1. N

    How do you prefer to play single player games?

    When you're playing a story-based game do you prefer to play on easy, Normal or hard difficulty settings? Sometimes I think the decision is made for you when easy mode skips a bunch of content (that really annoys me). Seriously, devs. Flipping quit it. Easy:if you basically want to kick back...
  2. D

    Better pirates for higher risk and higher payouts

    Like for most bounty hunters here, killing any pirate ship or wing in a haz res or cnav is no issue, and the pay is somewhat decent given how "easy" it is. But then what's above that ? Threat 7 pirates don't have much of a price increase despite having ships 3 times as tough. Slightly more...
  3. H

    PvP Triple challenge

  4. Old Duck

    Self Restraint

    I unlocked Selene Jean last night on PC, and I brought my fleet to her to engineer the hull and HRPs. As with many aspects of ship design and engineering, I just could not bring myself to maxing out most of my ships. It just doesn't feel right. People complain about the game lacking challenge...
  5. N

    Franchise / Challenge / Sandbox - Pre-formed maps

    Hi there, Apologies if I'm being stupid and have missed an obvious answer anywhere, but I'm struggling to actually find the correct words to even Google this. I love the gamemodes available in this game, and I especially love the Campaign - I'm halfway through the very last scenario. What...
  6. Pixelated Sparkster

    General Gameplay Could we please have a Fanfare for finishing challenge mode?

    I was hoping that we could get a fanfare similar to the ones used in campaign mode's missions for 5 starring a map in challenge mode. Challenge mode could be one of the most difficult play modes we have in the game, and winning those modes would reward us with permanent unlocks of dinosaur...
  7. RadicalEdward2

    Fun Challenge: Island Exclusives

    A while back I made a challenge post called Creating a Novel Nublar and I wanted to follow it up with an idea I had for a new challenge I got while watching this video by Klayton Fioriti. Here's the challenge... Once a genus of dinosaur is housed on one island of the five islands, they would...
  8. T

    Custom Nublar Challenge

    For some time I've seen people complain about the lack of things to do in the game or running out of things to do, and seeing as there are difficulty settings on Nublar's sandbox mode that add difficulty, I thought I would play around to see how to potentially create a custom challenge that is...
  9. DinoMaster9000

    Open Range Safari JPOG Retro Challenge

    So I thought it’d be fun if I put out my own challenge of an updated version of JPOG’s Open Range Safari exercise. I’ve just put some tweaks into it since JPOG didn’t have the comfort constraints and added some species to make it more interesting. The idea of this exercise was to basically be a...
  10. RadicalEdward2

    Fun Challenge 2: Creating Film Nublar (JP Phase 1)

    I previously made a challenge called, Creating a Novel Nublar which involved creating a version of Jurassic Park based on the InGen list from the original novel. After looking through information on the Jurassic Park wiki, I came up with an idea for a second challenge: Creating a version of...
  11. RadicalEdward2

    Fun Challenge: Creating a Novel Nublar

    Last night, I came up with a fun idea for Nublar sandboxers. Try to create a version of the park based on the list of dinosaurs present in the Michael Chricton's original version of the park from the novel. I haven't started the challenge yet myself but here's a list for everyone to work with...
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