On the Winking of Cats

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"Some stars wink." The balding commander smiles as he pours himself another lemonade. He seems tired. Like he has just come back from a long trip. "They're called variable stars, or they used to be, when we looked at everything from Earth".

"Stars, like those which are the eye in Leo Minoris, and one of the eyes in the Lynx constellation. Now, I went to a number of those system, Alpha Lyncis, 38 Lyncis, 10 Ursa Majoris, Y Lyncis, 2 Lyncis, 15 Lyncis and Praecupia, couldn't find a damned thing. Not that I knew what I was looking for. My partner found a debris field in 2 Lyncis. Course, when I went back looking for it couldn't remember where the damned thing was originally and never found it again.

Why are you telling me this?

"That's easy - I'm too old, I don't have time to go chasing all round the universe like some solo crusader, and I never was one for riddles besides. And I don't know that there is anything to find, but there's far too many stars for one old duffer to go around finding adventures, so all I can do is share my theory. And hopefully if you find something you'll come back and tell ol' Felix Shadowadler." The 'old duffer' shares a conspiratorial wink.
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