Open Range Safari JPOG Retro Challenge

So I thought it’d be fun if I put out my own challenge of an updated version of JPOG’s Open Range Safari exercise. I’ve just put some tweaks into it since JPOG didn’t have the comfort constraints and added some species to make it more interesting. The idea of this exercise was to basically be a reverse park, a reinforced small entrance area with few amenities to go on the safari rides through the expanses of the island and experience it’s paleoecology.

  • Dryosaurus(Replace w/ Gallimimus/Struthiomimus/Archae): 14
    Stegosaurus: 6
    Camarasaurus: 5
    Parasaurolophus: 7
    Torosaurus: 5
    Brachiosaurus: 3
Hard Mode: Bonus Dinosaurs

  • Kentrosaurus: 5
    Diplodocus: 6
    Sinoceratops: 4
    Corythosaurus: 6
    Allosaurus: 1
At least 2 Gyrosphere Stations
At least 4 Viewing Platforms
At least 85% Dinosaur Visibility
The smaller human interference on the island the better! Have fun and share pictures of your take on the Open Range Safari!
It won't work the allosaurus will keep attacking dinos until its dead or they're all dead save for the camara, diplo, and brachy. Its one of the major complaints or the game.
It’s one of my complaints as well is the hyper aggression by all the carnivores in the game. That’s why I’ve listed in the bonus section for anyone going for a bigger challenge.
In my current take on the challenge I’ve got a large separate “Jurassic Plains” area of the Diplos and the Allo and lots of goat feeders to keep it from harassing the Dippys to starvation. Seems to be working well so far.
I think the answer to keeping carnivores from totally decimating everything is lots of goat feeders, though for now until AI is improved it still only delays the inevitable.
Did the safari challenge. Didnt get the dino visibility rating but that's ok. I did get the Now Your John Hammond achievement since i finally made 50 + dinos on an island. It was actually pretty cool driving the gyrosphere around in the enclosure.
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