Once again 1 step forward and 5 steps back with FDev game play

So I returned after a long hiatus to do some flying around and maybe make some credits doing deliveries. I bought a type 9, loaded it out, and then stacked some delivery missions. Had 3 out of 4 done, had made 3 million so far, and was on my last delivery when I was interdicted by a Chieftain NPC. The reticle went completely off screen, I had no chance in the type 9 to avoid the interdiction. Then I made the mistake of not throttling down and the ship went into attack mode. Not that I wanted to lose the cargo and mess up my reputation on the mission. But no chance to get away, so it was $11,000,000 to rebuy. And there it is +3 -11= - 8 millon for todays fun. What a game. So enjoyable. The only safe way to deliver is in a ship that can fight like the anaconda which holds about half the type 9. So big crates are USELESS unless you are in a wing with protection. As I've stated before, all the ways to make bank have been plugged and all the ways to loose big are very active. Nothing's changed in 6 months.View attachment 132021
I think this post got some great replies. I have learned lots from this i.e. don't stack missions if you don't want tough npc's interdicting you (I was getting murdered when stacking missions and was not sure why), A rate then engineer your ship and then you can stack missions and chew those npc's up when they interdict you (tho I got an anaconda, not a type 9, I would just run if I was in a type 9!), and mining is a safe and uber relaxing way of making a ton of creds without getting murdered. Thank you for all those who replied and shared their wisdom.
Once you get into the larger ships, and especially once you've unlocked Jameson Memorial, I always say that if you can't afford to A-rate and armour the ship, you can't afford to fly it. Do another mining run or two and then buy it.
Properly kitted, a Type 9 is plenty capable of defending itself. Assuming you pick your fights wisely and manipulate interdiction mechanics to your benefit, you'll be A-OK. (Seeker missiles are wonderful.)

The title sentiment is apropo, but the specifics of your situation are not.
All valid points, yet on the flipside, to be the devil's advocate, I suppose a thing to learn from this is that sc/interdiction mechanics suck - even in t9 you should be granted mechanics that give you at least some faint possibilty of coming up on top: either by avoiding interdiction altogether though tactical flying in SC (submarine type of range/speed gameplay), or - if interdicted - then by being able to wing up with npcs that you hire as security to fly along you, if you don't happen to have another player around.

The game's mechanics are not fleshed out very well across the board, between bare-boned SC and interdiction aspects, to no mass-locking on high-wakes, very little tactical use of targetting sub-systems and many other small quirks.

How I wish FD would do a ground-up rebalancing of the game, taking years of feedback into account.
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