with Head Look controls - it's weird because the UI is fullscreen and the ship's model is moving with the head, while all the other UI is not moving.
  6. Not possible to switch to the system chat when on foot (still possible to write to the system chat via /sy command)
  7. Can't close a dialog with an NPC with Cancel/"UI Back" button

...to be continued
8. When Outfitting a ship, there is no way to install a module from a storage via the "Ship loadout" section. The only way is to go to the stored modules and install feom there.
8a. There is no way to directly exchange an equipped module for a stored module ("transfer" in Horizons). This requires storing the equipped module from the loadout section, and then equipping the desired replacement from the storage section.
8b. There is also no way to tell what the modification and/or experimental effect on a specific module is, until you install it. I have a number of 3c beams with different mods and experimental effects, but cannot tell which one has which until it is installed. Very ineffective way to find the correct module. My only work around is to exit EDO, and outfit ship in EDH, then return to EDO to fly.
To take a taxi to a mission location in another system, you click the mission icon and select a mission and it takes you to the system map. You then click the mission icon and select a mission and it takes you to the planet map. You then click the mission icon and select a mission and now can route to that mission location. 2 of these 3 steps are derivative.
After gaining some bounties they do not appear in an IF's list to be paid off. In horizons they do and can be paid off, and are summarised by superpower (normal behaviour). I guess the Odd interface is expecting a faction name.
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